Now, I Am Giving You A Trick,By Using Which,You Can Browse Web Withought Using Any Browser,Such As Internet Explorer,Chrome,Firefox Etc.No Need To Use Them,Because Your Windows XP Operating System Have A "Hidden Browser" Built-In It.For Finding This Browser Web Browser In Your Computer,Just Follow These Simple Steps:
Step1:Click On Start Menu At Your Desktop.
Step2:Go To All Programs.
Step3:Click On Accessories.
Step4:Open Notepad From Here.
Step5:Now NotePad Is Open,Click On "Help".

Step6:Now Help Menu Will Open,Than,Right Click On "Question Mark(Help Symbol)","?",Situated At Top Left Corner Of Help Menu.
Step7:Select "Jump To URL".

Step8:Now A Pop Up Box Will Come,Here,Type Whatever Site You Want To Open There.


              Today I Am Giving You,Nokia Mobile Secret Codes.Which You Have To Press On Your Mobile.Means Just Type As You Write Your Friend's Number For Calling Him.Same Process Is Applied Here.


Dial *#0000# To Check Your Mobile's Firmware And Date.

Dial *#06# To Display Your Mobile's IMEI Number.

Dial *#92702689# To Display Your Mobile's Lifetimer.

Dial *4720# For Activating Call Rate Bandwidth.

Dial #4720# Deactivate Call Rate Bandiwdth.
Dial *3370# Deactivate Enhance Full Rate.

Dial #3370# Deactivate Enhance Full Rate.

Dial *#746085685# To Display SimClock Status.

 Dial *#7220# Activate GPRS PCCCH( Packet Common Control Channel) Support.

Dial *#7230# To Deactivate PCCCH Support.

Dial *#7760# Display Manufacturing Serial Number.

Dial *#67705646# To Set Operator Logo To Default.

Dial *#7370925538# To Reset Mobile Wallet.

Dial *#7370# Soft Format Mobile Memory.

Dial *#7780# Full Format Mobile Memory.



One Day I Was Searching The Net For Some kind Of System Cleaners,Because I Had More Junk Files In My Computer,And Wanted To Cleaner(Delete)Them,So I Found A Software Which Helped Me,For Not Only Cleaning My Computer,But,In Many Other Ways As Well.This Tool Is Known As "GLARY UTILITIES".

So,Let Me Tell You All,My Experience With Glary Utilities,Means How I Felt,After Using IT.Glary Utilities Has Many Functions,Other Than Just Cleaning The System,It has Four Panels,Named AS,Status,1-Click Maintenance,Modules And Menu.Now I Am Going To Explain Them One By One.


Here You Will Find Glary Utilities License Status.And There Updates.

2:1-Click Maintenance:

This Is The Main Window Of Glary Utilities,Here You Can Quickly Scan Your Computer For Registry Errors,Short Cut Fixer,Startup Manager,Temporary Files Cleaner,Track Eraser,Spyware Remover.After Scan,Click Clean,And The Utility will Delete All Checked Field Data,In Less Than 10 Seconds.


Here You will Find 5 Different Kinds Of Tabs,For Different Functions,I Will Explain Them One By One.

A:Cleanup And Repair:This Sub Category Has Its Own 4 Sub Categories,As,

*Disk Cleanup:For Cleaing your Hard Disk.
*Registry Cleanup:Cleans And Repairs Your Registry.
*Short Cut Fixer:Fixes Multiple Short Cuts For Same File.

*Uninstall Manager:Uninstaller Other Than Default.

B:Optimize & Improve:This Category Also Has 4 Sub Categories.

*Startup Manager:Here You Can Disabl Programs Which Runs On Startup.
*Memory Optimiser:Frees Up Your Computers RAM.
*Context Menu Manager:Manages Context Menu For Folders And Files.
*:Registry Defrag:You Can Defrag Your Registry From Here.

C:Privacy & Security:This Sections Contains All Privacy Related Tools.

*Tracks Eraser:Deletes Your Internet Browse History.
*File Shredder:You Can Delete Files Permanently From Here.
*File Un Delete:You Can Recover Your Accidentally Deleted File From Here.
*File Encryption And Decryption:From Here You Can Protect Your Files From Un Authorised Access.

D:Files And Folders:This Sub Category Contains,

*Disk Analysis:This Shows Your Disk Usage.
*Duplicate Files Finder:You Can Find Duplicate Files On Your Computer By Using This Tool.
*Empty Folder Finder:You Can Find Empty Folder From Here.
*File Splitter & Joiner:You Can Break Your Large Files Into Pieces And Than Can Rejoin Them, From Here.

E:System Tools:This Contains All The System Related Tools.

*Process Manager:View And Manage your Currently Running Processes.
*Internet Explorer Assistant:You Can Manage Settings For "IE" Here.
*System Information:Know About Your System Hardware And Software Configurations And Drivers Lists.
*Windows Standard Tools:This Category Contains,System Restore,Check disk,Backup,Defrag Tools.

From The Above, You Can Judge That "How Important,The Glary Utilities Are For Our Computer".Guys!..I Am Using This Software Since 6 Months,And Found Glary Utilities "Best",In All The Aspects And Requirements.So You Can Try Utility.

Thank You!.

Download Glary Utilities


                    I Have Downloaded "GTA SAN ANDREAS",3 Months Ago,And After Playing Till 3 Mission,I Get Stucked  In The Fourth Mission,To Which I Tried To Complete,But Even After 2 Weeks,I Was unable To Complete That Mission.Than I Thought That Why Not Look For The Cheats For This Games,On The Web.So,I Searched On Google For "GTA SAN ANDREAS" Cheats,And Found A Tool Named As"CRAZY TRAINER" Which Really Helped Me For Not Only Not Complete That Mission,But,To Complete "GTA SAN ANDREAS" Totally.Because "Crazy Trainer" Have Lots Of Cool Features,Which You Will Not Find In Any Trainer,For This Game.Some Of The Interesting Features I Am Listing Below:


This Feature Includes,"HOT KEYS" For,All Types Of Weapons,Full Bullet Proof Yourself,No Wanted Level,Infinite Health,infinite Armor,Jet Pack,Parachute,And Many More Keys.


This Feature Includes "HOT KEYS" For,Mega Jump,Mega Punch,Stamina,Gangs Controls,Fat,Skinny,Ladies Appeal,Maximum Lung Capacity,Etc.

*Spawn Vehicles:

Hot Keys For Spawning All Types Of Vehicles,And,As Extra Bonus,Five Custom
Vehicle Selection Hot Keys,Etc.


This Feature Includes Keys For,Blowing Vehicles,Flying Vehicle,Swimming Vehicle,Traffic Handling,Infinite Nitrous,Etc.

*Weather And Game Clock:

Keys For Controlling Weather  And Game Clock.

*Missions and Sub Mission:

This Feature Includes Hot Keys For,Infinite RC Plane Fuel,Freeze Mission Timer,Get 1000 Dance Points,Low Rider Points,12 Levels For Fire Trucks,Ambulance,Taxi And All Other Missions,Etc.


This Includes Hot Keys For Tele-porting You To Te Different Locations Of The Game.


This Include Hot Key For Resetting Cheat Usage Counter Status To "NULL".


Hot Keys For,All Tags ,All Oysters,All Jumps,Completion,100% Girl Friends Progress,One Hit Kill ,100% Game Completion Etc.

             So, Guys,If You Have Difficulty For Completing " GTA SAN ANDREAS",Than Use This "CRAZY TRAINER" ,For Completing Game Easily.



                        When I Was Searching For Something  For My Computers Lower Graphics,I Came Across A Term(Software)"3D-ANALYZER".And Found This Software Very Useful For My Old Low End Computer.At That Time,My Computer Did Not Have A High "Video Memory" Card,Means Graphics Card.And I  Was Really Upset At That Time,Because I Brought A GTA-Vice City CD,From The Shop And Really Excited To Play It.But When Clicked "Start",A Message Came,Saying"Video Memory Is Low".And I Dint Have Much Money(Pocket money)That I Thought That "There Should Be A Software For These Kind Of Problems,Than Finally I Found,While Searching "3D-ANALYZER".

Its A Pretty Nice Tool,With Easy And Understandable User-interface.You Can Do Whatever You Want With  Your Games,Means,You Can Change Graphics Card Settings For Them,You Can Increase Lighting In The Games,Games Performance Etc.Just Select Which Games You Want To Play,Than Select Whatever Settings You Want To Assign For Game,Than Click "RUN",And Enjoy Your Game ,At Low End Graphics Cards.

Hope,This Tool Will Be Helpful For Many People.



Now In Our Daily Fast Life,We Require Everything Fast,From A Big Costly Car To The Cheap Mobile,So Why Not Use A Fast Videos Player As Well,For Playing Our Favourite Media And Videos.For That Purpose,We Need Multi Functioning Software Or Application,Which Should Fulfill All Of Our Enjoyment Requirements.So I Found A Video Player Software,Which Has All Above Mentioned Qualities.

The "KM PLAYER" Is The Most Fast,Good Looking,Smooth Running And Having Multi Function Video Player Software,I Ever Seen.It Has Following Qualities As I Tried And Found Myself.

1:It Is A Smooth Running Video Player.
2:It Has Multi Video Modes,Such As,Cinema Mode,Zoom Mode,Desktop Mode etc.
3:It Has Built In Video And Image Grabber(Recorder),Means You Can Record Clip,While Watching Movie,In Any Format.
 4:Control Box,For Setting Speed Of Video Playing,Jumping At A Required time Of your Favourite Video,And Other Functions.
5:A Huge Menu Of Many Other Functions,About Which,If I Going To Explain,Than My This Post Will Become A "KM PLAYER Book",So I Am Just Discussing About Its Most Widely Used Functions Only.
6:Many Short Cuts,KM PLAYER Gives You Many Shortcut keys,Such As,Mouse Wheel For Volume Control,Right-Left Arrow keys For Seeking Videos,CTRL+DEL For Brightness,And Many Other Short Cuts,Which Will Make your Video Watching Mode Very Joyful And Satisfied.
So,If You Going To Download A Video Player For your Computer,Try This Multi Purpose,Multi Function and Multi Short Cut Video Player,That Is


Thank You!


Many People Have Problem In The Performance Of Loading Folders ,Menus,Pages,Startup,Graphics,Even They Have Much RAM(Above 1 GB),The Reason Behind This Is They Don't Know About The Windows Feature,"The All Use Full Utilities Are Enabled By Default".So In That Condition,We Have To Change These Default Settings,To Improve Our PC Performance,So Lets Learn How To Do That,Easily.

Step1:Click On Start Menu.

Step2:Right Click On MY COMPUTER.

Step3:Select Properties.

Step4:Now A Window Will Come,Select "Advance" Tab There.

Step5:Select "Performance".

Step6:Now Click On Visual Effects.
Step7:Now Do The Settings There As Follows,Uncheck The Lines there:
*Fade Or Slide Menus Into View.
*Fade or Slide ToolTips Into View.
*Fade Ot Menu Items After Clicking.
*Show Shadows Under Mouse Pointer.
*Show Shadows Under Menus.
*Show Translucent Selection Rectangle.
*Use Background Image For Each Folder Type.
*Use Common Tasks In Folders.
*Use Drop Shadows For Icon Labels On Desktop.
*Use Visual Styles On Windows buttons.
"Uncheck All Above Mentioned Options"

Step8:Click On Apply. Step9:Restart PC.

Step10:Enjoy Increment In Your Computer Performance.


This Is An Interesting Trick/Tweak Or Hack In Windows Software,By Using This Trick,You Can Even Reduce Very Much Load From The "Shoulders Of Your RAM Memory".So Not Much Taking Your Time,Lets Follow "How To Do That.?".

Step1:Click On Start Button.

Step2:Right Click On MY COMPUTER.

Step3:Select Properties.

Step4:Now A Window Will Come,From There Click On "ADVANCED" Tab.

Step5:Click On "PerFormance" Settings.

Step6:Now Click On "Virtual Memory" Settings.

Step7:Here All Of Your Hard Drives And There Free Spaces Are Given.

Step8:Select A Drive Which Has More Free Space.

Step9:Set The Custom Recomended Size For Page File.(As Shown In Figure).

Step10:Set the Maximum Recommended Size.

Step11:Click Set.

Step12:Click On Apply.

Step13:Restart Your PC.

Step14:After Restart ,You Will Notice That Your Computer's Performance Is Increased,As Compare To Before The Settings.



Guys I Just Found A Detail Or A Trick,By Knowing Which,You Can Check Your Mobile's Quality.Else,You Can Also Check The Mobile,Which You Are going To Buy Soon.

So, Here Is The Simple Trick For Checking Your Mobile Quality.

1:When You Buy A Mobile,Firstly Type And Dial "*06#" Withought Quotes,To Check Its "IMEI" Number.

2:Suppose,It Is "10695830649302"(For Example).

3:If Seventh(7th) and Eight(8th) Digit Of IMEI Number Is "02"And "20",Than,It States That Your Phone Was Assembled In "Arab Emirates".And Of VERY BAD Quality.

4:If The Seventh And Eight Digit Of IMEI Number Is,"80" And "08",Than It Says That Your Phone Is Manufactured In GERMANY.And It Says That Phone Is Of FAIR Quality.

5:If Seventh And Eight Digit Of IMEI Number Is,"01" And "10",Than It States That Your Phone Is Manufactured In The MOBILE Factory,And Is Of Best Quality.

6:If Seventh And Eight Digit Of IMEI Number Is,"13",Than Your Phone Is Manufactured In AZARBAIJAN".And Is Of WORST Quality.

Hence Now Next Time Before Buying Any Mobile,Remember These Points.


This Is A Simple Trick,By Using Which You Can Set Your Favourite Image As You Folder Back Ground As Shown In Figure.Just Follow These Simple Steps.

Step1:Open Notepad.

Step2:Copy Paste The Code Given Below In The Notepad.

Step3:Save The File As "desktop.ini".

Step4:Now Paste This File In You Folder Where You Want To Be Image As Background.

Step5:Just Change The Path Of The Image In That "Desktop.ini".File To Locate You Image.



Many People Don't Know That In Windows  They Can Check Drives For Error Easily,Most Of Them Uses Only A Command "chkdsk" For Checking Their Disks.But What Will They Do If That "chkdsk",Not Working?.Answer Is Very Simple,Just Follow These Simple Steps,And Make Your Windows Error Free.

Step1:Right Click On Drive,You Want To Check For Errors.

Step2:Select Properties.

Step3:Select Tools Tab.

Step4:Click On "Check Now" In The Error Check Section.

Step5:Now A Box Will Come,Tick/check The Two Checkmarks Present There.

Step6:Now A Message Will Appear Saying To Perform Disk Check,After Restarting or Another Time You Log-ins.

Step7:Click Yes.Now Restart Your PC.

Step8:I Hope This Will Bring You To The "Blue Disc Error Checking Screen"Before Log-on Screen.


How To Easily Rename Multiple Files At A Time In Windows:- 

Many People Faces The Problem Of Renaming  Their Files ,Having Same Content But With Different Names,So For Those Kind Of People,I Have A Trick Or May Be Some People Will Call It Help.

So For Renaming Multiple Files,as Shown In Figure,Just Follow These Simple Steps.

Step1:Drage Or Move Files To A Newly Created Folder.(Files Which You Want To Be Renamed).

Step2:Select All Files By Pressing "CTRL+A" Button At A Time Of your KeyBoard.

Step3:Right Click On A File,Than Click On Rename.

Step4:Rename File To The Name, Whatever You Want.

Step5:All Files Will Be Renamed Successfully.

Step6:Enjoy .


                     Many People  Have Problem While Updating Their "Computer HardWare Drivers",Because  They Don't Know How To Do This,And From Where To Find Driver Updater.So,They Takes Short Cut For This Purpose,In Other Words,They Buys A Driver Scanner Or Updater,Which updates Their Computer Drivers.But,There Is A Easy Way For Updating Your Computer Drivers Manually,With No Cost.I Will Show You "How".Just Follow Steps Given Below.

Step1:Click On Start Menu.

Step2:Right Click On "MY COMPUTER" Icon.

Step3:Click On "Properties".

Now A Window Will Come,Showing You Different Property Sections Of your,"Computer".

Step4:Click On Hardware Tab(Button).

Step5:Click On "Device Manager",Button.

Step6:Now A Window Will Come Showing List A Different Hard wares Installed On Your Computer.

Step7:Right Click On The Hardware,Whose Drivers you Want To Be Updated.

Step8:Select "Update Driver".

Step8:Now A Window Will Come Say"Welcome To Hardware Update Wizard".

Step9:Read Whatever Is Written There.

Step10:Choose "Yes,Only At This Time".

Step11:Click Next.

Step12:Now The Windows Automatic Driver Updater ,Will Carry You To The Website,Where Your Hardware's Drivers Are Present,You Will Need To Just One Click Their.and Your Drivers Will Be updated Freely.




Many People Don't Like Time Consuming Format Of A Hard-disk,Even Bored Of That Blue Screen,Which Comes During Windows Installation,Saying To Format Your Hard-Disk.
So Now,Taking Not Much Of your Time,I Will Show How To Delete Or Format All Of Your Hard-Drives In Just One Click Of Mouse(Double Click!!!...Haha),And Only Try This Trick,When You Really Need to Format your Hard-Disk,Else You Will Be In Trouble After Deleting Your Important Data.So Be Care full Aboutt That.

Step1:Open Your Notepad,By Clicking Start Menu,than Going To Accessories,Than Clicking Notepad.

Step2:Copy Paste Code Given Below In Notepad.


Step3:Save It As "MY_HARD-DISK_KILLER.exe",By Clicking On Files Menu And Than Clicking"Save As".

Step4:Now Your File Is Saved.Whenever You Will Double Click On That File,All Of Your Hard-Disk Will Get Formatted,Instantly.



Today,I Am Going To Show You A Trick,By Using Which,You Can Shut Down Your Computer At A Specified Time,Means If You Want Your Computer To Be Shut Down After One Hour Automatically,Than You Can Set Timer In This Trick ,To Shut Your Computer Down After An Hour.So Lets Go.

Step1:Right Click On Your Desktop.

Step2:Click The Shortcut Option There.

Step3:In The New Window Which Appeared,Type This Withought Quotes,"shutdown-s-t-60",In That Window.

Step4:Name This Shortcut As "MY_SHUTDOWN_TIMER".

Step5:Click Finish.

Step6:Now Whenever You Click On That Shortcut,Your Computer Will Shut Down After The Time Specified In That File.



One Time, My PC was Totally Stuck ed By Lots Of Viruses,And My Anti virus Also Had Been Disabled ,Than ,At One Time,in A Nice Afternoon,I Found A Great Utility Of Windows,Which Saved My Computer Life.That Utility Is Known As "System Restore" Point.


Many Times,We Feel "Helpless",When Our Internet Speed "Fluctuates" In Day Time,And Sometimes Unable To Download A Very Small File Lesser Than 5MB,We Calls Our Internet Service Providers And Ask Them For Problem "Slow Internet Speed",But They Usually Says,"Sir,Sorry For Inconvinience,We Have A Little Servers Problem Today,You Will Gain You normal Speed After A Short Time",Than Speed Comes To Normal After Waiting A Couple Of hours,And Again It Starts"Fluctuations",Damn It.

Many People Are Downloading Some Software Or Video Files etc,And Suddenly Your Internet Speed Breaks Down,Or,Sometimes,Even Disconnects Internet,The "Software/Video",you Were Downloading Is Remained Just 1 Mb Of Data Out of The 100Mb,No After Internet Connection Again,It You Have To Download Them Again From Begining,Damn!,And The Windows Internet Explorer,Firefox,Google Chrome,Or,Whatever Browser You Are Using,Does Not Have "Resume UnComleted File",Capability.

So,Withought Being Frustrated,Just Download A Handy Best Speed Inscreasin/Accelerating Software,Named As "Download Accelerator Plus",Or In Short,"DAP".

This Programs Converts Your Files(Which You Want To Download),Into A "Segmential Download",Means,DAP Divides Your File Download Into Pieces,And Downloads Thems At Relatively High Speed,The "Logic"Behind This Is"Doing 4-5 Smaller Tasks,Simultaneously,Is Easier Than,Doing One Hardwork Slowly".And That's Why,DAP Has A UnCompleted/Interrupted Download Resume Ability.

You Can Download Several Files "One By One",Or,"At A Time All Files".You Can Resume,Stop Or Delete Them As Well.DAP Has A "Download Basket" Too,Which Gives You The Easier Approach To You Download Folder.DAP Has A In Build FTP Browser  As Well,From Where You Can Directly Open Your Software Downloading Sites,And Can Be Download Your Files In An Easier And Fast Way.DAP Has A "Speed-Bit Video Accelerator",Installation Function,Built In It.Speed Bit Accelerator "Speeds Up"Your YouTube Videos Streaming In Handy.

So, One Can Try This Top Best "Internet Accelerator",And Take An Experience Of Full Uninterrupted Net Speeds.

If Anybody Have Problems/Questions Regarding This Software,Please Post Your Questions Here In Comments,
Thank You!

Download DAP Trial Version

Download DAD Full  Version

Hide A Software Inside An Image

Now A Days,Every One Is Trying Too Make Others Fool,By Showing Them Some Greaky Skills.So,Instead Of Being Fooled By Your Friends,Make Them Fool.By Using This Simple Trick.

Step1:Create A new Folder On Your Desktop.

Step2:Copy The Image,in Which ,you Want to Inject Your Software,And Paste In The NEW FOLDER Which Have Your Created On Desktop.

View Your Computers Graphic Properties

                    Many People Plays Games   Daily,But And Most Of them Usually Gets A Error Message Saying"Insufficient Video Memory".They Simply Bring Their Computer To Hardware Repair Shop,And The Shop Keeper Sells Them A High Memory Graphic/Video Card And Earns More From Those Innocent People.

Now,I am Going To Tell You A Trick,By Using Which,You Can View Your Computers Graphics Property,Easily.Just Follow These Simple Steps.

Step1:Right Click On Your Desktop.

Step2:Go To Properties.

Step3:Click On Settings Tab.

Step4:Press "ADVANCED" Button There.

Step5:Now In The Advance Menu,Click On "Adaptor".

Step6:See your Video Card Model,And Video Memory As Well.


Note:Many Shop Keepers Even Don't Know "What Is Video Card ",I Have Experienced Of This Kind Of Situation.So If They Are Confused,Tell Them That"May I Show You What Is Video Card Inside Your Computer?".And They Will Become Ashamed For Not Knowing Even Video Card,And Selling Graphics Card,Laptops,Computers,Etc.HaHa.



The Best Way To Format Your Harddisk Completely Is,By Using Windows 98 "bootable cd".

Place win 98 Disc in The Drive

Boot From Cd/Dvd Drive

Enter Setup,complete The process,upto the page ,win license agreement,

Press F3 To Exit Setup

You Will Be Redirected To the Command Prompt

Type "format drvie:"

Press Enter

Format all drives one by one.Completely.

Note:- here "Drive:" means drive letter of the drive to be formatted.

This Method is Very Efficient,Because By Using This,You Can Format Your HarDdisk Like A "Crusher".

Thank You!!!



All People Shuts Down Their Computer By Using The Shut Down Button Located In The Start Menu.But I Am Now Going To Tell You A Trick,By Using Which,You Can Shut Down Your Computer In Less Than A minute.Just Follow These Simple Steps.

Step1:Press "CTRL+ALT+DEL " Buttons,At A Time.

Step2:Now,You Opened The Task Manager,In The Task Manager,Click On The "SHUT DOWN",Menu.

Step3: Now Select "Shut Down" From The List That Came ,While Holding "Ctrl Key ".

Step4:You Computer Now Will "Shut Down" Fastly ,Without Giving You Tension.


Remove Only Flash Cookies Using CCleaner

Today I am Going To Show You,How To Clean Flash Cookies Using Ccleaner,Withought Deleting/Removing Other Files,Such as,Temp Files,Passwords,Caches,Cookies etc.
Please!,Follow Simple Steps Given Below.

Step1:Run "CCleaner".By Double Clicking On Its Icon.

Step2:Look At Windows Tab,Inside CCleaner.

Step3:Clear/Unmark All Check Boxes There.

Step4:Now,Click On Application Tab There.

Step5:Here Clear/Unmark All Check Boxes As well,But Only Leave "Flash
Player" Check Box Still Checked.

Step6:Now,Click On Analyse Button.

Step7:After Analyzation Completed,Click On Clean Button.

Step8:Enjoy,You Have Deleted Your Flash Cookies Only.


Many People Installs Lots Of Softwares Daily,And Uses Them Frequently,But When They Uninstalls That Softwares,Only The Main Files Are Deleted From Their Pc,But Temporary  Folders,Registry Files,Cached Files Of That Particular Software Are Remains On Your Pc,Which Sometimes Conflicts(Criss-Cross)In The Path Of Other Software Files(Drivers etc.).

So,If You Want To delete That Useless files From System,You Have To Find Them Manually,In The System And Registry,And Delete Them,Sometimes It Works,But Many Times,This Creates Problems,Because You may Accidentially  Delete Some Important Registry Entries Instead Of That Program/Software Files.

So The Easier And Better Way Is To Use A "Software To Remove Other Softwares Completely",Withought  Manually Finding Useless Files Inside Your Pc,For This Purpose,I Found A Program/Tool,Software Which Remove Any Software's Traces From Your PC,And Make Your PC Works Better.

The Name Of That Program Is "Perfect Uninstaller".This Softwares Removes Not Your Program's Junk/Useless Files,But,Removes Programs Which Shows Errors While "Uninstalation",Like"Can't Uninstall This Software","An Error Occured While Uninstalation",etc.So For Deleting/Removing Any Program Completely,One Can Use This Free,Fast And Best Tool.

I Have Also Included The Trial Version Download And A Full Version Download For "Perfect Uninstaller".

Check It Out!
Thank you!


Many People Hears Daily That,Someone Shown Him/Her,His Name In The Place Of  Google Logo.And You Thinks That They Are Some Kinda Hacker?No Man They Are Not Hackers,They Simply Tweaked and Tricked You.Now Somebody Tricked You,And Made you April Fool,So Why Not You Do Same With Others?OK! Not Making You So Curious And Excited(May Be Bored),I Will Show You "How To Bring My Name In place Of Google Logo".Just Follow Simple Steps,I Explained Below.

Step1:Open Your Web Browser.

Step2:Type Or Copy Paste From Here This Link In Your Browser URL/Address Bar.

Step3:Or Simply Click On This Link Given Below.

Step4:Now You Are In That Site,Simply Enter Your Name There,And Press Go.

Step5:Oh Amazing,Google Logo Gone For A Sleep,And,Your Name Is Written There.

Step6:Now Bookmark This Site.(Where You Created Logo).

Step7:Whenever You Want To Search Something on the Web,Use That Site,Instead Of Google,That Site Searches As You Search Using


Some Common Connection lost Problems In Windows And There Solutions

Some Common Connection lost Problems In Windows And There Solutions:

many People are experiencing connection lost problem,and after finding no solution,they simply formats there pc.But here is the steps to be considered and tested before formating your pc.

Check that your isp is not interrupting your connection,this means that ask your isp provider for this problem.if they says its ok.than follow next step

Check your network configurations are ok,but you want very easy method for this??,so just google for the utility"winsock fixer"

After downloading it,run it and restart your pc.if this doesnot helped you,follow next step.

close Auto update Applications from starting up whenyou turns on your pc,for this,go to::Start>>run>>type msconfig>>press enter>>than click on startup tab>>>than Uncheck un necessary softwares>>>>>click apply>>>>>restart your pc.

If above methods does not help you,than simply download a spywares malwares remover softwares.

in my case,"unhackme" spyware remover helped you can also try it,its free,even after trial period.

How To Enable Task Manager In Windows XP Easily

How To Enable Task Manager In Windows XP Easily:

Some Viruses Block/Disables Your Task  manager so that you can not Bring task manager by pressing ctrl+alt+del,so here is the simple solution,Just Download Below Utility Created By A great mind,and nable your Task manager

By Using Above Tool,You Will Be Able To Enable Task Manager Easily In Windows XP.

How To Enable Registry Editor When Disabled by Your System Administrator In Windows XP

How To Enable Registry Editor When Disabled by Your System Administrator? In Windows XP:

Many Virus Firstly Attacks Registry Editor Of your System For Taking Control Off All Of Your Pc .So When These Kind of Virus Disabled you Registry Editor ,Dont Do Hardwork for searching "how to Enable Registry editor" Just Use Below Utility,it Will Enable Your Registry Editor Instantly.

Download Registry Editor Fix

How To Create Short-cut Of Your Favourite Website On Desktop?

To Create Short-Cut Of Your Favourite Website On Desktop,Just Follow These Simple Steps.

Step1:Open Your Favorite Site.

Step2:Bookmark it "Without" Giving It Any Name.

Step3:Now You Will See Your Favorite Site Icon only,In Bookmarks Toolbar.

Step4:Drag That Icon To Your Desktop.

Step5:Double Click That Icon,To Open Your Favorite Site,Within The Browser.




Mouse Extender:

This Is A Simple But Power Full Windows Utility,Used For Enhancing Functionality Of A Mouse.By Using This You Can Assigning More Task To Mouse,And With A single Click Of Mouse Button,You Can Even Shut Down Your Pc,Do Control Panel Tasks And Many More Functions.Try It And Enjoy.
Download Mouse ExtenDer

Keyboard Extender:

Every Body Wants To Use His Keyboard's Many Functions With  Minimum
Effort,But The Windows Can Not Allow Us To Do That,So Make Us Frustrating,Pulling Our Hairs Ourself. Dont Do That,I Have A Nice Suggestion For You.Instead Of Pulling Hairs,Use This Handy Tool Named "Keyboard Extender",It Can Remap Your Default Keyboard Keys to Whatever Key Combinations You Want,Means,You Can "Assign" As many As Function To Your KeyBoad's Any Key.So Try This Free Tool And Enjoy.

If You Like This Post,Please Like It And Leave Comments.
Thank You!.

Download Keyboard Ectender

How To Change Windows Drive Letter?

 Change Your Windows Drive Letter Easily:

Many People Like There Lucky Letter(means Their Name Initials) For Every Thing They Buy,Or,Uses.Exactly like this They Also Want To Change Pc Settings  ,So That It Shoould Be match with There Name And Easy To Remember.
But,They Can't Able To Change There Pc(Windows)Drive Letter,From Defaults(C:,D:,E:,F: etc) To Other Letter.These Above Letters Are Given By System ,At The Time Of ,Windows Installation,And,Cannot Be Changed.

So,Now I am Going To Tell You A Trick To Overcome Above Problem,And,Change Drive letter Whatever You Want,From A To Z.Just Follow Simple Process Given Below.
Step1:Click On Start Menu.

Step2:Right Click On MY COMPUTER icon.

Step3:Select "MANAGE" From  Drop Downlist,which Is Brought After Right Click.(Figure:1)

Step4:Now You Are In Windows "Computer Management Tool".

Step5:Click On "Disk Management" ,In The List At Left Hand Side.(Figure:2)

Step6:Now Look At Right Hand Side,There Is All Of Your Drives.

Step7:Now Right Click On A Drove Whose Drive Letter,You Wants To Change.

Step8:Select "Change Drive Letter And Paths" From That List.

Step9:A Box Will Appear,Click On "Change" Button.

Step10:Select And Change You Drive Letter From The List In Front Of The Line"Assign The Following Drive Letter".


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