How To Increase Photo Upload Speed On Facebook Using A Simple Hack

We All Know,That.Now A Days,Facebook Servers Are Becoming More And More Secure,Day By Day,It's Cool,But Sometimes It Will Make FaceBook Users Unhappy,Because,Whenever They Try To Upload A JPG Or Any Other Image/Photo/Picture File,There Page Becomes Still As It Is With No Data Usage Of Network.

Users Having Slower Internet Connections Experiences This Kind Of Problems Daily,And,Thinks That This Should Be,Due To Their Slower Net Speed.

No,Guys,It Is Possible To Upload A Photo Or Video At Much Faster Speed On Facebook Using A Simple Trick.

First,Login To Your Facebook Via Firefox Browser.

Secondly,Click On Tools Menu Of Firefox Browser,Than Go To Options,Than Content Tab,And Uncheck "Load Images Automatically" Line And Click Ok.

Firefox>>>Tools Menu>>>>>Options>>>>>Contents Tab>>>Automatically Load Images.
Thirdly,Now,Go To Your Wall And Click "Upload Images/Videos".

 Fourthly,Try To Upload A Photo Or Video,It Will Upload At Much Faster Speed As Compared To Before When "Automatically Load Images" Option Was Enabled.


Thank You!!
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