I Think My Previous Post About Bypassing "Forbidden Error" On 12allchat.com,Made My Friends "Confused",And They Don't Getting Positive Results From My Post.

So,I Am Now Giving You Another Simplest Trick Or Tutorial To "How To Solve Or Bypass 'Forbidden Access Error' On,While Loading Full Screen Link On 12allchat(12 موقع دردشة)".


1:Firstly Load Normal 12allchat Link In Your Browser,Until Login Username Screen Comes(Normal Link Is http://www.12allchat.com/india-chat.php)
2:Now Open A "New Tab" By Clicking On "+" Button On The Right Side Of Your Opened Window In Chrome Or Firefox Browser.

3:In The "New Blank Tab" You Just Opened,Type This Below Address In Your Browser's Adress/URL Bar And Press Enter Button Of Your Keyboard.
4:Now,Some Page Will Come Having Lots Of Texts And Links There.On That Page Press "CTRL Button Plus "F" On Your Keyboard" And Type "Host7778" In The Find Box.This Will Bring You The"12allchat Full Link URL",That Is "http://host7778.123flashchat.com/12allchaten/123flashchat.swf?init_host=host77781.123flashchat.com&init_port=51137&init_host_s=host77782.123flashchat.com&init_port_s=443&init_group=12allchaten&init_listroom=1031,1021,1028,1041,1052,1053,1054,1018,1051,1040,1019,1020,1021,1022,1079,1038,1039,1080"

Note:If You Still Have Difficulty In Finding 12allchat Full URL,Just Simply Count Lines From Begining And The Full URL Will Be At "77th" Line.

5:Now You Have Found Full URL,Now Press And Hold "Left Mouse Button" From Beginning Of That URL Till The End Of That URL.(See The Figure).
6:Now Leave Left Mouse Button And Press "Right Mouse Button",That Click "Go To http://host7778.123flashchat.com/12allchaten/123fl....".

7:That Link Will Open In The New Window,And I Hope,Will Not Give You The "Forbidden Access Error".

Note:I Daily Use This Trick And Logs-In The 12allchatrooms Usng Full Screen URL.


If You Guys Still Have Problems Loading Full Screen Link Of 12allchat(12 موقع دردشة) And Getting "Forbidden Access Error",Than Simply Copy Paste The "Full Link Of 12allchat" On Your "FACEBOOK Wall As Your Status Update" And Click On That Link.

This Trick Also Worked For Me.

Dead Point Note:If You Guys Still Have Problem In Bypassing Forbidden Error For 12allchat(12 موقع دردشة),Than There Is No Way To Help You Other Than "Praying To My God" To Solve Your Problem.
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hi brother i have tried each and every method Posted By u. i have cleaned my cookies with ccleaner and in firefox i have used better privacy i have changed my IP using IP changers cyberghost i have changed my MAC address also but still they say u have been banned in 12allchat.com what do i do kindly help me. m3hr33n_i@yahoo.com contact me asap i will be thank full.

Bro,Firstly Tell Me Please That,Why You Have Got Banned From 12allchat??.

Secondly,Your Name Seems To A User On That Chat "GOPI"This Man Abuses On Religion There.And I Don't Help Religious Abusers.So If you Are That Man,Then I Am So Sorry,I Am Unable To Help You.

Thirdly,For Your Kind Information,All The IPs Of Cyberghost VPN Is Banned On 12allchat,So,How Come Will You Get Unbanned From There Using A Already Banned IP??({):D

Thank You!!!!

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