TRICK TO MAKE FOOL YOUR FLASH CHAT(Like 12allchat(12 موقع دردشة)) FRIENDS

A Simple Way,By Using Which,You Can Be Able To Make Your Friend Amazed As Well As Fooled.They Will Think That You Are A Magician,Who Knows Their Font Color Without Viewing Their Chat Messages.

So,How Can You Too Can Do This?.

Firstly,You Should Know Some Of Basics Of Flash Chat,That Is,

A:If You Send Text To Your Friend,He Can See Your Fonts Color.
B:If You Send An Emotion Or Smiley,Than Your Friend Can Not Be Able To See your Fonts Color.

So,Here We Have A Hack To See Their Font Color.Basically,Smiley Images Comes When We Send A Related Code To The Chat.Which Gets Converted Into Emotion/Image.

This Means,If We Are Able To "Disable" This Conversion "From Code To Image",Than We Can See Their Fonts Color Easily.HaHaHa.

To Disable Smiley Code Conversion,Go To Settings,Than Click Options,Than A Box Will Appear,Selet "Message" Tab There,Than Simply Un-Check "Convert Smiley Short Cuts To The Image" Line There.Click Submit.

Now You Can Be Able To See Which Fonts Color Your Friends Are Using Without Waiting For The Text Message They Are going To Send.

Note:The Main Advantage Of Disabling Emotion Conversion Is,The Chat(Like 12allchat(12 موقع دردشة)) Will Run Smoothly And Will Not Hang At The Time Of Spamming.
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