HACK TO LOAD A FLASHCHAT(Like 12allchat(12 موقع دردشة)) IN LESS 15 SECONDS

HACK TO LOAD A FLASHCHAT(Like 12allchat(12 موقع دردشة)) IN LESS 15 SECONDS

We All Know That Flashchat Takes Some Time To Load,Even When Your Connection Speed Is High Enough.On Faster Connections,It Takes 2-3 Minutes To Login To The Room,And,On The Slower Connections Like "2G Net",It Takes Upto 10-15 Minutes To Enter the Room.

The Main Reason Behind This Slower Loading Is,Whenever You Restarts Your Computer,Some Of your Browser Internet Data Lost Or Gets Corrupted,So The Flash Chat And Other Websites Again Takes Time To Load.

But There Is A Way By Using Which,One Can Load A Flash chatroom Like Yeechat,12allchat(12 موقع دردشة) And All The Other Chatrooms In Less Than 15 Seconds.Just Follow The Simple Steps Given Below:

(Note:This Post Is An update To My Previous Post "Flash Chat Fast Loading Trick")

Step1:Firstly,Open Your Favorite Flashchat Rooms,It Will Take Time To Login To The Room.

Step2:As soon As You Enters Into The Room,Bookmark All Flashchat Room Websites You Opened Currently(This Step Is Not Necessary If You Don't Want To).

Step3:Now,Exit Your Browser,Or,Simply Click "Close" Button Of Your Browser.

Step4:Now Wait For 10-15 Seconds,To Get Close All Hidden Background Processes Of That Browser(In This Case,It Is Chrome Browser).

Step5:Now Go To This Location:

C:\Documents and Settings\REHAN KHAN\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data

(Note2:Replace "Rehan Khan" With Your Username On Your Win XP Account)

Step6:Select All And Copy All The Files There By Pressing Firstly CTRL+A Than Pressing CTRL+C.

Step7:Now Come To Your Desktop And Create A New Folder,Give It A Name "Flash Chat Data" Or Whatever You Want to Give.

Step8:Now,Open That Newly Created Folder And Press CTRL+V Buttons Of Your Keyboard To Paste That Copied Files Here.

Step9:You Are Done,Now Whenever You Starts Your Computer,Firstly Copy All The Files Of The "Flash Chat Data" Folder And Paste And Replace That Files With "User Data" Folder Files.

Step10:Now Load Your Flash Chat And I Guarantee You,That,It Will Not Take Time To Load More Than 15 Seconds.

Note:For Easy Access,Create Shorcut For This Folder On Your Desktop.

Advantages Of This Trick:

Flashchat will Load In Less Than 15 Seconds Even On The Slower Internet Connections Like "2G GPRS Mobile Internet Connections".

Disadvantages Of This Trick:

If You Bookmark A Website,After PC Restart Next Time,And If You Replace User Data Files,Than Your That Bookmark Will Not Be Included In Bookmarks Menu.

This Trick Is Helpful For Fast Loading Any Other Websites Too,Because We Have Simply Backed-Up Our Browser Cookies,Caches And Hstories By Using This Trick.

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Thank You!!!!
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