Now A Days,Flashchat Sites Are Becoming Popular Due To Its Fast And Instant Messaging Smooth Running And Better User Experiences.But It Has Still Some Features Missing Inside,Which Sometimes Make Users Unhappy.

During My Flash Chatroom Experience,I Have Found That Some Feature Must Be Included In The Flash Chatrooms,For,Better User Experiences.But All These Features Are "Imaginary"And No One Can Think Or Judge About Them.

The List Of Features Which I That One Can Imagine While Using Flashchat Is given Below:

No Auto Log-out After Disconnection:

This Means,When User Login With A Registered Nickname and His/Her Net Gets Disconnected,Or,He/She Closes Her Browser Window,Than,their ID Should Be Still Logged In.And They Only Need to Connect Net Again And Open The Flash Chatroom And Should Automatically Login To The Room In Which They Were Entered.

Most Interesting Part In This Is,"Their ID Should Be Still Logged In In such A Way That,Other Users Will Think That "User" Did Not Quit Or Left The Room".

ISP Or IP Range Ban For Specific Mac Address:

Now A Days,If Admin Bans An Abuser's Or Spammer's ISP Or IP Range,Than All Users Using That ISP Or Come In That IP Range Will Be Banned.So If There Is A Feature/Option By Using Which Admin Can "ISP OR IP RANGE BAN FOR MAC ADDRESS OF THAT SPAMMER OR ABUSER ONLY".Than,This Will Make Flash Chatroom Spam And Abuse Free And A Relief To Admins and Mods.

All In One Private Message Box:

Now A Days,You Need To Close Or Minimize One PM/Private Message Bo And Have To Open And Reply Other One.This Sometimes Hangs Or Crashes The Browser Of The Users Having Slower PC And Internet Connections.So,If There A PM Message Box,In Which All Other User's PM Boxes Are Pinned And You Have To Only Click A Tab1 Or Tab2 Inside Your PM To Chat With Specific User,And So On......Than This Will Give Better User Experience.

Auto Moderated Chat Messages:

This Means,If Someone Repeats His/Her Message Twice Or More,Depending Up On The Moderation Settings,Than His/Her Messages Should Be Auto Filtered After To Repeat And Will Not Be Shown To Other Chatters.

Embeddable Private chat Box:

Means,There Should Be An Option To Embed Private Chat Window To The Main Chat Window,In Such A Way That Your Private Chat Will Be Shown With Main Chat,But Only Visible For You And the Person With Whom You Are Chatting.This Feature May Be Called As Advance Version Of "Whisper Message".

IP Checker For Host And Admin Login:

This Means,Whenever A User Becomes Host Or Admin,His IP Address Will Be Recorded In The Server And If His IP Changes,Chat Will Not Allow Him/Her to Log In To The Room,Even After Entering Correct Password.

These All Are the Imaginary Feature Which I Hope,Will Come Inside The Later Version Of The Flash Chat Software In the Future.
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