I Really Like Games From Gameloft.They Have Created Lots Of Games,But In My Opinion,Real Football Games Series Is Best As Compared To Others.

Hence,I Have Searched For Finding Some New Cheat Codes For It,But Only "One" Common Cheat Code Was Available On All the Wapsites And Websites.

By The Way,We Can Use That Cheat Code On "Three Version Of Real Football Mobile Game",And That Versions Are,

1:Real Football 2010

2:Real Football 2011

3:Real Football 2012

So,Here Is The Steps To "Cheat" The Games Given Above:

Step1:Run The Game.

Step2:When You Are On Main Menu,Press One By One,2 4 4 6 2 Keys On Your Mobile Keypad.

Step3:Now,You Have Activated The Cheat Mode.Press # , To Change The Game Options Such As,Normal Mode,Legend Mode,CPU Vs CPU Mode.

Step4:Now You Have Chosen The Mode.Now Click Any Match,Cup Or Challenge.To Play The Match.

Step5:As Soon As Match Starts(As A Player Kicks The Ball),Press The Right Soft Key( The Key Above The Cancel Call Button).

Step6:Now A Menu Will Come,Containing Different Functions,To Use Thos Functions Press Numbers Assigned For Them,Or,Follow The Below Guide:-

1:Press 1 Of Your Mobile Keypad To ==> Get Your Player A Free Kick

2:Press 1 Of Your Mobile Keypad To ==> Get Your Player Auto Score One Goal.(If Your Player Is At Left Side In The Score Board,i.e Player 1-0 CPU.).

3:Press 1 Of Your Mobile Keypad To ==> Get CPU Player A Free Kick.

4:Press 1 Of Your Mobile Keypad To ==>  Win The Match.

5:Press 1 Of Your Mobile Keypad To ==> Draw The Match.

6:Press 1 Of Your Mobile Keypad To ==> Lose The Match.

7:Press 1 Of Your Mobile Keypad To ==> Get Your Player A Corner Kick.

8:Press 1 Of Your Mobile Keypad To ==> Get Your Player Score A Goal(If Your Player Is At Right Side In Score Board i.e, CPU 0-1 Player.).

9:Press 1 Of Your Mobile Keypad To ==> Close The Cheats Menu,Withought Applying Any Cheats.

Note1:If The Cheats Menu Does Not Comes After Pressing Left Soft Key,Then Firstly Click The OPTIONS Menu,Then Click Left Soft Key "Twice".

Note2:The Keypad Keys Order May Get Changed With Respect To Game Version(2010,2011,0r,2012),But,The Functions Will Be Same.That Is,Free Kick,Free Corner,Win,Lose, Etc.

Funny Secrets:

I Have Also Found 2 Funny Secrets While Playing Real Football 2012,And That Is,

1:Some Times If You Kick/Shoot The Ball Out Side Of The "Boundry Line",And Ball Comes Back In The Ground After Hitting The Audience.Then,The Game System Does Not Say "Goal Kick",And Players Still Continues Their Struggling To Take The Ball Commands.

2:If The Football Is Near Your Opponent Or In His Hand,And,If You Clicked Left Soft Key Then Activated The Cheat For Getting A Free Kick.Then,System Say "Foul",And You Can Shoot The Football Just Close To The Goal Post/Net.This Means If You Get Fouled By A Opponent Player Or Goal Keeper Inside Their "Dee Box",Then Instead Of Getting A "Penalty" You Gets A Free Kick.

Hope,You Will Like My This Post,If So,Then Please Leave The Comments.

Thank You!!!
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