Yes Guys,It Is Absolutely True.About 90% Of The People Who Have Internet Connection And Also Have A Some "Time To Pass",They Normally Uses ONLINE CHATROOMS For Meeting New Peoples,Making Friend,Chilling,And The Most Important Thing Here Is "Forgetting And Relieving Their Tensions Of Real Life".Every 3rd Person Who Uses On-line Chatrooms Is Very Rude,Lonely Living Or Sometimes Do Not Have Much Friends Or Good Friends,But He/She Are Now Making Hundreds Of Friends "Close-One" Online.

Most Of The Online Chat-rooms Are "Regional Based" Means They Are Made Only For Attracting The Peoples From Different Cities,States,Countries Or Even Continents.You Can Easily Differentiate Between These Chatrooms By Looking At There Names.That Is,US Chat-room,Austrailian Chat-room,Pakistan Chat,India Chat,Asian Chat-rooms Etc.Just You Will Need To Find The Chat-room Which Suits The Languages You Are Known About.Read On This Post And You Will Find That How Can We Further Differentiate Between Them.

Their Are Two Types Of Online Chat Rooms,One Is "Paid Chat Rooms" And Another Is "Free Chat Rooms".

The People Who Have Lots Of Money Or Earnings,Normally Goes To A Paid Chatroom,Because Here They Can Experience All The "Premium Features" Such As,Video Chat,Audio Chat,Thousands Of Virtual Credits,And,Most Important Feature Here You Will Find Is "Privacy".Some People Here Comes For Making "Busyness Deals",Scheduling There Meetings,Or Even Comes For "Marketing".If You Too Have Lots Of Money,Then I Advice You Too Go For A Paid Chat  Room.

But,Guys,The People Who Have Not Much Money To Waste,Or Poor People,What Can They Do?.These Peoples Simply Go For A "Free Online Chatrooms".The List Of Free Chatroomz Is Little Bit High,As Compared To Paid One.It Includes,Thousands Of Free Java Chatroom,Free Flash Chat-Roomz,Video/Audio Chatrooms With Lesser Functionality,Etc.Most Of The Free Chatrooms Are "Easy To Join" Means They Do Not Requires "Registration" and You Can Enter There As Soon As You Goes To There Login Screen.And Very Few Of Them Are "Members Only" .

This Means You Will Need To Register There And Provide A Valid Email Address,Location Etc.In A Free ChatRoom,You Can Also Make Friend Here,But Guys,As Compared To Paid Chat-roomz,Here These Friends Are Not A "Busyness Man,Running After Money,Every Minute Time Checker".Here You Will Only Meet The People Who Are "Kind Hearted" And Have Lots Of "Friend-Ness".

It Does Not Matter "Whether People Use Free Chatroom Or Paid Chatroom".The Main Aim Here For which They Goes For A Online Chat  Room Is "Chilling" Or For Just A "Time-Pass".These People Are Not A Hacker Or A Computer-Worms.They Are Just Curious To Make New Friends From Different Regions,Create Relationships With Each Other,And The Last But Not Least,You Will Mostly Find Here A "Family Drama With Lots Of Different Kind Of Emotions Between Different Peoples".

So,The Conclusion Of Above Paragraphs Is,If You Too Have Lots Of Money Or Just Much Free Time to Spent,Then Do Not Waste Your Time And Money In Hacking Websites,Spamming On Forums,Messing With Peoples,Playing Games Etc.Instead,You Should Go For A "Online Chat Room" And "Taste" Whether It Too Makes You Crazy Like Me Or Not.

Just Give Them A Try Guys!!!
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