The Rajnikanth Jokes Are Now Becoming Very Popular On The Internet.Every But Laughs On These Jokes,Because They Are Very Funny And Interesting One.By The Way,Rajnikanth Is A South Indian Super Star,With His Great Impossible Stunt Skills(lol).

Now,After Reading Those Kind Of Jokes,On Different Websites,I Too Have Decided To Post Some Great Jokes About Rajnikanth,Regarding Online Chatrooms Like Flash Chat Room,Java Chatroom,Video Chatroom Or Any Other Chat Sites.

So,Here Is The Show Begins:

1:Rajnikant Can Enter A Chatroom With A Guest ID Having Password.

2:Rajnikant Can Register A Username Without Giving An Email Address.

3:Rajnikant Is Able To Enter A User Name With A Username With "Unlimited Characters".

4:When Rajnikant Types Some Text And Send Them Fast,Then The System Gets Message Saying "Don't Read Fast,Take A Break".

5:Whenever Rajnikant Enters A Chatroom,All The Users Including Admins And Moderators Starts Leaving The Room.

6:Rajnikant Can Ban An Abuser,Withought Having "Admin Privileges".

7:Rajnikant Breaks A Ban,As Soon As, The Admin Starts Thinking To Ban Him.

8:Rajnikanth Can Kick An Abuser By Entering Into Other Chatrooms With His Host ID.

 9:Rajni Can "Cam-Chat" With A Girl,Just By Using His MIC.

10:Rajnikaanth Can Preg*nant A Girl In The Chatroom,Just By Sending Her A "Private Chat Request".

11:Whenever A Host Or Admin Mutes Rajni,Then,They Themselves Get The Message "You Were Muted By Rajnikant For Breaking Rules".

12:Once,An Admin Was Checking Rajnikant's IP Address.He Get Shocked By Seeing This Line Instead Of IP,"Yanna Rascala!!!,Mind It!!!".

13:Rajni Can Log Into All The Chatrooms On The Website At A Time.

14:Rajnikant Can Send/Use His Custom Designed Smileys Into The Chatroom

15:When Rajnikant Starts Spamming,He Spams 1000 Phrases Before Admin Bans Him,And,2000 Paragraphs,As Soon As He Get Banned.

16:When Rajni Becomes A Regular User Of A Chatroom,Then,The Other Users See An Extra Function In The Chatroom.And The Function Is "Invite Your 'Yanna Rascala' Friends On 'Rajnikant Fans Club'".

17:Once A Hac*ker Was Trying To Hack Rajni's User ID,Then He Get The Password And It Was "Rajnikantha".And He Get Died,Because The Password He Just Saw,Was On A Badge On Rajni's Shirt,And The Rajni Was Standing In That Hac*ker's Room.

18:Warning To Newbies!,Please,Don't Try To View Rajnikanth's Profile By Clicking On His Username.Because,If You Do So,Then You Will Get "Teleported" To Rajnikanth's Bathroom.

19:RajniKanth  Enter Any Filter Word,Withought Getting It Filtered By System.

20:Rajni-kant Can Use All The "Disabled" Features Of The Chatroom.Such As "Admin Panel Options,Invisible Login Mode,Send Files With Unlimited File Size,Etc".

21:When Rajni Sends A "Smoking Men" Smiley,Then,Others See The Rajnikanth(Real) Sitting On A Chair,At His Home,And Smoking A Cigar.

22:When The Rajnikanth Joins A Chatroom,He Creates A New Chatroom On That Chat Site.The Name Of The Room Is Always "Rajnikanth Room".In That Room,No One Can Enter Withought Permission.If An Admins Or Host Tries To Enter That Room,He/She Gets A Message Saying "First Impress Rajinkanth By Spamming Your ID Password In Other Chatrooms,Then Try Again!!".

23:When Rajni Farts In His Room,Every One In The Chatroom Can "Smell" His Fart.And System Kicks-Out Each And Every User,By Giving A Message "First Bring A Good Room Spray,Then Come Back To Chat Here,You Lazy Man!!".

24:On The Final Stage Of Fifa World Cup,Rajni Have Arranged A "Big Screen Television" In The User List,For Other User's Entertainment And Live Coverage.

25:Accidentially,In A Chatroom,Rajnikant Proposed A Boy By Thinking That He Is A Girl.The Boy Get Prgnant.After 9 Months,The Boy Had Given Birth A Kid.Suddenly,The Kid Open His Eyes,And Said "Rascala,Always Show Gender Clearly,In Your User Name.Else You Will Become Preggy Again".After Telling This,The Kid Get Died.

Hope,My Blog Visitors Who Regularly Goes To A Chatroom,Will Like This Post.

Thank You!!!
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