SYMPTOMS OF BEING A "BAD-BOY" IN A ONLINE CHATROOM(Like 12allchat(12 موقع دردشة))

SYMPTOMS OF BEING A "BAD-BOY" IN A ONLINE CHATROOM(Like 12allchat(12 موقع دردشة))

As In Our Life,There Are Two Types Of People,One Is "Good" And Other Is "Bad".So,It Is Also Possible To Have Good As Well As Bad(Character-Less) People Inside An Online Chat Room.It May Be A Flash Chat(Like 12allchat(12 موقع دردشة)) Or Java Chat.But I Am Sure That You Will Find There Both Kind Of People Mentioned Above.

So,How Come You Find That "Whether Someone Is Bad Or Not?".Simply Look At The Symptoms Given Below To Find Out Who Is A Bad-Boy In That Chatroom.

Symptoms Of A Bad-Boy Or A Character Less Person:

1:They Always Talk Rudely With Others.

2:They Never Respect Other.

3:The Abuse Others For No Reason.

4:They Sends Cam Request To Girls.

5:They Dirty Chats With Girls.

6:They Usually Come With Dirty User Names.

7:They Don't Respect Host Or Admins.

8:They Sends Links Of P*orn Sites Or Malicious Software Links In The Chatroom Or Inside PM Of Others.

9:They Always Try To Hack The Chat Room Or Others.

10:They Sends Nude Or Dirty Pictures In The Chatroom.

11:They Spam In The Chatroom For No Reason.

12:Few Of Them Tells Their "Adult Body Parts" Size To Girls.And Ask Her To See Them On Cam.Lol

You Can Not Fight Or Teach These Kind Of People.The Only Way To Get Ride Of Those People Is "Ignore Them Or Block Them".

Thank You!!!
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