After Hearing Then Writing An Article About "Images On Facebook Can Be Access Even After Deletion",I Had Started Searching And Finding A Solution For "Completely Removal Or Deletion Of Facebook Images And Picture".For This Purpose,I Did An Experiment Last Month,And You Will Be Amaze To Hear That,My Experiment Was Succeeded 100%.

Ok.Now I Will Tell You What I Did.

Firstly,I Go To My Friend's Facebook Profile And Right Clicked On One Of Her Uploaded Picture There(Suppose It Is IMAGE ONE).Then I Selected "Copy Image Location",From The Menu(Due To Which Images Can Be Accessed Even After Removal).

Then I Saved That Link In A Notepad File.

After This,I Told Her To Delete That Picture From Her Profile.She Did It.

After That,I Copied The "Image Location" Of One Of The Picture I Had Uploaded On My Profile(Suppose It Is IMAGE TWO).And Then Saved The Link,And Deleted The Photo.

Then I Have Deactivated My Facebook For 10-12 Days.

Then I Again Activated My FB Profile,Then Copy Pasted The Image Location Link Of My Friend's Photo In My Browser's Address Bar.The Photo Was Still There On Facebook Servers.That Is IMAGE ONE Was Not Completely Removed From Facebook.

Then,I Copy Pasted The Image Location Link Of A Photo Which Was On My Profile.And I Became Surprised After Seeing That,My Photo Was Not There On Facebook Server,And A Page Came Saying,Content Can Not Be Found.This Means,The IMAGE TWO Was Deleted Or Removed Forever From Facebook.

So,After The Above Experience,I Have Concluded That,After Deactivation Of Your Facebook Account,Facebook Servers Thinks That,The Deleted Image Is Not Necessary To Become Available On Their Servers,So They Have Removed That Photo Even From All The Servers As Well.

But One Thing I Am Definitely Sure About,That Is,Though My Logic May Be Wrong Or Right,But The Facebook Account Deactivation For Certain Period Will Surely Remove Your Deleted Photos Forever From The Facebook.

So,Guys,Try It Your Self,And If You Find Something Different,Then Mention That In Your Comments Here.

Thank You!!!!!!
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