20 Days Ago,I Was Searching Something Like "My Blog Disappeared From Searches",I Came To An Article By Harsh Agarwal.The Conclusion Of That Article Was "If We Have Lots Of Posts/Articles On Our Blog/Website,We May Be Penalised By Google Panda Due To Older Article Publication Dates,Which Reduces CTR".This Means That If Your Blog Or Website Is 2 Years Old,Then The First Published Article Will Be Having Date & Time Stamp Of 2 Years Before.And If Someone Who Was Searching For Keywords Embedded In That Article,Than He/She Will Click Your Competitor's Article(If Your Competitor Article Is Having Date Lower Then Yours),And This Will Reduce Your Blog/Website SEO Click Through Rate Aka CTR.

You Can Read Harsh Agawal's Article Here And Here

For Easy Understanding,Suppose,I Am Searching For "Best VPN Providers".The WebsiteA Has Published Article Having This Keyword At 2/10/2012 And WebsiteB Has Published Article Related To That Keyword At 4/4/2011.Then I Will Click Newer Article Link That Is WebsiteA.It Is A Human Nature That He/She Try To Find & Click Latest Content Not Older One.

So,From Above Example,You Can Understand That "Why Your Blog/Website Can Become Victim Of Google Panda".It Is Not About Google Panda Hates Older Posts, Or It Don't Like Our Blog.It Is About Google Panda Likes "Evergreen Articles,Posts & Contents" And Put Backs Or Degrades The Contents Having Older Dates & TimeStamps.You Can Not Complain To Panda That,Why It Is Doing So With Your Website Articles,Because From The Above Example,You Already Have Agreed That Every Human Including You Likes Fresh Contents.

In The Harsh Agarwal's Article,He Had Shown Brief Effects Of Google Panda On Websites/Blogs Which Have Publication Dates Showing In Its Posts.And Also He Suggested & Advised To Remove Dates From Our Posts To Defeat Google Panda.

But Mr.Harsh Agarwal Has Told "How To Remove Dates" For Wordpress Websites & Blogs.And I Had Blogger Aka Blogspot Blog.So That Posts Helped Me 99% And I Had To Work For That Left 1%.So,I Have Started Searching For "How To Remove Dates From Blogger Blog Posts","How To Remove Timestamps From Blogspot Posts" Etc.But After Reading Many Tutorials,I Have Concluded That All Those Kind Of Posts Are For Websites Based On Wordpress Not For Blogger Blog.

After Seeing That,I Tried To Find "Date Header,Timestamp" Etc. In My Blog Template.I Removed Those Codes,But That Not Helped Me,And Dates Were Still There In My Posts.

Last Week,When I Was Removing Some Widgets From My Blog,I Have Surprisingly Found The Solution.And Hence This Article Come To Born.

How To Remove Or Hide Dates From Blogger Articles/Posts To Defeat & Recover Google Panda?

Step1:Login To Your Blog Dashboard.

Step2:Go To Layout.

Step3:Now,At The Blog Posts,Click "Edit".
Step4:Here,You Can See That In "Post Page Options" Date And Time Stamps Are Checked.Simply Uncheck Them.
Step5:Click "Save" To Save Changes.


Wait Till GoogleBot Visits Your Blog And Re-index Your Posts,Which Are Now Date-Less.

Note1:This Method Only Hides/Removes Dates From Search Engines As Well As Your Blog Visitor's Eyes,But You Can Still Check When Your Blog Posts Were Published From "Dashboard>>Posts".

Note2:My Blog Posts/Articles Are Started Coming Up Without Dates In Search Engines After 1 Week Of Following The Above Tutorial But It Will Need More Time To All Articles Become Date-less In Searches.

Hope This Post Will Help You!

Thank You!
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