12allchat Hot News October 2013 - What Is Going On There In This Free Online Audio/Video Chat Room?

12allchat(12 موقع دردشة) Hot News October 2013 - What Is Going On There In This Free Online Audio/Video Chat Room?

I Think My 12allchat(12 موقع دردشة) Online Chat Room Experiences Page Is Becoming Long & Longer To Read For New Visitors As Well As 12allchat(12 موقع دردشة) Users.Hence I Have Now Decided To Post 12allchat(12 موقع دردشة) Updates In The Form Of Individual Articles Every Month.

So Here Is Latest Updates And Hot News From 12allchat(12 موقع دردشة).

Latest Hot News About 12allchat(12 موقع دردشة) Hosts:-

Following Are The Hosts Names Which I Have Seen There On Twelve Chat Room(12 موقع دردشة) And I Think These Are Just Became Host There(May Be It Is My Wrong Thinking :D).

Girls Chat Room Host_Current:-I Don't Know Which Kind Of Current He Is,But He Is Giving Shocks To Spammers And Abusers:D.

Chit Chat Room Host_Kriya:- A Bholi Bhali Si User,Who Is Now A Days Engaged With A Tharki User Named Yaado *-) :D.

Chit Chat Room Host_Rey:- I Think He Want To Make Host_Kriya As His Older Sister.But May Be It Is Just My Thinking,And He Loves Her Instead :D

Fun Corner Room Host_Mercedezz:- Ex Host_Macintosh Is Back With His New ID (h)

Fun Corner Room Host_Sw33ty:- Lol,Admin_Loving Made His Closest Female Friend A Host *-) :D Even She Is Totally Noob(Just Kidding :D)

Pakistan Chat Room Host_Bluest Eyes:- She Just Can't Ignore What Abusers Are Saying :( And She Takes It Seriously :| :D

Pakistan Chat Room Host_Mekaal:- Yesterday,I Heard From Someone That Mekaalo Is Ex Admin_attitude Killer *-) :D

India Chat Room Host_Goldsmith:- This Host Has Few Gold Mines In Arabic Countries But Still Wanted To Do A Small Job Like Hosting (y) :D

India Chat Room Host_White Fairy:- She Wanted To Become Miss_Africa,But Judges Rejected Her Due To Her "Typing Mistakes" 8-| :D

Latest Hot News About 12allchat(12 موقع دردشة) Admins:-

Fun Corner Room Admin_Loving:- The Most Shareef-Numa-Tharki Guy And Ex Host_Loving Kisom Is Now Admin In Fun Room(oops) God!!! Save Fun Room Users Plz (oops) :D

Girls Chat Room Admin_Red:- Red Is Now A Days Killing House Flies,Because There Is No Abuser Or Spammer Abusing In His Rooms (oops) :D

Girls Chat Room Admin_MistyRose:- She Is Now Preferring To Come With User Id Instead Of Admin ID ({):D

Pakistan Chat Room Admin_Chocolate:- Is Trying To Flirt With His New Female Hosts ,But As We All Know That Choco Is Well Known For His Tharkism,That's Why No Girl Is Giving Him "Lift" :):D

Pakistan Chat Room Admin_Saady:- Great News Guys,Saady Felt In Love Again 127th Time (oops):D

Sysop_Destiny:- As We All Know That Big Boss Serial Is Started,So Destu Is Busy In Watching "BB" :D*-):D

Sysop_Mysterious:-Phew,She Is Still Pareshaning Innocent Users Like Me (oops) :| :D For Small Reasons :| :D

Lates Hot News Updates For 12allchat(12 موقع دردشة):-

*Haseeb Chauhan Has Decided To Comeback To His Native Country Pakistan,And Spanish Publish Said "Phew(oops) On Haseeb's This Step  8-|:D

*The_Viper Has Decided To Take "Sanyaas" From Teasing Others And Now He Is Trying To Become Nice Guy :):D

*Mr.Raaz Left Abusing,Teasing,Ungling Etc. And Now Obediently Following The "Bapu Rulez" :D :D

*Sammy Is Now Back To Saudi Arabia After 1 Month Trip To India :D

*An Unknown User Named "Abeeh" Started Coming Regularly On 12allchat.But I Have A Doubt On Her That She Is "Kinza Or Sidz" :D.

*Now A Days There Is A JUNG Going On Between Ayan,Aik And A New Comer Malangi.

*Kamika Aka Riyadh Became My Friend There.He Always Want Me To Translate Urdu Words Into Arabic For Him ({) :D

*MistyRose Is Now A Days Having Affair With A Housewife Like Cute Girl Named *** 8-| (u) :D 

*There Is A New Comer User Malangi Who Is Trying To Behave Like A "Nice Innocent Guy",But I Have Doubt That He Is "Dalinda" Or "Chaos" With New Identity & Chat Style :D

*Komal Fatima Is Now A Days Becoming More Cuter Than Earlier :$ :D

*Haani Rulzz Again Became Host There In Girls Room For Testing His Beghairti Skills :D

*Kins Is Still Ungling Between Others Chat And Enjoying (lollol) :D

*Strawberry Is Not Coming There Days.

*Waleed & His Ex GF Icy Are Again With Each Other 8-| :$ :D

*Ayaz Is Now Committed With Jungli Billi :( :D

*Lobby Chat Room Have Won "Most Silent & Inactive" Room Awards This Month 8-| :D

*Just_Laugh Has Celebrated Her 37th Birthday Last Month.Oh Sorry! It Was her 17th Birthday.

*Miss_Chanel Is Now A Days Extremely Busy In Her University Work,So She Rarely Comes Online :( :D

*Host_Dark Elf Is Still Giving Lectures & Naseehate To Abusers (oops) :D

*BatMan Is Still Trying To Impress Dark Elf But She Is Not :(:D

*Host Attractive Girl Now Has Loosen Her 45 Kg Weight And She Is Now Slim As A Bollywood Heroin Aishwarya :$ :D

*But Anjani Still Does Not Left Saying Attractive Girl "Moti" (lollol).

*Now A Days I Have A SHUBA On Echo That He Is Deejay (lollol):D

*There Is A Cold War Going On Between Admin Choco And Batman :D

*Freakout Again Became Host There In Lobby Chat.God Plz Do Raksha Of My Friend From His Tharki Admins :|:D

*A New Cute,Shweet & Lovly User "Barbie Doll" Started Joining Us Regularly And Honouring Every User To Chat With Her :|:D:$

*Admin_Zeus(India Chat Room Admin) Is Now A Days Chlling At Tamil Nadu Resort  Named "Mogli" :D.

*Mostly Abusers Are Not Abusing These Days On 12allchat,May Be They Are Now Fearing From Getting Range Banned :|

*Buller Storm Is Now Spending More Time On Facebook In Setting "Bachia" There :D

And Lastly,MistyRose Was Asking Me To Give Her Eidi,So,As In Online Life,Appreciating,Admiring & Mentioning Someone In Our Chat/Comments  As Well As In Prayers Is Much More Worthier Than Sending Gifts/Money.

So For All 12allchat(12 موقع دردشة) Users,Admins And Sysops,I Have Only This Line For Showing My Love To Them And That Is "Eid Mubarak To All Of You Guys,Stay Happy With Your Family & Friends,Face Problems With Smiling Face And Don't Hesistate To Share Your Feelings With Me Here.Kyuki Picture Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Dosto(y)".

Thank You!
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