Fake Facebook Profiles - Facebook Should Assign Hindi/Urdu Representatives For Checking Reports Against Indian/Pakistani Fake FB Profiles

Fake Facebook Profiles - Facebook Should Assign Hindi/Urdu Representatives For Checking Reports Against Indian/Pakistani Fake FB Profiles:-

About One Years Ago,I Have Seen A Fake Abusive Facebook Profile,Which Was Claiming/Showing That It Is One Of My Friend's Profile.The Profile Name Itself Was Abusive As Well As Profile Was Containing Lots Of English Abusive Words Which Are Against Facebook TOS.Even That Fake Facebook Profiler Had Sent Friend Requests To Most Of The Friends Of The REAL Girl(For Irritating Whom,That Faker Has Created That Fake Profile).Also He Had Sent Friend Request To Me As Well,But I Had Not Accepted It.

But Guys,You Will Get Shocked By Seeing That Most Of Her Friend,Had Accepted That Friend Request Sent By FB Fake Profiler:):D

As Soon As I Have Seen That Fake Facebook Profile,I Had Reported It To Facebook Support By Click Report Option On That Profile.I Think Many Of Other True Friends As Well Had Reported It.

Now,After About One Years Ago,When I Checked My Friend Reuqest List,I Was Amazed By Seeing That Fake/Abusive Profile Still Online.And Facebook Has Not Removed It Yet.

So,Again I Have Reported It,By Using Facebook Report Option.And Facebook Told Me That Keep A Track On My Report Status Progress,On My Facebook Report Dashboard.

Note:Facebook Report Status Dashboard (Aka FB Support Dashboard)Is A New Feature Added By Facebook For Viewing Your REPORT Status.

So,After 1-2 Days,When I Checked That Facebook Report Status Dashboard,It Was Saying Like "This Profile Is Not Against Facebook Community Standards".Btw,I Have Also Tried FB Report's Other Option As Well,But The Same Results Came.

So,Guys,Though This Profile Is Itself Saying That "I Am Fake",But Facebook Customer Care Did Not Had Removed This Profile/Timeline.

And,For Things Like This,I Have A Suggestion To Facebook Support Team,That Kindly Assign People Who Knows Hindi/Urdu Very Well For Checking Fake/Abusive Facebook Profiles/Timelines Created By Indian Or Pakistani Users For Irritating/Harassing Someone.

This Will Really Be Helpful For Ind/Pak FB Users Who Are Getting Irritated & Harassed By Seeing Their Fake/Abusive Profiles.Because Till Now They Can Do Nothing Except Reporting Those Fake Profiles,Asking Their Other Friends To Report It Too & Then Waiting For These Profiles To Be Checked & Removed By Facebook Support Representatives.

You Guys Too Should Report This Fake Facebook Profile By;

1:Going To This Link,

2:Click OTHER OPTIONS Button Near Message Button,

3:Then Click REPORT/BLOCK Button There

4:Click Continue.

5:Select Appropriate Options,And,Then

6:Submit Your Report.

But Remember That Our Aim Is To Remove This Profile Not Blocking:)Only:):D

Also You Can Yourself Check That How Much Older That Profile Is And How Many Of Innocent Users Are Friends Of That Fake Person:)Specially View The ABOUT Page Of This Profile:):D

Report This Fake Facebook Profile Here

Note:Whenever You See These Kind Of Fake Facebook Profiles,Always Report Against Them,It Just Takes 1 Minute To Report,But It Helps Facebook Staffs To Deal With These Profiles Easily By Viewing "Total Reports Against It".

Thank You!

12allchat Traffic Drop - Reasons Behind Decrease In Daily 12allchat Visitor Counts - Step By Step Analysis Of 12allchat History & Present

12allchat Traffic Drop - Reasons Behind Decrease In Daily 12allchat Visitor Counts - Step By Step Analysis Of 12allchat History & Present:-

4 Years Back,When I Had Joined 12allchat Chat Room,It Was At Google's 2-3 Page For A Search Query Like "Free Flash Chat Room","Free Indian Chat Rooms","Free Pakistani Chat Rooms" Etc.And The Daily Users Were Above Hundreds Per Room.Top 12allchat Rooms Were USA Room,Pakistan Room,India Room,Meet New Friends Room,UK Room,Canada Room.These Rooms Were Having Daily Users 80-90 Regular Visitors/Users Almost All The 24Hr Period.And Other Rooms Such As Hip Hop Room,Video Chat Room & Russia Room Were Having 20-50 Daily Regular As Well As New Users.Even Spain Room,France Room & China Room Were Having 10-20 Visitors Every Day.

But When I See Now A Days,There Was HUGE Daily Visitor Drops In 12allchat Traffic.Though Many New Rooms Are Added Into 12allchat Website,Such As USA2,Pak2,Ind2,Girls,Chitchat Etc.But Now A Days,There Are Very Less Users In TOP 12all Rooms,As Compared To PAST.Like USA1 Room Is Now Rarely Touch 100 User Peak Value,Pak Room Is Still On The Top Chat Room,India Room Too Struggling To Gain Users 80+,UK Chatroom Is Now Become Like "Bye Bye,Sayonara UK Room",Canada Room Also Appearing At The Bottom Of Userlist.

You Will Say That "The Users Are Divided Now,That's Why All Rooms Are Not Getting Full",So Guys,Kindly Look At The 12allchat Statistics I Have Given Below:

USA1 Room: 50-80 Users.
USA2 Room: 20-50 Users.
PAK1 Room: 50-100 Users.
PAK2 Room: 20-70 Users.
IND1 Room: 20-60 Users.
IND2 Room: 10-40 Users.
Meet New Friends: 10-40 Users.
Girls Room: 10-35 Users.
UK Room: 10-30 Users.
Canada Room: 10-30 Users.
Lobby Room: 10-25 Users.
Austrailia Room: 0-20 Users.
Chitchat Room: 1-10 Users.
Poetry Room: 5-20 Users.
Fun Corner: 10-25 Users.
Gossips Room: 1-15 Users.
Kool Girls & Boys: 5-20 Users.
Awesome Room: 1-10 Users.

By Seeing Above Statistics,Many Of You Will Going To Say "Rehan Look At Your Calculations,The New Stats Are Saying That Users Are Increased On 12allchat Not Decreased".But Guys,There Is A Tweak In Above 12allchat Stats,When You See USA1 Is Having 80 Users,Then Other English Rooms Will Have Less Users,When You See PAK2 Is Having 80 Users,Then Other Hindi/Urdu Rooms Will Have Less Users,And This Formula Will Be Same For If You See Any Other 12allchat Room Having More Users.It Seems That Users Are Just Getting Circulated Around All 12allchat Rooms.You Will Also See That Only Few New Users Will Be There,And Others Will Be SAME BORING REGULAR FACES LIKE YOU & ME :D.

NOTE:Though 12allchat Is Having More Chat Rooms Now,But SYSOPS As Well As Admins Are Expecting To Get Ranked Higher In 12allchat Roomlist Menu.Even I Have Seen A SYSOP,Who Was Asking Chitchat Room Admins To Raise User Counts For This Room LOL.She(Sysop) Should Read This Article Before Asking Those Kind Of Silly Questions To Admins:):D

So,Guys,I Have Observed & Analyzed This 12allchat Traffic Drops And Found That Below Are The Reasons Behind "Why 12allchat Users Are Decreasing Day By Day":

1:Irresponsible 12allchat Hosts As Well As Admins:

Now A Days,On 12allchat,New Hosts Or Admins Are Assigned On The Basis Of "Innocence,Regularity & Welcome Quality".It Means That,If You Are Behaving Nice,Being Regular & Welcoming All New Comers,Then After 2-3 Days,A Sysop Or Admin Will Surely Going To Ask You For "Hosting/Adminship" :D Lol.What A Great Formula(lollol).

But Guys:),What About The Situations When There Is Abuse/Spam Going On In Your Room?,At That Time,These New Hosts/Admins Will Kick/Ban 3-10 Times,And Will Go On BRB:D What A Responsibility Man8-| Great (y):D:).These Kind Of Hosts/Admins Should Be Awarded With 12allchat NO-BAIL Prize:):D

I Remember That,When I Was Host In Fun Corner Room,I Never Behaved Like Tired Off Kicking In Front Of These Spammers,Even Once,There Was A Spammer Who Spammed All The Night For 10-12 Hours,And There Was Only Me To Kick Him Out*-):D.Even I Not Had Taken My Dinner At That Day:):D

But When We See Today,Whenever A Spammer Starts Spamming,Admin/Host Of That Room Asks For Help To Other Room Admins Lol.Even I Have Seen SYSOPS Are Sending ONE Room Admin To OTHER Room,To Help Admins/Hosts There Against Spammers/Abusers :D.lool:D

Though There Are Irresponsible Hosts/Admins Present In 12allchat,But There Are Still Few Hosts/Admins Who Do Their DUTY Perfectly While There Is Spamming Going On.

Responsible Admins Who Can Handle Continuous 10-12 Hour Spammers:
Admin_Attitude Killer(No Longer Admin),Admin_Red(No Longer Admin,Admin_MistyRose(Sweetu):$,Admin_Loving(Tharki),Admin_Zeus & Admin_Daisy(No Longer Admin),Admin_Volverine(No Longer Admin).

Responsible Hosts Who Can Handle Continous 10-12 Hour Spammers: Host_Mekaal,Host_Desert Eagle(EX),Host_Loving Kisom(Ex),Host_SHOT-ED :$,Host_Obstinate Kuli(EX).

Other Hosts/Admins Who Can Withstand In Front Of 3-4 Hours Spamming: Admin_Saady,Admin_Bhoot,Admin_illusion,Admin_Chocolate,Admin_Fajju(EX),Admin_Unknown(No Longer Doing Duty As Admin:D),Admin_Senti Prince(No Longer Admin),Admin_Mercy(No Longer Admin)Host_Macintosh,Host_Chikoo,Host-Magic,Host_Haani Rulz,Host_Dark-Elf(Ex),Host_CID,Host_Unremovable(EX),Host_Hidden Treasure(EX),Host_Funter Etc.

Due To Irresponsible Hosts/Admins,Chat Rooms Gets Hanged And Many Users Leaves Chat Rooms Just Due To Too Much Spamming.Thats Why I Kept This REASON On Top.

2:Many IP Ranges Are Banned On 12allchat:

Guys,In The Past,Whenever An Abuser Spams,Admins Simply Bans His/Her IP Addresses,And This Action Only Harms That Spammer.But Now A Days 12allchat Owners Started "Banning IP Ranges" Of Spammers.Due To This,Many INNOCENT & Legit Users Are Getting "You Have Been Banned" Message While Trying To Login 12allchat.This Is Much Serious ISSUE Of 12allchat Traffic Drop,Because A Spammer Is Making 10-20 Or More Users Banned,By Simply Acquiring A MODEM Which Most Of The 12allchat Visitors Uses,And Abusing Using That Modem,And Getting Its All IP Addresses RANGE BANNED.Even I Have Seen That 12allchat Owner Had Banned Many SINGLE IP FREE VPNs Like VPNBOOK,FreecloudVPN Etc.And Also Hotspot Shield Is Banned There.Now What A Normal User Will Be Going To Do When He/She Is Getting His/Her IP Is Banned There On 12allchat.Obviously They Will Search For Other Free Flash Chat Sites And Will Join It.

3:Text Size Limit Is Now At 90 Characters(Including Spaces) On 12allchat:

Now On 12allchat,You Can Write Your Chat Message Only Using 90 Characters.It Means That If I Want To Write "Dard Se Ankhein Char Krlenge Hum Bhi Imtihaan De Denge,Teri Dosti Ki Khati Ay Dosts Hum Dushmano Se Bhi Pyar Karlenge(115 Characters)" Then It Will Get Cut Like "Dard Se Ankhein Char Krlenge Hum Bhi Imtihaan De Denge,Teri Dosti Ki Khati Ay Dosts Hum Dush(90 Characters)".This Kind Of Thing Irritates Users & New Comers,So That They Are Not Be Able To Fully Write Whatever They Want In A Single Message.

12allchat Owner Had Decreased Text Character Limit To Prevent Spamming.But SIR:)Your Main Motto/Aim Is Satisfying Innocent Users & Visitors,Not Irritating Them.Mr.Alaa You Can Enable Moderated Chat Module Instead Of Limiting TEXTS.So That Hosts/Admins Can Control Their Rooms While Spam Going ON:):D.

3:Whisper/Personal Message Is Disabled On 12allchat:

Using Whisper/Personal Message Feature Of 123flashchat,One Can Send Private Message To His/Her Friend On Main Chat Screen,And This Message Will Be Only Visible To That Person.But This Feature Is Disabled On 12allchat.

4:Limited Number Of Font Types Available On 12allchat:

On 12allchat,There Are Only 10-15 Font Types Are Available Such As Comic San,Arial,Tahoma,Microsoft Sans Etc.And User Likes To Make Their Font Styles Unique From Other Chatters.

5:Image Upload Feature Is Disabled On 12allchat:

What If You Quickly Want To Show Your Photo/Picture To Your 12allchat Friend?You Will Be Needed To Open Yahoo,MSN Or Skype Messenger To Do So,Just Because "You Can Not Send Images On 12allchat":):D.

6:No Or Poor 12allchat DDOS Protection:

As We All Know That Now A Days Some Hackers Are Attacking On 12allchat Time To Time,And This TOP Chat Room Is Going OFFLINE For More Then 4 Hours Daily Or At Regular Intervals.And Due To This,Many New Comers As Well As Regular Visitors Are Migrating To Other Chat Sites.

There May Be Few Other Reasons As Well,But I Have Mentioned Most Serious One:):D

My Advices To 12allchat Developers,Owners,Sysops,Admins & Hosts:

*Try To Be Fully Available At The Time Of Spamming Going On.

*Firstly Look At The IP Addresses,Before Range Banning.You Can Range Ban A VPN IP As Much As You Want,But Avoid Banning NORMAL MODEM IPs.

*If Possible,Enable Image Upload Feature.

*If Possible,Enable Whisper/Personal Message Feature.

*If Possible Add Other Font Types As Well.(There Are Many Fonts Which Are Enable By Default In A 123flashchat Client,And,Which Mostly Are Disabled On 12allchat).

*If Possible,Try To Increase TEXT Character Limit.

*If Possible,Try To Implement EXTREME FILTERING,Which Will Make NO NEED OF BAN/KICK:):D

*Upgrade Servers As Well As Install/Hire A Perfect DDOS Protection Service:):D

*Make Hosts/Admins On The Basis Of Their Active-Ness.By The Way,Here,Activeness Does Not Means,Talking With Friends On Main Chat 4-5 Times & Saying GOOD BYE As Soon As Spamming Starts:):D

*Look At Your SYSOPS Activities As Well,And Provide A Separate EMAIL To The Admins/Hosts/USERS Who Want To Complain Against A Super Admin.I Am Not Saying That You Should Take Action Blindly Against Your Sysops(As You Usually Do In Case Of Admins/Hosts:D:):)).

*Time To Time Monitor Your Chat Room With Guest ID And Ask Different Users,Hosts & Admins About How Your Chat Is Going,Who Is Not Doing His/Her Work Etc.And If You Found One,Then You Should DO Inquiry Your Self,Not Just Asking Your Regular "JASOOS(SPYS)":):D

*Allow One Time Usage Of Semi-Abusive Words "Kutta,Kamina,Harami,Suwar,As*s,S*ex ETC" Because Many Of New Comers Uses These Kind Of Words And Gets Kicked Out,And Then Leaves Chat Room:):D

*Remove Inactive(As Per ACTIVENESS I Mentioned Above) Hosts/Admins,Assign New & Active One:):D

*Upgrade/GiveCredits To Users Who Are Regular There On Your Chat Site:):D NOT Just Users Who Are Friends Of Hosts/Admins lool:D

Thank You!:$:D

12allchat Life - Finding Your Life Partner On 12allchat Is More Difficult Then Your Thoughts - HOW TO KNOW THAT HE/SHE REALLY LOVES/LIKES YOU OR NOT IN REAL/12ALL LIFE?

12allchat Life - Finding Your Life Partner On 12allchat Is More Difficult Then Your Thoughts - HOW TO KNOW THAT HE/SHE REALLY LOVES/LIKES YOU OR NOT IN REAL/12ALL LIFE?

Today,I Have Nothing In My Mind To Post About,So I Am Writting My Personal Experiences Regarding LOVE.These Experiences I Had Observed In My Life Yet & Still Observing.I Will Tell You That Which People I Have Met Yet And How I Have Calculated/Observed Their Feelings,Emotions & Their Thoughts About Me.

Before Joining & Becoming Regular User Of 12allchat India/Pak/Fun/Girls Rooms,I Had Loved 2-3 Girls For Whom I Was Claiming That I Can't Leave Without Them.But As Time Passed,I Realised That It Was Just A Feeling Which Arises In The Heart Of A 18-22 Year Old Boy/Girl.And That Is "Attraction Towards Beauty,Smartness,Talent Etc.".Accross From Other People Who Feels Like Me,I Had Controlled My Mind From Doing "Illegal As Well As Irregular" Things.Such As Sending Love Letter To My Crush,Proposing Her In Front Of All her Friends,Biking Near By Her House Etc.

Now A Days I Can Say That She Too Was Feeling The Same Or Somewhat Same For Me,Like Dreaming About Me,Watching Me When I Am Not Looking At Her,Smiling When No One Is Watching Us Etc.But As I Said,This Was Just Attraction Between Both Of Us.And Now We Don't Have Feelings Like This For Each Other.She Forgot Me And I Forgot Her.

After This,2-3 Year Were Gone As It Is,Without Any Changes.Then I Joined And Started Chatting On 12allchat.As Per My Real Life,I Had Controlled My Feelings(Love) And Emotions On 12allchat As Well.I Did Not Do Stuffs Like Private Messaging Females,Fex Chatting With A Girl,Irritating New Comer Girls By Sending PM Requests To Her.

Then,A Married Women Came In My 12allchat Life With Whom I Was Spending My Whole Time There,And She Too Was Doing The Same(Seemed To Me),And,I Had Started Liking Her.She Did Not Say Anything Except "Don't Love Me I Am A Married Women".And After Sometime,She Made An Environment So That I Was Forced To Hate Her*-).

*Guys,Was That A True Love From My Side?No,It Was Just Feeling Of Liking Someone Who Talks You In Friendly Manner,And If That Someone Is Having Gender Opposite To You,Then You Starts Thinking That She Loves You,HaHaHa.

Later On,A Cute Girl Came In My 12allchat Life,She Was Really Carrying For Me.But This Time,This Girl Was Having A Boy-Friend In Real Life*-),Accross From This,She Too Started Loving Me.She Always Spent Her Time In My PM,Sometimes Hanged Me While I Was Busy In Something Else.So,Because Of My Angry Nature,I Fought With Her,And Now Though We Talks Like Before But We Never Spend More Time Right Now.

*Guys,Was That A True Love Story?Yes It Was,Because We Both Like Each Other.But Guys,As I Said She Has A BF In Real Life,Isn't She Breaking His Feelings?.Yes She Is,And,I Don't Want To Steal Someone's LOVE (h).(I Am Not A Shahrukh Khan Who Disturbs Heroin's Happy Life With Her Regular BF,By Singing Heartfull Songs *-):D)

Then,I Met Another Married Women Again,And Started Liking Her,Though We Both Became Good Friends,But She Did Not Take Interest In Me So I Forgot Her (oops):D.

And Now,A Girl Came In My 12allchat Life,For Which I Can Say Or Guarantee That I Will Do Anything For Her*-).Why I Am Saying This?,Because We Both Have Friendships Since Last 1 Year.We Had Fought Many Times(Fights Was Mostly From My Side:|),But Guys She Always Came Back And Said Sorry To Me Instead8-|.Tell Me Guys,In Real Or Online Life,If You Fight With Someone,Insult Someone,Then He/She Says You Sorry,Even Mistake Was From Your Side Not Her/His??.

No,Never,No One Damn Cares Of Saying Sorry To Others Now A Days*-).So Guys That's Why I Can Say,She Truely Loves Me And Her Nature Made & Forced Me To Love Her So Much:$:|

Though,We Both,Can't Meet In Real Life Because She Is From A Country Far Away From Mine.And We Both Know This.She Always Advices Me Not To Love Her,Just Be Friend Of Her,She Don't Want To Hurt My Feelings.But What Can I Do For My Heart,Who Always Thinks About Her?

I Know I Can't Meet Her,Feel Her Face To Face,But I Want To Love Her Till Die,Even She Gets Married,Gets Engaged With Someone Else,Starts Hating Me Or Something Else.But I Will Never Ever Leave Loving/Liking Her.

So Guys,From Above Discussions,I Want To Tell You Most Useful Advices About LOVE.That Is;

*If You Love Her,Just Keep Loving Her.

*Don't Think About What Other People Are Saying About Her.

*Always Try To Make Her Happy.

*If She Is Feeling Happy While Chatting With Other Boys.Don't Try To Be Jealous Of Her,Just Try To Keep Her HAPPY Like This.

*Always Try To Advise Her In Such A Way That This Advice Should Be Useful For Her.

*When She Is Sad,Then Try To Make Her Laugh By Telling Her Jokes(As I Do With Mine:$).

*Always Listen Carefully Whatever Blah Blah She Is Telling To You.Beleive Me Guys,When You Listen Her Carefully,She Will Become More Happier(y).

*Don't Do Stuffs Which She Don't Like.

Guys,If You Love Someone,Then Don't Think About Other People.He/She May Be BAD For Others,But In My Opinion,If She Don't Lies To You & Always Respects You,Then Forget Every One And Enjoy Love-Life With Her.

I Can Say That You All Can Find True Love On 12allchat,But You Will Be Just Needed To Wait,Watch & Analyze That LOVE.

I Have Also Seen That In Real Life,Many People Claims That Their Love Is True.Suppose,A Guy Says He Loves A Girl So Much.And He Prooves This By Caring And Only Thinking About That Girl.But If Girl Goes To A Vacation Or Has Not Contact Him For 1-2 Weeks,Then,Though He Still Loves Her,But Now He Starts Looking At Other Attractive Girls & Takes Interest In Those Girls.

Is This A True Love?Naah,You Should Always Fight With Your Feelings While Looking At Other Boys/Girls When Your Crush Is Not With You.You Should Have To Develop A Full Control On Your Thinking So That Your Mind Should Always Love Your Crush Only,Even When An Extremely Beautyfull Girl Come In Front Of You,You Should Not Look At Her Like A DOG Bringing Your Tongue Out.For This Concept To Understand Very Well,Consider The Following Example;


You Love Your Mom & Dad.It Is Universal Truth.If A Person Of Age Of Your Mom Or Dad,Behaves Nice Like As Your Mom Dad,Then Do You Start Calling Him/Her Mom Or Dad?.No Never.Same Should Be Done In Case Of Your Love Life.So Guys If A Person Has Some Qualities Then Kindly Appreciate Those Qualities.It Is Not Good To Give Place Of Your Most Lovable Person's Place To That NEWER Person.

It Was Just An Example Guys For Your Understanding:|:D

One Interesting Thing About 12allchat I Want To Share With You Is "On 12allchat,You Will See Many Times That A Guy Is Saying Something Like "I Love Her Alot",Or A Girl Is Singing Romantic Song For Her Crush,But You Will Find That Boy Or Girl With OTHER Crush Later On :D.So,These Kind Of LOVE Are Not LOVE,It Is Just A Timepass & Feeling Of Seeing Someone On CAM OR Viewing Someone's Real Pictures And After Viewing,These Kind Of Loves May Exist For A Longer Time Or Not.It Depends Upon His/Her Pictures "Whether He/She Is Beautyfull Or Not" :D.True Feelings Does'nt Matter For These Kind Of People,The Only Thing Matters Is "Body Lookups & Personality" :D.

And Lastly,Few More Words To Be Remembered:

Loving Someone Is Easiest Thing In Our Life,But Keeping That Love Always ALIVE Is Most Difficult Thing.So,Always Try To Bypass Hurdles In The Way Of Your Love & Keep You Love Alive As Well As HAPPY:$.

Thank You For Reading This Boring Post:|:D

12allchat Connection Problems - 12allchat(12 موقع دردشة) Is Still Struggling For Being Fully ONLINE - Minor 12allchat Pakistan/USA/India Room Updates

12allchat Connection Problems - 12allchat(12 موقع دردشة) Is Still Struggling For Being Fully ONLINE - Minor 12allchat Pakistan/USA/India Room Updates:-

Since Last Week When 12allchat(12 موقع دردشة) Came Back Online,12allchat Is Still Struggling To Become Fully Available For All Of Its Regular Users And New Visitors.Many 12allchat Users Are Experiencing Connection LAG.It Means That When They Send Messages In Chat Room,No One Replies,BUT,After 30-50 Seconds,10-20 Messages From Other Chatters Comes On Main Screen.Also Many Users Are Still Unable To Connect To The 12allchat(12 موقع دردشة),They Are Still Getting "Connection Failed" Error While Loading Chat.They Will Have To Try 3-10 Times Continuously Then They Are Getting Entered Into The 12 All Chat Rooms.

Across From Above Issues,We Have Noted Many Other 12allchat(12 موقع دردشة) Stories,Comments,Changes Etc.Which We Are Going To Write In This Article/Post.


Our Female Reporter For England Miss Namkeen Larki Aka Salty Girl Has Taken Interview Of Most Active,Dashing & Smart 12all Chit Chat Room Ex Admin As Well As 12all USA Room Ex Host Miss Daisy Aka Hunny Bunny.Our Reporter Raised Many "Answer Required" Type Questions In Front Of Daisy And She Replied In Her Usual Rude Way :D.The Whole Conversation Is Given Below:

Miss Namkeen Larki Aka Salty Girl: Hi Madam(hg)

Miss Daisy Aka Hunny Bunny: Admin Red Looser Abuser Removed & Rejected By GF(v):D

Miss Namkeen Larki Aka Salty Girl: Sorry Mam??

Miss Daisy Aka Hunny Bunny: Sorry I Thought That I Am In PM Of A User.Btw, Hello.

Miss Namkeen Larki Aka Salty Girl: Its OK Mam.I Want To Ask You Few Questions,Which Our Users Want To Know Get Answered By You.May I??

Miss Daisy Aka Hunny Bunny: Why Not? Sure(hg).

Miss Namkeen Larki Aka Salty Girl: Thank You Mam.First Of All Tell Us,That Why You Are Calling "Most Shareef Respected Bhola Admin Red" An Abuser As Well As Looser??

Miss Daisy Aka Hunny Bunny: You Don't Know About Red?(wow) He Was Abuser In The Past As Well As He Had Abused In My PM Many Times Using His Admin ID,And I Have Shots Of It (hg):D.

Miss Namkeen Larki Aka Salty Girl: Oh Really Mam?.But When I Asked Many Old Users As Well As Abusers Regarding This Point,They Told Me That Admin Red Has Became Very Shareef Banda After Being Admin And He Never Abused Again.ALSO He Was A Fully Controlled Admin,I Have Also Seen Him Enjoying Abuses To His Family(scr):D.

Miss Daisy Aka Hunny Bunny: No No No,The People Who Had Told You This,Are Totally Liars::@ I Know Who The Hell Is Admin Red:@

Miss Namkeen Larki Aka Salty Girl: Ok Ok Mam,Calm Down.Next Question I Want To Ask You Is "What Is The Issue Of Blaming Admin Mistyrose?" As We All Have Seen That You Are Still Pasting Abuses And Dirty Comments For Admin Red & Admin Mistyrose's Paak Saaf Friendship*-).

Miss Daisy Aka Hunny Bunny: Lol,You Know What? Misty Is A Clever Girl Who Knows How To Handle Admin Red's Mind,And She Is Still Handling Him Like A DOG.And For Your Kind Information,I Am Not Abuser,I Never Ever Abused Yet And Will Not In Future As Well *-).

Miss Namkeen Larki Aka Salty Girl: But Mam,As I Know,Admin Red Was Same For You As Well? He Wasn't Caring Person For You? I Heard That He Had Fought Many Times With His Abuser Friend For You As Well(scr) :D.And For Your Phrase "I Am Not An Abuser",One Of Our Secret Informer Has Seen You Abusing Admin Red As Well Misty In Fun Corner And In Empty Rooms:):D That Informer Also Has Taken Screen Shots.So Don't try To Lie.BTW,This Is Another Topic,So Leave It Please For Another Sittups:D.

Miss Daisy Aka Hunny Bunny: Ok *-)

Miss Namkeen Larki Aka Salty Girl: Mam Tell Us That,Is It True That You Have Prepared An Environment For Removing Admin Red,By Help Of Your Friend Chubby Lara Aka Sysop_Mysterious?.Because When I Personally Asked Admin Red That Why He Had Abused With ID.He Told Me The Details Like Given Below;

"Admin Red: Namkeenu*-)Ask Her That Has Not She Planned With LARA To Remove Me?*-)
  Miss Daisy Aka Hunny Bunny: It Is True That Lara Is My Friend,And We Both Belongs To A OLD HOME,But Whatever You Said Above Is Totally Wrong,I Don't Do Like This*-)

Miss Namkeen Larki Aka Salty Girl: Ok Madam,We Also Heard That You Now A Days Provoke Admin Red When He Is In Nice Mood,And When He Starts His Usual Angry Young Man Type Behavior,Then You PM Him With Another Guest ID And Tells Him That It Was Not Me Why You Are Abusing Me.Miss Daisy,Do You Really Think That Admin Red Had Blacked His Hairs Using Hair Dye?The Blackness Is Due To His Experience With Users(Abusers) Like You:):D

Miss Daisy Aka Hunny Bunny: It Was Just A Co-Incident:)

Miss Namkeen Larki Aka Salty Girl: Ok Mam Only Last Question.We Heard That Mister Akon Aka LG Is Searching For You In Many Rooms.So Kindly Tell Me Why He Is Doing This?

Miss Daisy Aka Hunny Bunny: Though He Is An Abuser,I Am Still Feeling LOVE For Him In My Heart.And Kindly Pray To GOD,That He Should Find Me Soon:|(L):$

Miss Namkeen Larki Aka Salty Girl: Ok Mam We Will.And Thanks For Your Time.

Missy Daisy Aka Hunny Bunny: MP.:$ Wait Wait Wait:@

Miss Namkeen Larki Aka Salty Girl: Yes??

Miss Daisy Aka Hunny Bunny:Admin Red Looser Abuser Removed & Rejected By GF(v):DAdmin Red Looser Abuser Removed & Rejected By GF(v):DAdmin Red Looser Abuser Removed & Rejected By GF(v):DAdmin Red Looser Abuser Removed & Rejected By GF(v):D

Miss Namkeen Larki Aka Salty Girl: Huh Mar Ja Bhootni Ki :@ BYE

So,This Was Miss Daisy Aka Laraku Murghi,It Seems Like Admin Red & Misty Made Her Brain Really Damaged And Now She Became A Jaanu Case :D(oops):D


The New India Room Host Goldsmith Who Had Recently Became Member Of "12all Flirt Gang" Is Now In Relation With Achi Bachi Aka Nice Girl:$ When Our News Reporter Admin Cool Prince Aka Still Akela Took Interview Of Goldy,Then The Whole Conversation Was As Per Below:

Cool Prince Aka Still Akela: Hello Goldy Bhai(yn) Congrats For Your First Relationship:$

Host Goldsmith Aka Goldy: Thanku Bhaiya:$.

Cool Prince Aka Still Akela: Goldy From Where Our Bhabi Belongs?12allchat Or Facebook?

Host Goldsmith Aka Goldy: None Of Them,She Belongs To PARISTAAN (Land Of Angels):$(L)

Cool Prince Aka Still Akela: Goldy Bhai,Kindly Come Outta Your Love Dreams And Tell Us Real Truth:@

Host Goldsmith Aka Goldy: Sorry Bhai,Actually I Am Feeling Like I Am Majnu These Days:$ Thats Why I Am Day-Dreaming:|:$BTW Your Bhabi Maa Belongs To 12allchat & Facebook (h):$

Cool Prince Aka Still Akela: Nice,It Means That I Can Try On Her, As You Know I Am Still Single:|

Host Goldsmith Aka Goldy: You Are Late Bro:):D We Both Have Decided To Get Engaged & Then Married Soon.Then After 1 Year I Will Bring My Chunnu Munnu On 12allchat And They Will Call You "Uncle=Chachu":D:D

Cool Prince Aka Still Akela: Jaao Bhai :| Khush Raho,Bhabi Maa Ko Hamari Traf Se Ek Kiss Kardena:|

Host Goldsmith Aka Goldy: Kiss Main Apni Taraf Se Kardunga:):D Rahi Baat Best Wishes Ki,Main Apni Jaanu Ko Bol Dunga K Apke Bhaiya Ne Salam Bola Hai(wh):D

Cool Prince Aka Still Akela: Bye Huh:|::((

Host Goldsmith Aka Goldy: Bye Saale Saahab:):D

So Guys,This Was Goldy,It Seems That 12allchat Really Made Him Clever As Well As Tharki *-):D


Finally We Have Few Interesting Updates For Last Week,Which Are Listed Below:

*Samk3r Is In Relation With Evaana 8-|: lol It Seems That We Will See Samk3r's New Nickname "Baaltu" Soon(wh):D.

*Host_C.I.D Aka Kins Is In Relation With Kammy 8-| : We Are Still Investigating On The Fakeness Of This News *-):D

*Admin_Loving Is In Relation With MIC (scr): Lol,Here MIC Means PC Hardware :D Loving Is Now A Days Singing Bhoole Bisrey Songs On His Chota Sa MIC :D

*Host_Mind Reader Aka Ayazo & Host_Psychic Dreamer Aka Billo Barber Is Now In Relation 8-|: Ayaz Bhai Apka And Billo Ka Pyar Aur Chumma Chatiyan Dekh Kar to Meri AAnkhein Baahar Agyi (wow) I Mean Aankhe Bhar Aayi ::(( :D

*Admin_MistyRose Had Recently Beaten Her Friend "RED": Lol Mystun Admin Red Ka Pichwara Byd Ki Lakri K Spanks Se Abhi Tak Dard Kar Raha :| Aur Usne Irada Krlia Hai Ki Ab Kabhi Ap Se Panga Nahi Lega *-):(:D

*Ex Admin Red With Sooja Hua Pichwara: Ahh Abhi Tak Dard Kar Raha,Baithte Time Takhleef Ho Rahi,Pichware Ki Soojan Kam Hone Ka Naam Nahi Le Rahi :|

*Just Laugh Aka Justun Is Now 19 Years Old:$: Pichle Saal To Isne Apna 20th Birthday Manaya Tha,Aur Ab 19th?? Iski Age To Jaise Cassette Maafik Reverse Ho Rahi ({):D

*Freakish Mano Has Loosen 20 KGs Of Her Weight8-|: Oh Teri 8-| :D Mano Ji Ap Pehle Hi 40 KG Ki Thi,Ab 20 Ki Hogyi Ho,Ab Aur Zyada Weight Loose Kiya Na To Gaayab Hi Hojaogi:D:):D

*Areeba Rose Is Now Single:$: Line Main Lag Jaao Sab Boys:) But Pehle Number Par Main,Dusre Par Echo,Teesre Par Ammu,Chowthe Par Ayaazu Hai 8-| Ayazo8-| (lollol):$:D

*Admin Destu Has Finally Cooked A "Meetha Karela Dish" On Facebook(oops): Gaaf Me Dum Hai To Koi Ye Dish Taste Karke Dikhay:) Have You Dare To Taste This Sweet Karela:):D?

*Ex Admin_Fajju Has Promised To Be A Nice Guy After Pakistan Tour: Bhai Abhi Kya Hua?:D Abhi Se Hi Shareef Ban Jaao Na({):D

*Echo Soon Aka Totla Consulted A Doctor: Isko Doctor Ne Advice Di Ke,PAN MASALA Bina Supari,Bina Tambakoo Aur Bina Katthe Choone K Khaya Kare:D:DTab Iski Zabaan Seedhi Work Karegi(scr):D

*Obstinate Kudi Aka Real-Time BF Finder Is Now Again In LOVE: Lol Mishu Darling,Ek Aadh BF Ko To "As Default Profile" Rehne Do ({):D

*Abeer Shaikh Is Now Host-Scorpion Aka Girgit In 12allchat Pakistaan Chat Room: Host_Bluest Eyes Ko Ab Isne Jeena Haraam Kardena Hai (oops) And Wo Kick Bhi Nahi Kar Paygi:D

*Admin Saady & *** Had A Fight 2 Days Ago: Ab Tera Kya Hoga Saady(scr2) Ab *** K Taap Aur Gusse Se Tumhe Ek Hi Insan Bacha Skta Hai,Sirf Ek Hi Insaan.KHUD *** (hg):D

*Admin_Chocolate Is Now In Relation With Alone_Boy 8-| : Boy???? Abey Choco Koi Larki Nahi Mili Kya (oops):D

And Lastly,

*Admin-Elf Has Given A Most Masnoon DUA To Admin Red: Ap Logo Ko Bhi Wo Dua Chahiye To Admin Red Se Rabta Qayam Karein:)

Thank You!


ip finder,ip grabber,ip resolver,ip pinger

Now A Days,While Surfing Online,Every One Needs To Know His/Her Modem/Computer IP Address OR Wants To Find "What Is IP Address Of Website/Host".Normally Anyone Can Find/Know His/Her Computer IP Address Just By Using Windows Command Prompt And Using IPCONFIG Commands.OR He/She Can Simply Go To IP Tracing Websites Like "Whois.net","Ipaddress.com","Whatismyipaddress.com" Etc.And Whenever He/She Goes To These Websites,His/Her IP Address Will Be Shown There Automatically.(See The Image Above When I Visited ipaddress.com).

Additionally,If You Want To Know Or Find IP Address Of A Particular Website,You Have To Simply Go To Windows Command Prompt And Enter There Windows Commands Like "ping,tracert,netstat" Etc. Using These Commands He/She Can Easily Find His/Her As Well As The Website IP Address He/She Wants To Know.OR Simply Go To IPaddress.com,Whois.com Etc Enter Website URL There In The Box Provided And Simply Hit Enter Button To Find IP Address Of A Particular Website.

But,Guys,These All Process Are Time Comsuming,And Even Not Easier For A Completely Newbie Windows User.So,For The Users Like Those As Well As Regular Users Of Internet/Web,There Is A Simple Tool To Find IP Address Easily.

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12allchat Is Back Online - 12allchat Developers Upgraded/Updated Servers To Fight With Hackers - Is It The End Of 12all Server Downing?

12allchat Is Back Online - 12allchat Developers Upgraded/Updated Servers To Fight With Hackers - Is It The End Of 12all Server Downing?

After About 10 Days Of Chat Rooms Up-Down Up-Down 12allchat(12 موقع دردشة)Has Finally Updated Its Servers As Well As Security To Provide Protections Against DDoS/Ping Attacks Like This.Now Hackers Will Be Needed To Spend More Money & Effort To Mess With 12allchat Rooms.I Am Sure That Those Hackers Started Finding Solutions To Break 12allchat Security Again.

But This Time 12allchat(12 موقع دردشة) Shield Is More Strong And Acting As Big Hitters Like Mahindar Singh Dhoni,Pollard,Shahid Afridi,Chris Gayle Etc. Against Slow Or Careless Bowlers(Hackers :D).Every Lazy Bowl They Will Get,It Will Be Sent Out Of The 12allchat Stadium :D.

When Our Lady 12allchat(12 موقع دردشة) News Reporter For VIP People Miss Admin_Arab Princess Aka Sweety Took Interview Of Very First User As Well As Owner Of 12allchat Mr. Alaa Hamadan Aka Busy Banda.Then The Whole Conversations Are Given Below:

Miss Admin_Arab Princess Aka Sweety: Hello Aalu Sweety{} Hope You Are Fine Dear{}{}.

Mr. Alaa Hamadan Aka Busy Banda: Thank You Arabu{}{}. *Regards 12allchat Room*

Miss Admin_Arab Princess Aka Sweety: Firstly Tell Me Sweety{} That What Were You Doing During The Attack Was Going On Our(Both Of Us :D) Website{}??:$

Mr. Alaa Hamadan aka Busy Banda: Jaawn:$,We Called Developers As Well As Contacted To 123flashchat Support For Fighting Against These Cheap Hackers(h),The 123flashchat Customer Care Representative Guaranteed Us That They Will Find & Apply Solution For This Issue(y).So After Complete Satisfaction From Their Side,We Get Calm,And Started Searching For "Someone:$(l)" To Chat With On Skype Or Yahoo Or Whatever She Prefers:$: *Regards 12allchat Room*

Miss Admin_Arab Princess Aka Sweety: Firstly,Why Are You Calling Me JAAWN?*-) I Am Not Admin_Shiddat OK?:),Secondly Wow8-| Great Efforts Darling{}::$ And Lastly,Tell Me That What Do You Mean By "We Started Search?",Did You Meant The Whole 12allchat Staff Or You Only??:D:D

Mr. Alaa Hamadan aka Busy Banda: Sorry For That Hunney{},I Was Thinking About Past When I Called You JAWN:$ :|.And For Your "We" Question,That WE Was Only For Myself:$(h),As You All Know That I Am A Grown-Up Person So I Now A Days Prefer To Be Called As WE Not "I" (h).In Starting Days Of 12allchat,We Usually Used "I" Word In My Support Emails But Now I Never Do This :D :D *Regards 12allchat Room*

Miss Admin_Arab Princess Aka Sweety: Oh Thank You Sweety For Explanation Sweety{}:$.

Mr. Alaa Hamdan Aka Busy Banda: My Pleasure Hunney{}(l),Now Tell Me How Is Your Adminship Going On?We Saw Their That Very Less/Few Users In Your Chat Rooms,And Less Then 60 People Were Online In UK Chat Room When I Took A Quick Look There*-)Have You Seen UK Room At The Time Of Admin_UK aka Admin_Oneeb & Admin_Subzero? If Not Than We Will Tell You That "When They Both Were Admin There In UK Room,The UK Room Was On Top Of The 12allchat,Having 90-100 Users Online At Anytime*-)",So Sweety{}Kindly Improve Your Performance,We Don't Like Admins Who Prefer To Chat In PM Or On Skype/Yahoo,Neglecting Their Rooms*-) *Regards 12allchat Room*

Miss Admin_Arab Princess Aka Sweety: Hmm Sweety,Actually I Was Going To Show You My New Drawings Which I Made Yesterday :| But You Started This Useless Discussion Now :| HUH :|::(((

Mr. Alaa Hamadan Aka Busy Banda: Oh Really 8-| Show Me That Pleaseeeeeeee{}{} I Am Online On My Skype Right Now:$ (L) *Regards 12allchat Room*

Miss Admin_Arab Princess Aka Sweety: Yeaaaaaaaaaaa (v):D,Ok I Am Coming Online There (hg):$ Wait For An Hour So That I Will Do My Make-UP (hg):$ :D

Mr. Alaa Hamadan Aka Busy Banda: Ok Honey:$ I Am Waiting Curiously There:$ {} *Regards 12allchat Room*

So Guys,This Was Miss Admin_Arab Princess Aka Sweety Who Stylishly Moved Mr. Alaa Hamadan Aka Busy Banda's Serious Topic To A Romantic Way On Skype :$ :D

Now,I Am Posting Our Most Famous As Well As Popular Section That Is "12allchat User's Expressions"

Regular Visitors,Users,Hosts & Admins Reaction On Latest 12allchat(12 موقع دردشة) Update:

Admin_Saady Aka Mr. *** :D: Ab *** Jaanu Se G Bhar Ke Batein Karun Huh:|:$ ABEY "G 8-|" :D:D:D SAADY AB MJHE KABHI ONLINE NAHI MILEGA:D:D

Miss. *** Aka *** Aka Mrs. Saady:$: Intezaar Ke Lamhe Khatam Huye(:o).... Saady Ke Liye Skype Par Online HUM Huye (:o):$:D *** AP KO TO MAINE HUMESHA APNI BEHEN HI SMJHA HAI:$ :D CHACHERI:D

Admin_Chocolate Aka Still Single Guy: Abey Saad:@ ****:@ Faalo Mere Saamne Aisi Batein Karke Dil Aur G Na Jalao Meri :@ :| :D RAJA FIKAR NOT JAANI MAIN BHI SINGLE HOON ABHI TAK :|

Admin_Loving Aka Dash Boy: Ab Chain Se Emmu Ko Set Karunga (L):$ :D. ABEY CHAIN SE?? ENGLISH WALI CHAIN YA URDU WALA CHAIN?:D

Admin_Sugar Aka Kamito: Lol,I Forgot That I am Admin In 12allchat Austrailia Room,I Came Online With My User Id There And One Of My Own Host Kicked Me Out :D :| LOL KAMITO,YOU SHOULD SPEND MORE TIME ON 12ALL INSTEAD OF FACEBOOK *-):D.

Admin_MistyRose Sabki Baaji: Em To Online Aa Hi Nahi Rahi Thi:| But Em Ke Chaahne Wale Em Ke Intezaar Me Shaam Se Online Hojate Hai :| But Em Un Se Bas 1-2 Hours Hi Bawt Karti Hoon:| Wo Bhi Unko Tarsa Tarsa Kar :| (hg):D LOL MISTY JI OK AB SE AP KE CHAHNE WALE BHI LATE HI AYA KARENGE :|HUH :|:D




Host_Magic Aka Jadu Tharki: Aj Se Guddy Ka Interzaar Shuru Hogya(h):D JAADU ABEY WO TUJHE APNA BADA BHAI SAMJHTI HAI(wh):D

Host_Guddy Aka Emo Queen: (6)(y)(hg):D  ===========> YE KEH RAHI K "RED" SAHI KEH RAHA HAI (lollol)

Host_Stubbie Pwncz Aka Shanzu:$: Rehaan Naraz ho kya:| APKO ITNE DIN BAAD YAAD AYI YE BAAT ?:D

Barbie Doll aka Emaan: Ab Sab Ki Chat Parh Parh Ke Sabko Apna Deewana Banaungi(hg):$ Kisi Ko Bhai Nahi Bolungi :D BD2(wh) YUN KISI KO AAAS=HOPE PAR RAKHNA ACHI BAAT NAHI *-):D:|

Puneet Goel Aka Romantic Boy: Destu Liar Cheater Admin :@ PUNNU BHAI DESTU NE KYA CHEAT N LIE KIYA HUM JAANNA CHAHENGE(scr):DPLEASE

Host_C.I.D Aka Kins: UK Room Ki Bachio Main Arahaa Hoon(h)(:o) BACHIO8-| KINSO KYA AP BABY SITTER HO JO UNKO FEEDER KRWANE AOGE?:D

Abeer_Shaikh Aka Kisko Pata Raha Maloom Nahi: Ab Bluest Ko Phir Se Set Karne Ki Try Karni Paregi :|ABEERO LARKI KO KHUD NAHI PATA HOTA K AP USEY SET KR RAHE YA USKI BAAJU WALI KO:D:D


Ninja Boy Aka Buster Man: *** Kuch Din Site Down Karlene Se Site Ko Farak Nahi Parta(:o) Meri Site Par Roz 50+ Attacks Hote Hai Phir Bhi Chal Rahi Site(:o)(h):DNINJA BHAI HAR KOI AP KI TARAH "NINJITSU" KA EXPERT TO NAHI HOTA NA ({):D

Host_Freakish Mano:$: Rehaaaaan Tameene,Mujhe Ban Karta Tha,Remove Hogya Na?Ab Main Khush Hu(v):DLOL MANO JI AP KO KHUSH DEKH KR HUMEIN BHI KHUSHI HO RAHI:$ ANDAR SE(wh):DI MEAN DIL SE:D

Na!lPol!sh Aka Admin_Destiny: Attack Ki Waja Se Maine Apni Admin Ids Loundry Me Dhulne Bheji Thi Ab Tak Wapas Nahi Ayi lool (*-)).DESTU YE LOOL BOLNA ZARURI HOTA HAI HAR BAAT ME ({):D

Na!lPol!sh Aka Admin_Destiny:  lool Rehan.ISKI TO:@ :D

Imran Aka Sadela Karela: Ab Phir Se Ami Baji Ko Doli Me Bitha K Laya Karunga (:D) IMMI BHAI :)MEHNDI LAGA K RAKHNA DOLI SAJA K RAKHNA,LENE TUJHE O GORI AYNGE TERE SAJNA:$ :D

Rashid Bro Aka Mr. Meralen: Main To Chat Chor Chuka Hoon(h) AUR AB DIN RAAT FB PAR MAREY PADEY REHTE HO :D

Meralen Sis Aka Mrs. Rashid: Hum Ab 12allchat Kam Hi Jaatein Hain(hg) INNO JI,APKE RASHU JI FB PAR JO ONLINE HOTE HAI:D BTW HUM??8-| BAKI SAB LOG KAHA HAI???:D

Scottish Kuri Aka Somo ji: Lanat Hai Rehaan Ji Kasam Se :@ SOMO JI APKI LANAT KO BHI HUM CHOOM LENGE:$:D

Chaos Aka Multi BFs Guy: Larki Nahi Set Ho Rahi Thi Mene Socha Larko Ko Hi Apna Friend Bana Lu:|CHAOS BHAI THAT'S THE SPIRIT:D :D

Ex Admin_Fajju: Superchat Ko Tabah Wa Barbaad Kardungaa::@:DBHAI AP USKO ABAAD KR RAHE BARBAAD NAHI:D

Lââỷlââ Kĥâŋ Pathaan Aka Mrs. Innoc3nt: Rehan Abuser*-),Amaan Abuser*-),Samy Abuser*-)12ALLCHAT BAND THI NA(wh)SO HAMARI LAAYLAA MOHTARMA KA DIMAGH KUCH OUT HOGYA HAI(wh)DON'T MIND IT PLZ:D

Rocking Atma Super Chat Owner: Chat Room Me Ab Sirf Social Network Login Enabled Hai :DAb AA Ke Dikha Fajar :D AMIT BHAI CHAT ROOMS AISE NAHI CHALTE :D:DAUR PLEASE IS POST ME APNI LINK NAHI GHUSER NA AP:):D

Bullet Storm Aka Samk3r: Dalinda Ko Wapas Bulane Ki Soch Raha Hu:| ME TOO MISSING DALI :|:DBABUWA:D


Obstinate Kudi: Pado Ab Kya Karega ?? Rano Teri Bat Hui Usse?? :D PADORI MERI BAAT NAHI HUI USSE :D



Shameless Master: Attack Powerfull Banane Me Laga Hua Hoon,Asani Se Har Nahi Manunga:@ MASTER BHAI,HAMARI DUAAY AUR DESTU KI BAD-DUAAY AP KE SATH HUMESHA RAHEGI{}{}:D

So,Stay Tuned With Us For Further Updates Of 12allchat.

NOTE:The Names Used In This Article Are Fake Usernames,And I Have Avoided Using Real Names Of People.So Don't Get Angry After Seeing Your Nick Names Here Please :D 

Thank You!

12allchat Is Still Down - What 12allchat Developers Are Doing? - Daily Chatters Are Migrating/Moving Towards Other Chatting Sites

 12allchat Is Down
12allchat Is Still Down - What 12allchat Developers Are Doing? - Daily Chatters Are Migrating/Moving Towards Other Chatting Sites:-

After 7 Days Of Heavy Ping Attack On 12allchat(12 موقع دردشة),The Problem Is Still Not Getting Resolved.Still 12allchat(12 موقع دردشة) Regular Visitors/Users Are Getting Disconnected Or Even Unable To Connect To Chat Room.

The Screen Shot Attached With This Article Is Taken By Me Yesterday,You Can See That There Were Only Two Users Online,In Pakistan Chat Room:|
Due To This Tragedy,Most Of The Regular Or Daily 12allchat(12 موقع دردشة) Visitors Migrating/Moving Towards Other Flash Chat Sites,Social Networks Or Even Instant Messengers To Pass Their Free Time There.

I Am Seeing That Many Of,Actually All Of 12allchat(12 موقع دردشة) Users Who Are Having Facebook Account,Are Spending More Time On Facebook With Their Friends And Are Forced To Chat In That "Small FB Chat Box".As They All Are Addicted To Use 12allchat For Chatting Friends,This Small Chat Box Is Not Full Filling Their Needs And Requirements Of A RealTime Chatting Experiences.

I Have Sent One Of Our Female Representative "Miss Scottish Kuri Aka So-Mean" To Take Interview Of Shameless Master Again.The Master Was In Romantic Mood At That Time,So He Did Not Bad Talked With Her(Thanks To God).The Main Points From Their Conversations Are Recorded As Below:

Miss Scottish Kuri Aka So-Mean: Hi Sir:$

Shameless Master: Hi:-*:D (lollol)

Miss Scottish Kuri Aka So-Mean:Sir,As You Know You Have Made 12allchat Down For More Than 7 Days Now,But They Are Still Not Resolving This Issue,So What Is Your Plan Now?(nin)

Shameless Master:
Hmm(:o),I Don't Care,Whether They Contacts Me Or Not,Whether They Resolved Issue Or Not,BUT I Will Keep Messing Around Until They Agree With My Demands (h) :D

Miss Scottish Kuri Aka So-Mean: Means,12allchat Will Be Still Down For Next Couple Of Days? (wow)

Shameless Master: Sure,Definitely (:o)

Miss Scottish Kuri Aka So-Mean: Thank You For Your Interview Sir(F)

Shameless Master: Wait A Minute Please,Will You Give Me Your Contact Numbers So That I Will Update You For My Future Plans :$ :D

Miss Scottish Kuri Aka So-Mean: Sir,Normally I Don't Share My Personal Contacts With Strangers*-) But I Think You Are A Nice Guy,So I Will Be Happy To Give You My Number:$(L),That Is 9917662214:$:D

Shameless Master: Thank You,I Will Contact You Soon Honey:-*:$

Miss Scottish Kuri Aka So-Mean: Enjoy Sir Ji :$ :D

So,This Was Master Who Have Actually Responsible For This Tragedy.It Seems Our Reporter Has Found New BF *-) Too :D :)

Also,When Our Japanese 12allchat News Reporter Named "Mr. Chaos Aka Multi GFs Guy",When Contacted to 12allchat Super Admin "Sysop_Destiny" And Asked "What Are You Doing Destu For This Tragedy?",Then She Only Replied Him By Saying "Chaos Tharki ^o) We Wil Overcome This Issue Soon,You Don't Need To Be Worried About,lool,Bla Bla Bla(:o) brb" (lollol):D

It Seems Destu Was Not In The Mood Of "Question-Answer" That Time.Or May Be We Have Sent The Reporter Which She Don't Like :D :D.

We Have Succeeded In Contacting Few Of Regular 12allchat Visitors,And Now Posting Their Reactions Against 12allchat Tragedy:

Sysop_Mysterious: I Don't Spend Much Time On 12allchat,I Was Just A Show Piece,And 12allchat DC,Does Not Matter For Me Though (hg) :D

Ex Admin_Senti Prince: I Was Setting Up 3-4 GFs At A Time,But Master Had Broken All My Plannings *-) Lanat Hai :| :D

Admin_No Emotions: Yaar May Admin Bana,Bans Karne Ki Practice Karni Thi,Tab Hi Ye Website DC Hona Shuru Hogyi Hai ::(( :D

Admin_Elf(Zindagi): Chalo Jab Tak 12allchat Band Hai,Users Burey Kaamo Se Bachey Rahenge,Khuda Hum Sabko Chatting Sites Ka Mufeed Istemaal Karne Ki Taufeek Ata Farmaay.Aameen(F)

Admin_Chocolate: Batman Ko Ek Week Ban Nahi Kiya Mene,Iski Waja Se Mujhe Pechish Hogyi Hai (oops) Pet Me Maror Uth Rahi Hai :|:D

Host_Bluest Eyes: Main Ab Zyada Time PM Me Reh Sakti Hoon,Yuppieeeeeeeeee (v)(y):D 12allchat Hi Nahi Khul Rahi,Ye Bandi Kaise PM Me Rahegi Bhala ({):D

Host_Mekaal: Kicks Na Karne Ki Waja Se Mere Pairo Me Soojan Ati Ja Rahi *-)

Host_Chikoo: Ab Main Zyada Time Apne Chikoo Ke Baaghaat Par Spend Kar Sakta Hu (h):D

Host_C.I.D: 12allchat Khul Bhi Rahi To Londey Hi Online Dikh Rahe *-):D

Miss Daisy: Ab Kiske Sath Larai Karungi :|

Sara Miyaoo: Destiny Dekh Lo,Mujhe Remove Kiya Tha Na Naaagin*-) Ab Online A Ke Dikhaao*-):D(lollol)lol

Imran Care Aka Fatu: Ab Main Apni Ammi Ke Sath Kaha Jaaung Chat Karne (:|)(:D)

Host_Macintosh Aka Mercedes: Host ID Se Abuse Karne Ka Chance Nahi Mil Raha Ab :|:D

Host_Goldsmith: Rehan Bhai Mere Bare Me Aisi Waisi Batein Nahi Likho Yaha Please :|

SHAH DON: Mene 6 Month Bad Chat Kholi,5-6 Din Se Try Kar Raha Hoon,Connection Failed Message Araha Always *-) :D

Samk3r: Samy Ko Ungli Karne Ka Mauka Nahi Mil Pa Raha Yaar :|:D

Host_Gudy: :@:@(tp)(wh)(6)                   ======> Iske Kehne Ka Matlab Hai Ki Ye Admin_Red Ka Gussa Hai :D (lollol)

Note:Above Emotion Code Is Translated By Host_Bird Of Paradise.

ECHO Totla: Shoch Laha Hoon,FB Pal Tuli Ko Phil Shey Shet Kal Lu(wh)

Rocking Atma: 12allchat ke Band Hone Se Meri Site Par Users Barh Gaye(v):D,Please Join SuperChat.in :D

*** Aka Mrs.Saady: Miss You Saady :$ (L):D

And Lastly,

Sha Dow Aka Host_Jadugar: Yuppieeeeeeee,Hurreyyyyy,12allchat Is Open Now (v):D

Shameless Master: Check Again Dude,It Is Again Closed Now(:o)(lollol)

So,Stay Updated With Us Guys,We Will Post New Updates Whenever We Find More.

Message By Author:Guys,I Have Tried Not To Use Real Names Of 12allchat Users Here,So If Anyone Who Don't Like His Nickname Be Included Here,Then Simply Request For That Here In Comments:|
Thank You!

Free Online VPN Service Provider Bypasser.us Review - How To Use Free Bypasser VPN To Disguise Your IP Address - Become Totally Anonymous On The Internet

Free Online VPN Service Provider Bypasser.us Review - How To Use Free Bypasser VPN To Disguise Your IP Address - Become Totally Anonymous On The Internet:-

Here Is Another Free Online VPN Service Provider Named ByPasser.Us,Which Can Be Used For Surfing Online Without Worrying About Privacy Threats.You Can Use Bypasser VPN Proxy For Lifetime Absolutely Free Of Cost.No Matter Which Device You Are Using(Windows,Linux,iOS,MAC OSX,iPad etc.),You Will Be just Needed To Open The Bypasser.us Website And Start Browsing Internet Securely & Privately.

How To Use Free Bypasser.us VPN Proxy To Hide Your IP Address?

Step1:Go To Bypasser.us Website.

Step2:Enter The Website URL You Want To Surf Anonymously.

Step3:Click "SURF" Button.


You Can Test Whether Your IP Address Is Changed Or Not By Entering ipaddress.com In The URL Field At Bypasser Homepage And Clicking "SURF" Button.If It Is Of USA,Than It Means You Have Successfully Changed Your IP Address.

How To Access Facebook Using ByPasser VPN Proxy?

Simply Go To Bypasser.us,Enter The URL "https://www.facebook.com" Or "http://www.facebook.com"And Click "SURF" Button To Open Facebook With USA IP Address.

How To Access Twitter Using ByPasser VPN Proxy?

Simply Go To Bypasser.us,Enter The URL "https://twitter.com" And Click "SURF" Button To Open Twitter While Having A USA IP Address.

How To Access GMAIL Using ByPasser VPN Proxy?

Simply Go To Bypasser.us,Enter The URL "https://mail.google.com" And Click "SURF" To Read Your Emails Securely.

NOTE:You Can Also Trick Bypasser VPN Service,By Entering www.google.com Website In The URL Field,And Then Searching For Your Favourite Website Through Anonymized Google Search,And Which Link You Will Click There In Search Results,It Will Open Using "Bypasser.us".

Thank You!



I Found A Free Online VPN Service Provider Named "VPNBrowse".Which Is Offering Totally Free VPN Service For Mac,iOS,Windows Etc.Users.If You Are Really Aware About Online Privacy & Anonymity Than You Should Try This Free VPN Provider.The IP Address You Get From VPN BROWSE Is Of USA.

How To Use VPNBROWSE To Unblock Restrictions Of Internet?

Step1:Go To This Website.

Step2:Enter The Website You Want To Unblock.

Step3:Click "Browse" Button There To Open That Website Using A Secure VPN Connection IP Address.

Step4:Additionally You Can Firstly Check "ipaddress.com" Through VPN BROWSE.To Ensure That Your IP Address Is Getting Changed Or Not.


How To Access Facebook Using VPNBROWSE?

Simply Go To VPNBROWSE Homepage,Enter The URL "https://www.facebook.com" Or "http://www.facebook.com".Click Browser And Enjoy Bypassing Facebook Blocks In School,Colleges Etc.

How To Open GMail Using VPNBrowse?

Simply Go To VPNBROWSE Homepage,Enter "mail.google.com" And Hit BROWSE Button There.

How To Open Twitter Using VPNBROWSE?

Simply Go To VPNBROWSE Homepage,Enter "twitter.com" And Click Browse Button There.

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12AllChat(12 موقع دردشة) Is Down - Why I Am Getting 12allchat Connection Failed Error - Detailed Report By Our 12all News Channel

12AllChat(12 موقع دردشة) Is Down - Why I Am Getting 12allchat Connection Failed Error - Detailed Report By Our 12all News Channel

12allchat Is Down - Introduction:-

Since Last Week,The World's Famous Audio/Video Chat Rooms 12allchat Is Getting Down Time To Time.Whenever A User/Visitor Try To Connect 12allchat(12 موقع دردشة),He/She Is Gets An Error Saying "Connection Failed".Or Even If He/She Is Inside A 12allchat Room,After Sometime,He/She Gets DC/Disconnected From Chat,And Then He/She Is Unable To Connect 12allchat(12 موقع دردشة) Back For A Longer Time.

We Too Tried Entering 12allchat(12 موقع دردشة),At That Time,12allchat Was Not Down,We Entered Into 12allchat Pakistan Room There Were 95 Users Online At That Time And Also Other Rooms Were Full Of Users.Then Suddenly,We Got "Diconnected" Message.We Kept That Browser Tab Open For 2-3 Hours,Then When We Checked That Tab Again,We Were Inside Pakistan Chat Room But This Time,The Online Users Were Online 7 (wow),And Same Thing Happened With Other Rooms There On 12allchat,Fun Corner Was Empty,Girls Chat Room Had 4 Users,USA 1/2 Chat Rooms Were Closed To Empty Level,And Other Chat Room Was Similar To These Rooms.That Is,No Or Very Few Users Were Online There.

Due To This 12allchat(12 موقع دردشة) Server Down/Lag Situation,Many Users Are Getting Self-Muted/Auto-Muted,Many Users Are Getting Warning Messages And Many Users Are Even Unable To Connect To This Top Flash Chat Room.

12allchat Is Down -Investigation & Research:-

When We Have Started Investigating That "Why 12allchat Is Down?",Then We Came To Know That Someone Is Doing A Ping-Attack Aka Advanced Organized DDOS Attack On 12allchat(12 موقع دردشة) Servers.And They Are Not Allowing 12allchat Servers To Come ONLINE And Become Available To Its Regular Visitors.

12allchat Is Down - We Found The Person Responsible For This:-

After A Deep Analysis & Research,We Found A Person Who Was Claiming That He Is Making 12allchat Servers Down.The Name Of That Person Is "Shameless Master Aka Pyaara Paapi".Remember That Guys,This Person Is Closed Friend Of Ex Admin_Red Since Last 3-4 Years.And We Have Seen Many 12allchat Users Saying That Admin Red Is Doing This Just Because He Was Removed.lol.

12allchat Is Down - What Admin_Red Is Saying:-

When Our Part Time 12allchat News Reporter Mr.Bullet Storm Took Interview Of Admin_Red And Asked Him,What Is Going On,Then See Their Conversations Given Below:

Ex-Admin-Red:-Who Are You?*-)

Mr.Bullet Storm:-I Am 12allchat News Channel Reporter And Want To Ask You Few Questions.

Ex-Admin-Red:-Proceed Please (:o)

Mr.Bullet Storm:-Sir,We Heard That,As You Are Removed By 12allchat Owner Without Giving A Mere Chance Of Explanations,That's Why You Have Told Your Friend To Make 12allchat Down?

Ex-Admin-Red:- lol,I Don't Care About What 12allchat Did With My ID.He Is The Owner Of Chat Room,He Can Alot/Assign Anyone As Admin Or Remove Them.We Are Just His Waiters & Waitresses.Have You Seen A Waiter Asking To A Manager That Why He Kicked Him Out?.So,I Too Did Not Asked Him Back The Reason Of Removal(:o)The ID Was His Own,He Took It Back And I Am Happy Now *-)

Mr.Bullet Storm:- Wow,What A Great Thoughts Sir Jee,I Really Appreciate Your Thikings(y).

Ex-Admin-Red:-The Only Problem Due To This Attack Is,I Am Unable To Give Full Time To My Most Lovable Friend:( As We Always Meet At 12allchat And Talk For More Then 5-8 Hours :|:|.This Is Right That We Can Chat On Facebook,But We Both Like "Real-Time Emotions Full" Chat As On 12allchat:|.

Mr.Bullet Storm:-We Pray To God That 12allchat Should Come Online Soon:|


Mr.Bullet Storm:-Only Last Question.We Heard That,You Found Sysop_Mysterious Was The Girl Who Had Complained Against You And Made You Removed.And That's Why Your Lovely Friend Master Is Doing This?

Ex-Admin-Red:-lol,I Am Not A Back Bencher,I Don't Keep "Khunnas" In My Mind For Anyone.My Most Powerfull Tool Against These Kind Of People Is "Extreme Ignorance".And,If Master Is Doing This On My Behalf,I Will Try To Stop Him.

Mr.Bullet Storm:-Thank You Sir For Your Time.


So,This Was Admin Red Showing His Thoughts Regarding This 12allchat Tragedy.

12allchat Is Down - What Hacker Is Demanding:-

When Our Indonesian News Reporter Miss Or Mrs. Aora Aka JAWN,Took Interview Of Shameless Master(As He Has A Kind Heart For Girls,That's Why We Preferred A Female News Reporter For Him).Then Shameless Master Firstly,Cracked A Manikchand Sachet,Chewed Little Bit,Then Started Talking With Her,Which Is Given Below:-

Ms/Mrs.Aora Aka Jawn:-Hello Sir,This Is The Great Moment Of My Life That I Am Talking With A Great Person Like You:$(L):$

Shameless Master:-Tyko Tyko (Thank You) :D:$

Ms/Mrs.Aora Aka Jawn:-Sir,Our 12allchat Readers,Users,Visitors,Hosts & Admins Wants To Know That Why Are You Doing This With 12allchat?(scr)

Shameless Master:-Nothing Is In This World Without A Reason,And My Demand Of This Server Downing Action Is "Remove Sysop_Mysterious & Admin_Prestigious And Never Make Them Admin Back With Another Username Or Nickname*-)"

Ms/Mrs.Aora Aka Jawn:-Sir,May I Ask You Why You Want To Remove Them?(scr)

Shameless Master:-The Reason For Removal Of Sysop_Mysterious Are;

1:She Don't Deserve To Be Super Admin,Because There Were Lots Of Old Admins There On 12allchat Who Were Doing Adminship Since 2-3 Years And Owner Made This 1-2 Month Old Admin A SYSOP 8-|? Isn't It Strange?

2:Mostly Users Likes Mysterious,Because She Nice Chats & Listens To Them But Simultaneously She Give Tensions To Hosts/Admins,Asks Them Reasons Of Kicks,Mutes Etc.This Is Just Because She Don't Understand Urdu/Hindi,And Anyone Who Is Kicked Out By A Host/AdminPrivate Messages Here And Mis-Guides Her Against Those Hosts/Admins.And She Starts Observing,Collecting Week Points & Mistakes Of Those Hosts/Admins And Sends These DATA To 12allchat Owner.You Know JAWN?These Kind Of People Are Called As "Munafik Aka Dogle":),Who Behaves As A Good Friends In Front Of You But Actually They Are Real Enemy Of You From Bottom Of Their Heart:):D.

3:Lastly,Sysop_Mysterious Made My Langotiya Yaar Admin_Red Removed*-) She Was Planning This Since 2-3 Months.And You Know Admin_Red Is Angry Young Men,So Whatever He Did In Anger,She Had Collected And Recorded It Then Complained It To Alaa In Favor Of Her Feksy Friend Ex Admin_Daisy :| :D

And The Reasons For Removal Of Admin_Prestgious Is Just Personal So Kindly Don't Ask About It Please:-*:(

Ms/Mrs.Aora Aka Jawn:-OK Sir,Thank You For Clearing Your Demands.Will You Kindly Tell Us That How Longer,You Are Planning To Do This?

Shameless Master:-Our Plan Is To Keep This "Server Down" Happening For More Than A Month,Unless Until They Full Fills Our Demands (h).

Ms/Mrs.Aora Aka Jawn:-OK Sir Thank Yew For Your Time:$(k)

Shameless Master:-
My Pleasure Jawn:-*:$:D

If Master Is True,Than We Will Be No Longer To Access Our Favourite Chat Room For Next Couple Of Days :|

12allchat Is Down - What Sysops Are Saying:-

When We Have First Tried to Contact 12allchat Owner Using His Contact Email,He Did Not Replied To Us(As We All Know That These Kind Of Contact Pages Are Only For Filling Requirement Of Being A Good Web Site,They Don't Reply To Any Query If A Normal User Sends An Email To Them).

Then Our 12allchat Part Time News Reporter Mr.Awtif Wangru,Took Interview Of Sysop_Destiny.The Whole Convo Is Given Below:

Destu Was Watching Her Favourite TV Serial Big Boss & Also Cooking Simultaneously.When Mr.Awtif Wangru Arrived At Her Home,She Got Angry But When Mr.Awtif Wangru Told Her The Reason Of Arrival.Then She Firstly Turned Of The TV "Dil Par Pathar Rakh ke" Then Washed He Hands And Started Chatting With Our Reporter.

Mr.Awtif Wangru:-Mam,I Will Not Take Too Much Time,Just Want To Ask One Question And That Is "What 12allchat Owners/Developers Are Doing For Taking 12allchat Back Online?"

Miss Destu:-lool,We Will Overcome This Issue Soon,We Are Trying To Figure Out The Actual Problem.Then We Will Make This Not To Happen In The Future (hg).

Mr.Awtif Wangru:-Jawn,Sorry Sorry,Actually I Was Thinking About My Sis So I Called You Jawn,Sorry Sorry Sorry Again :|

Miss Destu:-Its OK(sml)

Mr.Awtif Wangru:-Mam,We Heard That,The Shameless Master Was Warning You That He Will Attack Like This,And You Said That "Keep Cooking Imaginary Rice" Aka "Khayali Pulao Pakate Raho".And That's Why He Started Showing You The Proof That He Was Not "Blabbering" :)??:D

Miss Destu:-lool,I Thought That He Will Not Do Anything,He Was Just Joking,But He Did It (oops).I Will Try To Solve This Issue Soon And Also I Have A Fixed Meeting With Shameless Master Today(sml) I Will Convince Him To Stop It (hg).

Mr.Awtif Wangru:-Best Of Luck Jawn::$ DEstu*

Miss Destu:- I Think You Did Not Meet Your Sis For A Longer Time And Your Mind Want To Talk With Her,So Please Go To Her Chat With Her And Come Back Again (*-)).

Mr.Awtif Wangru:-Sorry Mam.

Miss Destu:- BRB :)

So,If Destu Is Right,Then Today's Meeting Will Surely Make Things Changed(y)

12allchat Is Down - What Admins Saying:-

Admin_Chocolate:-Yaar Ek Bachi Gheri Thi Badi Mushkil Se,Settings He Kar Raha Tha K Ye Site Ko Saanp Soongh Gya*-)

Admin_Loving:-East To West Skype Is The Best (h)

Admin_MistyRose: Master*-)

Admin_Sugar (Kammy):-When 12allchat Is Off,Facebook Is ON (hg):$

12allchat Is Down - What Hosts Are Saying:-

Host_Mekaal:-Ab Ja K Mere Pairo Ko Aram Mila (oops)

Host_Goldsmith:-Bhai Mujhe Tharki Banane Wala School Band Hogaya ::(((

Host_Pari: Join Superchat Please (lollol)

Host_Magic:Gudy Se Bat Kaise Karunga Ma??*-)


Host_Stubbie Pwncz:-Apne Ko Kuch Farak Nahi Parta (hg) Apun To Mobile Par Baat Kar Leta (hg) :D

12allchat Is Down - What Users Are Saying:-

Haseeb Chauhan:-Koi Bachi Nahi Mili (oops)

Echo:- Iski Jaat Ka *-)

Red:-Missing Yew :( :| :D

Kins:-English Larki Set Hote Hote Reh Gayi *-)

Sammy:-Main To 12allchat Chor Chuka Hoon:(

'sEnSelEsS-: kini der k lie allow hue ham chat k liYe

Daisy:- Waise Bhi Type Kar Kar Ke Meri Ungliya Dard Dene Lagi Thi Shukar Hai Ab Aram Mila (oops)

Achko Machko:- Khud Ki Chat Site Banaunga Ab Main *-)

Puneet Goel:- Ab Main "I Hate Girls" Kaha Spam Karunga :|

! ! ☆ڪے☆ patricia ☆: Lowl Main,Itne Dino Baad Ayi Aur Chat Ka Ye Haal Dekh Mujhe rona Agaya ::|

Lov3r:- I Am Missing Saady ::((

Single Jutt:- Agar Yahi Haal Raha To Maine Single Hi Rehna Hai Saari Umar :( :D

So Guys,Keep In Touch With Us To Know More About What Is The Progress Of This Situation.

Thank You!

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