12allchat Life - Finding Your Life Partner On 12allchat Is More Difficult Then Your Thoughts - HOW TO KNOW THAT HE/SHE REALLY LOVES/LIKES YOU OR NOT IN REAL/12ALL LIFE?

12allchat Life - Finding Your Life Partner On 12allchat Is More Difficult Then Your Thoughts - HOW TO KNOW THAT HE/SHE REALLY LOVES/LIKES YOU OR NOT IN REAL/12ALL LIFE?

Today,I Have Nothing In My Mind To Post About,So I Am Writting My Personal Experiences Regarding LOVE.These Experiences I Had Observed In My Life Yet & Still Observing.I Will Tell You That Which People I Have Met Yet And How I Have Calculated/Observed Their Feelings,Emotions & Their Thoughts About Me.

Before Joining & Becoming Regular User Of 12allchat India/Pak/Fun/Girls Rooms,I Had Loved 2-3 Girls For Whom I Was Claiming That I Can't Leave Without Them.But As Time Passed,I Realised That It Was Just A Feeling Which Arises In The Heart Of A 18-22 Year Old Boy/Girl.And That Is "Attraction Towards Beauty,Smartness,Talent Etc.".Accross From Other People Who Feels Like Me,I Had Controlled My Mind From Doing "Illegal As Well As Irregular" Things.Such As Sending Love Letter To My Crush,Proposing Her In Front Of All her Friends,Biking Near By Her House Etc.

Now A Days I Can Say That She Too Was Feeling The Same Or Somewhat Same For Me,Like Dreaming About Me,Watching Me When I Am Not Looking At Her,Smiling When No One Is Watching Us Etc.But As I Said,This Was Just Attraction Between Both Of Us.And Now We Don't Have Feelings Like This For Each Other.She Forgot Me And I Forgot Her.

After This,2-3 Year Were Gone As It Is,Without Any Changes.Then I Joined And Started Chatting On 12allchat.As Per My Real Life,I Had Controlled My Feelings(Love) And Emotions On 12allchat As Well.I Did Not Do Stuffs Like Private Messaging Females,Fex Chatting With A Girl,Irritating New Comer Girls By Sending PM Requests To Her.

Then,A Married Women Came In My 12allchat Life With Whom I Was Spending My Whole Time There,And She Too Was Doing The Same(Seemed To Me),And,I Had Started Liking Her.She Did Not Say Anything Except "Don't Love Me I Am A Married Women".And After Sometime,She Made An Environment So That I Was Forced To Hate Her*-).

*Guys,Was That A True Love From My Side?No,It Was Just Feeling Of Liking Someone Who Talks You In Friendly Manner,And If That Someone Is Having Gender Opposite To You,Then You Starts Thinking That She Loves You,HaHaHa.

Later On,A Cute Girl Came In My 12allchat Life,She Was Really Carrying For Me.But This Time,This Girl Was Having A Boy-Friend In Real Life*-),Accross From This,She Too Started Loving Me.She Always Spent Her Time In My PM,Sometimes Hanged Me While I Was Busy In Something Else.So,Because Of My Angry Nature,I Fought With Her,And Now Though We Talks Like Before But We Never Spend More Time Right Now.

*Guys,Was That A True Love Story?Yes It Was,Because We Both Like Each Other.But Guys,As I Said She Has A BF In Real Life,Isn't She Breaking His Feelings?.Yes She Is,And,I Don't Want To Steal Someone's LOVE (h).(I Am Not A Shahrukh Khan Who Disturbs Heroin's Happy Life With Her Regular BF,By Singing Heartfull Songs *-):D)

Then,I Met Another Married Women Again,And Started Liking Her,Though We Both Became Good Friends,But She Did Not Take Interest In Me So I Forgot Her (oops):D.

And Now,A Girl Came In My 12allchat Life,For Which I Can Say Or Guarantee That I Will Do Anything For Her*-).Why I Am Saying This?,Because We Both Have Friendships Since Last 1 Year.We Had Fought Many Times(Fights Was Mostly From My Side:|),But Guys She Always Came Back And Said Sorry To Me Instead8-|.Tell Me Guys,In Real Or Online Life,If You Fight With Someone,Insult Someone,Then He/She Says You Sorry,Even Mistake Was From Your Side Not Her/His??.

No,Never,No One Damn Cares Of Saying Sorry To Others Now A Days*-).So Guys That's Why I Can Say,She Truely Loves Me And Her Nature Made & Forced Me To Love Her So Much:$:|

Though,We Both,Can't Meet In Real Life Because She Is From A Country Far Away From Mine.And We Both Know This.She Always Advices Me Not To Love Her,Just Be Friend Of Her,She Don't Want To Hurt My Feelings.But What Can I Do For My Heart,Who Always Thinks About Her?

I Know I Can't Meet Her,Feel Her Face To Face,But I Want To Love Her Till Die,Even She Gets Married,Gets Engaged With Someone Else,Starts Hating Me Or Something Else.But I Will Never Ever Leave Loving/Liking Her.

So Guys,From Above Discussions,I Want To Tell You Most Useful Advices About LOVE.That Is;

*If You Love Her,Just Keep Loving Her.

*Don't Think About What Other People Are Saying About Her.

*Always Try To Make Her Happy.

*If She Is Feeling Happy While Chatting With Other Boys.Don't Try To Be Jealous Of Her,Just Try To Keep Her HAPPY Like This.

*Always Try To Advise Her In Such A Way That This Advice Should Be Useful For Her.

*When She Is Sad,Then Try To Make Her Laugh By Telling Her Jokes(As I Do With Mine:$).

*Always Listen Carefully Whatever Blah Blah She Is Telling To You.Beleive Me Guys,When You Listen Her Carefully,She Will Become More Happier(y).

*Don't Do Stuffs Which She Don't Like.

Guys,If You Love Someone,Then Don't Think About Other People.He/She May Be BAD For Others,But In My Opinion,If She Don't Lies To You & Always Respects You,Then Forget Every One And Enjoy Love-Life With Her.

I Can Say That You All Can Find True Love On 12allchat,But You Will Be Just Needed To Wait,Watch & Analyze That LOVE.

I Have Also Seen That In Real Life,Many People Claims That Their Love Is True.Suppose,A Guy Says He Loves A Girl So Much.And He Prooves This By Caring And Only Thinking About That Girl.But If Girl Goes To A Vacation Or Has Not Contact Him For 1-2 Weeks,Then,Though He Still Loves Her,But Now He Starts Looking At Other Attractive Girls & Takes Interest In Those Girls.

Is This A True Love?Naah,You Should Always Fight With Your Feelings While Looking At Other Boys/Girls When Your Crush Is Not With You.You Should Have To Develop A Full Control On Your Thinking So That Your Mind Should Always Love Your Crush Only,Even When An Extremely Beautyfull Girl Come In Front Of You,You Should Not Look At Her Like A DOG Bringing Your Tongue Out.For This Concept To Understand Very Well,Consider The Following Example;


You Love Your Mom & Dad.It Is Universal Truth.If A Person Of Age Of Your Mom Or Dad,Behaves Nice Like As Your Mom Dad,Then Do You Start Calling Him/Her Mom Or Dad?.No Never.Same Should Be Done In Case Of Your Love Life.So Guys If A Person Has Some Qualities Then Kindly Appreciate Those Qualities.It Is Not Good To Give Place Of Your Most Lovable Person's Place To That NEWER Person.

It Was Just An Example Guys For Your Understanding:|:D

One Interesting Thing About 12allchat I Want To Share With You Is "On 12allchat,You Will See Many Times That A Guy Is Saying Something Like "I Love Her Alot",Or A Girl Is Singing Romantic Song For Her Crush,But You Will Find That Boy Or Girl With OTHER Crush Later On :D.So,These Kind Of LOVE Are Not LOVE,It Is Just A Timepass & Feeling Of Seeing Someone On CAM OR Viewing Someone's Real Pictures And After Viewing,These Kind Of Loves May Exist For A Longer Time Or Not.It Depends Upon His/Her Pictures "Whether He/She Is Beautyfull Or Not" :D.True Feelings Does'nt Matter For These Kind Of People,The Only Thing Matters Is "Body Lookups & Personality" :D.

And Lastly,Few More Words To Be Remembered:

Loving Someone Is Easiest Thing In Our Life,But Keeping That Love Always ALIVE Is Most Difficult Thing.So,Always Try To Bypass Hurdles In The Way Of Your Love & Keep You Love Alive As Well As HAPPY:$.

Thank You For Reading This Boring Post:|:D
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