12allchat Traffic Drop - Reasons Behind Decrease In Daily 12allchat Visitor Counts - Step By Step Analysis Of 12allchat History & Present

12allchat Traffic Drop - Reasons Behind Decrease In Daily 12allchat Visitor Counts - Step By Step Analysis Of 12allchat History & Present:-

4 Years Back,When I Had Joined 12allchat Chat Room,It Was At Google's 2-3 Page For A Search Query Like "Free Flash Chat Room","Free Indian Chat Rooms","Free Pakistani Chat Rooms" Etc.And The Daily Users Were Above Hundreds Per Room.Top 12allchat Rooms Were USA Room,Pakistan Room,India Room,Meet New Friends Room,UK Room,Canada Room.These Rooms Were Having Daily Users 80-90 Regular Visitors/Users Almost All The 24Hr Period.And Other Rooms Such As Hip Hop Room,Video Chat Room & Russia Room Were Having 20-50 Daily Regular As Well As New Users.Even Spain Room,France Room & China Room Were Having 10-20 Visitors Every Day.

But When I See Now A Days,There Was HUGE Daily Visitor Drops In 12allchat Traffic.Though Many New Rooms Are Added Into 12allchat Website,Such As USA2,Pak2,Ind2,Girls,Chitchat Etc.But Now A Days,There Are Very Less Users In TOP 12all Rooms,As Compared To PAST.Like USA1 Room Is Now Rarely Touch 100 User Peak Value,Pak Room Is Still On The Top Chat Room,India Room Too Struggling To Gain Users 80+,UK Chatroom Is Now Become Like "Bye Bye,Sayonara UK Room",Canada Room Also Appearing At The Bottom Of Userlist.

You Will Say That "The Users Are Divided Now,That's Why All Rooms Are Not Getting Full",So Guys,Kindly Look At The 12allchat Statistics I Have Given Below:

USA1 Room: 50-80 Users.
USA2 Room: 20-50 Users.
PAK1 Room: 50-100 Users.
PAK2 Room: 20-70 Users.
IND1 Room: 20-60 Users.
IND2 Room: 10-40 Users.
Meet New Friends: 10-40 Users.
Girls Room: 10-35 Users.
UK Room: 10-30 Users.
Canada Room: 10-30 Users.
Lobby Room: 10-25 Users.
Austrailia Room: 0-20 Users.
Chitchat Room: 1-10 Users.
Poetry Room: 5-20 Users.
Fun Corner: 10-25 Users.
Gossips Room: 1-15 Users.
Kool Girls & Boys: 5-20 Users.
Awesome Room: 1-10 Users.

By Seeing Above Statistics,Many Of You Will Going To Say "Rehan Look At Your Calculations,The New Stats Are Saying That Users Are Increased On 12allchat Not Decreased".But Guys,There Is A Tweak In Above 12allchat Stats,When You See USA1 Is Having 80 Users,Then Other English Rooms Will Have Less Users,When You See PAK2 Is Having 80 Users,Then Other Hindi/Urdu Rooms Will Have Less Users,And This Formula Will Be Same For If You See Any Other 12allchat Room Having More Users.It Seems That Users Are Just Getting Circulated Around All 12allchat Rooms.You Will Also See That Only Few New Users Will Be There,And Others Will Be SAME BORING REGULAR FACES LIKE YOU & ME :D.

NOTE:Though 12allchat Is Having More Chat Rooms Now,But SYSOPS As Well As Admins Are Expecting To Get Ranked Higher In 12allchat Roomlist Menu.Even I Have Seen A SYSOP,Who Was Asking Chitchat Room Admins To Raise User Counts For This Room LOL.She(Sysop) Should Read This Article Before Asking Those Kind Of Silly Questions To Admins:):D

So,Guys,I Have Observed & Analyzed This 12allchat Traffic Drops And Found That Below Are The Reasons Behind "Why 12allchat Users Are Decreasing Day By Day":

1:Irresponsible 12allchat Hosts As Well As Admins:

Now A Days,On 12allchat,New Hosts Or Admins Are Assigned On The Basis Of "Innocence,Regularity & Welcome Quality".It Means That,If You Are Behaving Nice,Being Regular & Welcoming All New Comers,Then After 2-3 Days,A Sysop Or Admin Will Surely Going To Ask You For "Hosting/Adminship" :D Lol.What A Great Formula(lollol).

But Guys:),What About The Situations When There Is Abuse/Spam Going On In Your Room?,At That Time,These New Hosts/Admins Will Kick/Ban 3-10 Times,And Will Go On BRB:D What A Responsibility Man8-| Great (y):D:).These Kind Of Hosts/Admins Should Be Awarded With 12allchat NO-BAIL Prize:):D

I Remember That,When I Was Host In Fun Corner Room,I Never Behaved Like Tired Off Kicking In Front Of These Spammers,Even Once,There Was A Spammer Who Spammed All The Night For 10-12 Hours,And There Was Only Me To Kick Him Out*-):D.Even I Not Had Taken My Dinner At That Day:):D

But When We See Today,Whenever A Spammer Starts Spamming,Admin/Host Of That Room Asks For Help To Other Room Admins Lol.Even I Have Seen SYSOPS Are Sending ONE Room Admin To OTHER Room,To Help Admins/Hosts There Against Spammers/Abusers :D.lool:D

Though There Are Irresponsible Hosts/Admins Present In 12allchat,But There Are Still Few Hosts/Admins Who Do Their DUTY Perfectly While There Is Spamming Going On.

Responsible Admins Who Can Handle Continuous 10-12 Hour Spammers:
Admin_Attitude Killer(No Longer Admin),Admin_Red(No Longer Admin,Admin_MistyRose(Sweetu):$,Admin_Loving(Tharki),Admin_Zeus & Admin_Daisy(No Longer Admin),Admin_Volverine(No Longer Admin).

Responsible Hosts Who Can Handle Continous 10-12 Hour Spammers: Host_Mekaal,Host_Desert Eagle(EX),Host_Loving Kisom(Ex),Host_SHOT-ED :$,Host_Obstinate Kuli(EX).

Other Hosts/Admins Who Can Withstand In Front Of 3-4 Hours Spamming: Admin_Saady,Admin_Bhoot,Admin_illusion,Admin_Chocolate,Admin_Fajju(EX),Admin_Unknown(No Longer Doing Duty As Admin:D),Admin_Senti Prince(No Longer Admin),Admin_Mercy(No Longer Admin)Host_Macintosh,Host_Chikoo,Host-Magic,Host_Haani Rulz,Host_Dark-Elf(Ex),Host_CID,Host_Unremovable(EX),Host_Hidden Treasure(EX),Host_Funter Etc.

Due To Irresponsible Hosts/Admins,Chat Rooms Gets Hanged And Many Users Leaves Chat Rooms Just Due To Too Much Spamming.Thats Why I Kept This REASON On Top.

2:Many IP Ranges Are Banned On 12allchat:

Guys,In The Past,Whenever An Abuser Spams,Admins Simply Bans His/Her IP Addresses,And This Action Only Harms That Spammer.But Now A Days 12allchat Owners Started "Banning IP Ranges" Of Spammers.Due To This,Many INNOCENT & Legit Users Are Getting "You Have Been Banned" Message While Trying To Login 12allchat.This Is Much Serious ISSUE Of 12allchat Traffic Drop,Because A Spammer Is Making 10-20 Or More Users Banned,By Simply Acquiring A MODEM Which Most Of The 12allchat Visitors Uses,And Abusing Using That Modem,And Getting Its All IP Addresses RANGE BANNED.Even I Have Seen That 12allchat Owner Had Banned Many SINGLE IP FREE VPNs Like VPNBOOK,FreecloudVPN Etc.And Also Hotspot Shield Is Banned There.Now What A Normal User Will Be Going To Do When He/She Is Getting His/Her IP Is Banned There On 12allchat.Obviously They Will Search For Other Free Flash Chat Sites And Will Join It.

3:Text Size Limit Is Now At 90 Characters(Including Spaces) On 12allchat:

Now On 12allchat,You Can Write Your Chat Message Only Using 90 Characters.It Means That If I Want To Write "Dard Se Ankhein Char Krlenge Hum Bhi Imtihaan De Denge,Teri Dosti Ki Khati Ay Dosts Hum Dushmano Se Bhi Pyar Karlenge(115 Characters)" Then It Will Get Cut Like "Dard Se Ankhein Char Krlenge Hum Bhi Imtihaan De Denge,Teri Dosti Ki Khati Ay Dosts Hum Dush(90 Characters)".This Kind Of Thing Irritates Users & New Comers,So That They Are Not Be Able To Fully Write Whatever They Want In A Single Message.

12allchat Owner Had Decreased Text Character Limit To Prevent Spamming.But SIR:)Your Main Motto/Aim Is Satisfying Innocent Users & Visitors,Not Irritating Them.Mr.Alaa You Can Enable Moderated Chat Module Instead Of Limiting TEXTS.So That Hosts/Admins Can Control Their Rooms While Spam Going ON:):D.

3:Whisper/Personal Message Is Disabled On 12allchat:

Using Whisper/Personal Message Feature Of 123flashchat,One Can Send Private Message To His/Her Friend On Main Chat Screen,And This Message Will Be Only Visible To That Person.But This Feature Is Disabled On 12allchat.

4:Limited Number Of Font Types Available On 12allchat:

On 12allchat,There Are Only 10-15 Font Types Are Available Such As Comic San,Arial,Tahoma,Microsoft Sans Etc.And User Likes To Make Their Font Styles Unique From Other Chatters.

5:Image Upload Feature Is Disabled On 12allchat:

What If You Quickly Want To Show Your Photo/Picture To Your 12allchat Friend?You Will Be Needed To Open Yahoo,MSN Or Skype Messenger To Do So,Just Because "You Can Not Send Images On 12allchat":):D.

6:No Or Poor 12allchat DDOS Protection:

As We All Know That Now A Days Some Hackers Are Attacking On 12allchat Time To Time,And This TOP Chat Room Is Going OFFLINE For More Then 4 Hours Daily Or At Regular Intervals.And Due To This,Many New Comers As Well As Regular Visitors Are Migrating To Other Chat Sites.

There May Be Few Other Reasons As Well,But I Have Mentioned Most Serious One:):D

My Advices To 12allchat Developers,Owners,Sysops,Admins & Hosts:

*Try To Be Fully Available At The Time Of Spamming Going On.

*Firstly Look At The IP Addresses,Before Range Banning.You Can Range Ban A VPN IP As Much As You Want,But Avoid Banning NORMAL MODEM IPs.

*If Possible,Enable Image Upload Feature.

*If Possible,Enable Whisper/Personal Message Feature.

*If Possible Add Other Font Types As Well.(There Are Many Fonts Which Are Enable By Default In A 123flashchat Client,And,Which Mostly Are Disabled On 12allchat).

*If Possible,Try To Increase TEXT Character Limit.

*If Possible,Try To Implement EXTREME FILTERING,Which Will Make NO NEED OF BAN/KICK:):D

*Upgrade Servers As Well As Install/Hire A Perfect DDOS Protection Service:):D

*Make Hosts/Admins On The Basis Of Their Active-Ness.By The Way,Here,Activeness Does Not Means,Talking With Friends On Main Chat 4-5 Times & Saying GOOD BYE As Soon As Spamming Starts:):D

*Look At Your SYSOPS Activities As Well,And Provide A Separate EMAIL To The Admins/Hosts/USERS Who Want To Complain Against A Super Admin.I Am Not Saying That You Should Take Action Blindly Against Your Sysops(As You Usually Do In Case Of Admins/Hosts:D:):)).

*Time To Time Monitor Your Chat Room With Guest ID And Ask Different Users,Hosts & Admins About How Your Chat Is Going,Who Is Not Doing His/Her Work Etc.And If You Found One,Then You Should DO Inquiry Your Self,Not Just Asking Your Regular "JASOOS(SPYS)":):D

*Allow One Time Usage Of Semi-Abusive Words "Kutta,Kamina,Harami,Suwar,As*s,S*ex ETC" Because Many Of New Comers Uses These Kind Of Words And Gets Kicked Out,And Then Leaves Chat Room:):D

*Remove Inactive(As Per ACTIVENESS I Mentioned Above) Hosts/Admins,Assign New & Active One:):D

*Upgrade/GiveCredits To Users Who Are Regular There On Your Chat Site:):D NOT Just Users Who Are Friends Of Hosts/Admins lool:D

Thank You!:$:D
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very nice analysis and wise advices to "geniuses". :D. bro I am visiting regularly to 12all from 2012, but I can't understand so far the criteria of banning. I never abused there, but i got banned thrice. My previous IP was permanently banned, I left that and acquired another isp, BUT FROM LAST SUNDAY, IT IS ALSO BANNED WITHOUT ANY PROPPER REASON. EXCEPT ONE HOST HOST WHO HATES ME :D, AND WARNED ME TO LEFT THE CHAT IMMIDIATELY :P

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