Fake Facebook Profiles - Facebook Should Assign Hindi/Urdu Representatives For Checking Reports Against Indian/Pakistani Fake FB Profiles

Fake Facebook Profiles - Facebook Should Assign Hindi/Urdu Representatives For Checking Reports Against Indian/Pakistani Fake FB Profiles:-

About One Years Ago,I Have Seen A Fake Abusive Facebook Profile,Which Was Claiming/Showing That It Is One Of My Friend's Profile.The Profile Name Itself Was Abusive As Well As Profile Was Containing Lots Of English Abusive Words Which Are Against Facebook TOS.Even That Fake Facebook Profiler Had Sent Friend Requests To Most Of The Friends Of The REAL Girl(For Irritating Whom,That Faker Has Created That Fake Profile).Also He Had Sent Friend Request To Me As Well,But I Had Not Accepted It.

But Guys,You Will Get Shocked By Seeing That Most Of Her Friend,Had Accepted That Friend Request Sent By FB Fake Profiler:):D

As Soon As I Have Seen That Fake Facebook Profile,I Had Reported It To Facebook Support By Click Report Option On That Profile.I Think Many Of Other True Friends As Well Had Reported It.

Now,After About One Years Ago,When I Checked My Friend Reuqest List,I Was Amazed By Seeing That Fake/Abusive Profile Still Online.And Facebook Has Not Removed It Yet.

So,Again I Have Reported It,By Using Facebook Report Option.And Facebook Told Me That Keep A Track On My Report Status Progress,On My Facebook Report Dashboard.

Note:Facebook Report Status Dashboard (Aka FB Support Dashboard)Is A New Feature Added By Facebook For Viewing Your REPORT Status.

So,After 1-2 Days,When I Checked That Facebook Report Status Dashboard,It Was Saying Like "This Profile Is Not Against Facebook Community Standards".Btw,I Have Also Tried FB Report's Other Option As Well,But The Same Results Came.

So,Guys,Though This Profile Is Itself Saying That "I Am Fake",But Facebook Customer Care Did Not Had Removed This Profile/Timeline.

And,For Things Like This,I Have A Suggestion To Facebook Support Team,That Kindly Assign People Who Knows Hindi/Urdu Very Well For Checking Fake/Abusive Facebook Profiles/Timelines Created By Indian Or Pakistani Users For Irritating/Harassing Someone.

This Will Really Be Helpful For Ind/Pak FB Users Who Are Getting Irritated & Harassed By Seeing Their Fake/Abusive Profiles.Because Till Now They Can Do Nothing Except Reporting Those Fake Profiles,Asking Their Other Friends To Report It Too & Then Waiting For These Profiles To Be Checked & Removed By Facebook Support Representatives.

You Guys Too Should Report This Fake Facebook Profile By;

1:Going To This Link,

2:Click OTHER OPTIONS Button Near Message Button,

3:Then Click REPORT/BLOCK Button There

4:Click Continue.

5:Select Appropriate Options,And,Then

6:Submit Your Report.

But Remember That Our Aim Is To Remove This Profile Not Blocking:)Only:):D

Also You Can Yourself Check That How Much Older That Profile Is And How Many Of Innocent Users Are Friends Of That Fake Person:)Specially View The ABOUT Page Of This Profile:):D

Report This Fake Facebook Profile Here

Note:Whenever You See These Kind Of Fake Facebook Profiles,Always Report Against Them,It Just Takes 1 Minute To Report,But It Helps Facebook Staffs To Deal With These Profiles Easily By Viewing "Total Reports Against It".

Thank You!
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