As I Had Promised To You All Guys That I Will Be Keeping You Updated Regarding 12allchat(12 موقع دردشة) Every Week Or Month.So Here Is The Latest 12allchat November Month Updates.

During Last Week Of October,There Were Much More Incidants Happened In 12ALL Chat Room,Such As Admin_Red Is Removed,3 New People Became Admins,New Hosts Are Joining And Many More.


*Admin_Red Is Removed:- Yeah Guys,The Cruel,Rude & Insulting Guy Is No Longer Admin There On 12allchat.When Our New 12allchat News Reporters Mr. Jadu-The Tharki & Mr. Kins-The Flirty When Investigated That "Why Admin Red Get Removed From 12allcat" Than They Found The Following Points.Which I Am Writting Here For You In An Understandable Language.(As You Know Our 12allchat(12 موقع دردشة) News Reporter Are Not Well Aware About ENGLISH,They Are Such A Gaon Ke Gawar (oops) :D)

So,The Reasons Of Admin Red's Removal From 12allchat(12 موقع دردشة) Are:

1:Admin Red Was Rude With Girls.
2:Admin Red Had Banned Many Hosts There On 12allchat During His Adminship Period.
3:Admin Red Even Did Not Respect Sysops.
4:Admin Red Had Abused Or Used Bad Words With His Admin ID Many Times.

But Last Time When I Seen Him,He Was Misbehaving With A Guest,Who Was Blaming That "Admin Red Dirty Chatted With Her lol".But I Know That Admin Red Can Be Abuser,Rude Behaver,Insulter Etc. But He Was Not A Dirty Chatter,Even He Does Not Send Private Message To Girls(As He Once Told Me That "I Don't Like Girls,Then Why Should I PM Them?" lol :D)

So,The Reasons Our Reporters Had Collected Were Somewhat OK But When I Myself Investigated As Well As Asked To The Admin Red,Then Following Points Came To Be Known.

1:Admin Red Had A Fight With His Co Admin Mistyrose(a cute lovely girl:$).And When Sysop_Destiny(Destu Aka Nani Amma) Tried To Solve This Problem,Admin Red Had Used Abusive Words For Mistyrose 8-| And Even Misbehaved With Admin_lool aka Destiny *-):D.Hence She Removed Him :(

2:One Of Sysop Named Sysop_Mysterious Does Not Like Admin Red,So When She Saw That Admin Red Abused Mistyrose,She Sent His ID For Removal.Lol Grow Up Please :| Munafiki Tabyat Wale Log :D *-)

When I Personally Asked Admin Red About "What Happened?,Why You Did That?How Are You Feeling Now??" Then He Replied To Me "Actually,I Was Not In My Control,I Had Totally Lost My Mind,I Don't Remember What I Had Said To Misty & Destu,And,Why I Did That.But Now I Have Apologized To Cute Lovely Mistyrose :| In Front Of All Users Online There,Also On Facebook.And Now I Am Happy With My Friend Admin_Mistyrose,And Even She Is Saying That 'Red You Get Totally Changed Now 8-| You Are Giving More Time To Your Friends Now,I am Happy{}'.So,Lampard,I Think My Removal Made Me Good Person And Now I Will Try To Make Happy The People Who Cares For Me:|:$"

So,This Was Mr Admin_Red Saying The Real Story(As We All Know That Admin_Red Don't Lie*-):D).

The Minor But Noticable 12allchat Updates Are:

Host_Dark Elf Of Girls Chat Room(Dadi Amma,Nasihatein Karne Wali) Is Now Became Admin_ELF In Place Of Admin_Red.We also Heard That Admin_Red Is Now Giving His "Mufeed Mashvirey (wh)" To Admin_Elf & Helping Her To Do Adminship :D

Host_No Emotions Is Now Admin_No_Emotions lol ({) :D How Could A Person Having No Emotions Be Admin :@ :D.He Is Now Admin Of 12allchat Pakistan Chat Room 2.

Host_Knight Hero Became Admin_Hero Now 8-| Why Are We Calling  Him A Hero:@ He Is Hero In Only Admin_Prestigious PM :@ HUH :D.He Is No Admin Of 12allchat Poltry(Poetry) Chat Room Now *-) :| Typos Sorry :|

The Tharki Admin_Loving Made A New Girl Host In Fun Corner Room With A Nick "Host_Pata Nahi Kaun" In English "Host_Do Know Who"(lol).

Admin_Loving Also Made Miss Shanzay(Cute,Lovely,Dashing,Smart,Fessy Girl) Host There With Nickname "Host_Stubbie Pwncz" :$ Ufff:$ :D.

Admin_Chocolate Is Still Fighting With Mister ~ B A T M A N ~ And Batty Is Still Pinning Him (lol) :D.

Host_Dinosaur Is Now Host In Girls Chat Room.Wait,It Was "Host_Denise" :| :D

Host_Cage-Bird Aka Jadu JhunJhunwala Is Now Again Doing Hosting In Girls Chat Room.

Admin_Elf Is Now Offering Hostship To EX-Admin_Red lol :@ :D

Red Is Now Giving All His Time To Sorrying Admin_Mistyrose Aka Pagli :| :D:$Is Pyar Ko Hum Kya Naam De ({) ?Tameene Pehle Galiya Deta Tha Ab Line Mar Raha Bhootni De:@ :D.

Host_Current Is Now Available In 12allchat Girls Chat Room And Giving "Bila Waja" Shocks To Abusers & Pinnning Them ({) :D

Host_Goldsmith Is Now Became Fully Tharki & Tapori,He Is No More "Abi Abi Ande Se Nikla Chooza" (lollol) :D

*Haseeb Chauhan* Was Willing To Give Training Of Abuse To Ex-Admin_Red,But Later He Found That "He Was Trying To Teach The Principal Instead" (lollol) :D.

Mr. Respected NinjaBoy Is Back Now With All Of His Heart Hacking Skills:$.I Heard That He Is In Love With A Dashing Smart Fessy Girl Named "Zoya_BabyDumbell" :@ :D Zoya_BabyDoll* Typos Sorry Again:|:D

Mr.Chaos Is Back With All His Tharkism Tools :D He Is Now Finding A Aunty-Numa-Larki Of 18-19 Years :$ :D

Mr.Malangi Became "Respected User" Now :$ :D

A New Bootyfull Girl Named ßáŕbíé Ďőll_ Is Now Became Regular In Many 12allchat Rooms,Making Male Admins,Hosts & Users "Tharki" There :$ :D.I Also Heard That Admin_Loving Has Offered ßáŕbíé Ďőll_ Hostship But Barbie Madam Rejected That Offer By Saying "It Ni Bhi Bholi Nahi Hoon Main :) :D"

Ex Host_Achko Machko Aka aTTiTuD3 Is in Ma DNA Is Now A Days Spending His "Retirement Life" On Facebook :$ :D

Mr Fajar Is Now Again Friend Of Mine:$ (l) :D

Mr. Jin aka Leo Is Now Again Became My Friend:$ All Misunderstandings Are Now Gone.

Host_Rey & Host_Kriya Is Still "Gutur-Guing" In 12allchat Sunsaan Room Chitchat:D

Wait Wait Wait.The Last News Is "Master Samy Is Now In Relationship With Admin_Sonii" :$ :D

So,These Were The Updates Guys,Keep Reading Please For Future Updates,Appreciate Our Work In Your Comments And Also If You Want Your 12allchat Nickname To Be Appeared Here Then Kindly Give Your 12allchat Nick In Your Comments.

Thank You!
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Good Research! you should be part of 12all FBI unit lol

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Kitna famina hai bey tu O.o :@ :D
ab kya book likhega 12all pe :D

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