12allchat Hacked 2014 - Hackers Now Moving Towards Top Chat Site - Flash Chat Tips Tricks Hacks

12allchat Hacked 2014 - Hackers Now Moving Towards Top Chat Site - Flash Chat Tips Tricks Hacks:

12allchat Hack Details:

2 Days Ago,When I Opened My Facebook,I Saw A Status Of Host Darvaish Aka Kins There.The Status Was "12allchat Admin_Elf's ID Got Hacked,And Hacker Is Banning Each & Every Visitor/Host There".As Soon As I Saw This Status,I Joined 12allchat,I Saw There Admin-Elf Was Sitting Inside Many 12all Rooms Such As India1/2,Pakistan 1/2,USA 1/2,UK,Canada Etc.And He/She Was Joining(banning) Other Rooms As Well Whenever He/She Was Seeing Users In Those Rooms.

As I Know,12allchat Admins Are Not Allowed To Change The Rooms,I Get Agreed With Host Darvaish That "This ID Is Really Hacked".

Also This Hacker I Think Was An Arab,Because He Was Giving Ban Reasons In Arabic:D:D

By The Way,During Above Observations,Admin Elf(Hacker) Banned Me 4-5 Times:):D:(:D.But I Kept Coming Back(h):D Till He Stopped And Started Ignoring Me(nin):D.

At That Time,Only Sysop*Destiny Was There,She Was Locking(Password Protecting) Chat Rooms To Prevent New Comers Being Banned By Admin Elf:(:D.I Think 12allchat Owner Was Not Online At That Time,Hence This HACK EVENT Went On For A Longer Time:(:D.If Alaa Hamdaan Was Online,He Might Have Deleted This Hacked ID Immediately:):D.

After 2-3 Hours,Admin_Umi Aka Umair Came.And Started Discussing With That Hacker In Private Chat.Then He Convinced That Hacker To Stop:(.So The Hacker Left Admin Elf's ID.

How Hacker Hacked 12allchat Admin?:

When I Further Investigated,And I Came To Know That,This Hacker Firstly CLONED Admin_MistyRose's ID,And PMed Admin_Elf,And Given Her A Malicious LINK & Told Her To Open That Link.Also At Somewhat Similar Time,He PMed Admin Elf Using CLONE Of Sysop*Destiny ID As Well.

As,Admin_Elf Is A Sweet Admin Who Don't Know Much About These Kind Of Stuffs.She Get Confused And Thought That It Was Really DESTU,Because,That Hacker Said Destu Famous Word "LOOL" In Elf's PM.

So,Admin Elf Copy Pasted That Link In Her Browser And Opened That Link.As Soon As She Clicked ENTER Button After Pasting Link,Her Admin Elf ID Was Gone/Hacked.And The Hacker Started Banning People:D

How Admin_Elf's ID Get Hacked? - Deep Analysis:

I Think,That Malicious Link Was Having A COOKIE Stealer,Which Made That Hacker Immediately An Admin:(:D.Or May Be It Was A Key-logger,But As Admin Elf Told Me That Her ID Got Hacked Immediately As Soon As She Opened That Link,Than It Means It Was A COOKIES STEALER Instead,Which Stole The Admin Elf's LOGGED IN Cookies,And That Hacker Became Admin-Elf:(:D

Few 12allchat Host IDs Also Get Hacked:

After Getting Convinced By Admin_Umi,Though The Hacker Left Room,But He Started Private Messaging 12allchat Room Hosts With Clone Of Sysop*Destiny:D,And Asking For Their Password So That She Will Make Them Admin(lool)(lollol):D.Host_Alyaanbutt Of Pak2,Host_Heisenberg India1,And 2-3 Other Host IDs Get Hacked In Similar Way,That Is "Destu Asking Them For Providing Password:D".

What Hosts Are Saying About Clone Of Sysop*Destiny?:

Many Of Hosts Who Got PM Of That Fake Sysop*Destiny,Was Saying That They Were Not Be Able To Click KICK On That Fake Destiny.Whenever They Click On That Fake ID,There Was Not Any Option Of Kick/Mute/Ignore:(:D.

Why Hosts Were Not Be Able To Mute/Kick That Hacker?:

Because,That Hacker Was PM-ing Them First,Leaving That Room And Sitting In Other 12allchat Room.Hence They Are Not Be Able To Kick Mute Him:D.

Note:I Have Deep Idea Regarding This,But That Is A Trick An I Will Not Tell This In Public.If You Want To Know That,PM Me:(:D.

12allchat Hacker Was Having Poor Username/Nickname Cloning Skills:

That Hacker Was PM-ing & Confusing Hosts Using .Sysop*Destiny ID (Look At A DOT In The Start Please:D).After Seeing This,I Came To Know That This Hacker Don't Know "How To Clone A Username" There.She Should Leanr Nickname Cloning First From My Blog:(:D.

Does That Person Can Be Really Called As An Hacker?:

Nah,He Can Be Called As A Tricker Or Tweaker Instead,Because He Is Tricking Admins/Hosts,Not Hacking Them:D

What Should 12allchat Hosts/Admins Do Now?:

12allchat Hosts Whenever Get These Kind Of PMs,They Should Not Click Any Kind Of Links Provided By Fake Admins,And Also Should Not Give Him Their Passowrd.And Admins Should Immediately Ban These Kind Of Fake IDs.And Note Its IP Address.

Is There A Need Of Host ID Password For Being An 12allchat Admin?:

No,For Being An 12allchat Admin,You Will Not Asked To Provide Your Host ID Passwords,Instead You Will Be Given Admin ID & Password By One Of Super Admin :D:).

What Real Admin_Elf Is Doing Now?:

Once Admin_Elf Lost Her ID,She Immediately Emailed Alaa Hamadan Regarding This.Though Alaa Had Removed Hacked Admin_Elf ID,But He Did Not Mentioned Or Replied To Real Admin_Elf,Regarding "Don't Worry We Will Provide You Another ID,But Kindly Take Care Of These Kind Of Hacker In Future".Elf Also Told Me That She PM-ed Destiny For Asking The Same,But She Did Not Reply({):D.I Told Elf To Wait For 2-3 Days,May Be Alaa Is Busy These Days:(.:D.He Will Reply You Soon.

What 12allchat Owner Alaa Hamadan Should Do Now?

As We all Know That Admin_Elf Is An Innocent Admin.Though She Get Tricked By Hacker But She Should Be Warned Regarding "Don't Click Links".NOT REPLYING Is Not A Polite As Well As Professional Way Mr. Alaa And This Was Not Be Expected By A Grown UP Person Like You:).So If You Don't Want To Make Her Admin Back,Then You Should Simply Tell Her By Emailing Her.Ignoring & Not Replying To Users Is Not A Way Of "A Perfect Rule Follower" Look At Your Own Admin Rules(C.O.C),It Is Saying "Reply To User's PM,And Help Them".And You Yourself NOT FOLLOWING Rules Mr. Alaa.What Is This?.

Why Should 12allchat Owner Alaa Hamadan Restore Admin_Elf's ID Back?:

Because,I Remember,Once Admin_Shiddat Had Mistakenly Given Her Admin ID Password To One Of Her Friend,And That Friend Had Banned All 12allchat Users.After That,Alaa Removed Admin_Shidat ID And Had Given Her A NEW ADMIN ID.So,"IF HE CAN GIVE BACK ADMIN ID TO A PERSON WHO SHARED ID HER ID TO HER FRIEND,THEN.HE SHOULD GIVE ADMIN ID BACK TO A PERSON WHO JUST INNOCENTLY CLICKED A MALICIOUS LINK".

Note:As Per 12allchat Hosts/Admins C.O.C,Sharing Admin/Host ID Password With Friends,Admins,Hosts,Room Partners,Colleagues Even With Your Family Members Are Not Allowed Strictly:).Look At Original 12allchat Admin Rule Here
"Your Admin account (user name and password) is 12AllChat.com Property, and you are the only person allowed to use it, you are not allowed to reveal your password for any person, even if you’re living in same house or using same machine, we advise you to also use another personal account for your private chat, since if for any reason your Admin account removed you will lose all friends added to the Admin account friends list."

Who Are With/Against Admin_Elf's Return As Admin?:

As Per I Know,Admin_Umi,Sysop*Mysterious,And Many Users Are With Admin Elf.And I Think Only Admin_MystyRose & Her Friends,Are Against Her Back,Because I Know She Never Liked Elf:And Now Got A Chance To Make Her Friend An Admin:D.This Is The Same MistyRose Who Usually Says Admin Elf Her SISO:D.Lol Dual Face Fake People:D(oops):D

Note:For Further Information About Admin_MistyRose & Her Friend's FakeNess,Read My Post Here.

Thank You & Keep My Waiting For My Weekly 12allchat Updates Post:D

12allchat Trust Story - 12allchat Friends Reality & Misunderstandings - 12allchat Confessions

12allchat Trust Story - 12allchat Friends Reality & Misunderstandings - 12allchat Confessions:-

During Last Month,A Ho*t Story Was Running In 12allchat Room,And That Was "Why Mr Ex Admin Red Abusing His Close Friend Misty As Well As Misty's Sister Sanaya Aka Shano".Believe Me Guys,When I Too Have Seen Mr Red Aka Laalu Abusing & Blaming Misty,Talking Sh!ts About Her,I Was Feeling Like "Why This Motha Tucking AzzOwl Is Doing This","Why He Is Abusing A Cute,Smart,Sweet (etc) Girl For No Reason",And,"Why This NICE Guy Became Like An Abuser".

So,For The Investigation Regarding This,I Maked-UP My Self Like A News Reporter,And Caught Mister Red In A 12allcha Beer Bar.Firstly He Was Not In Mood Of Discussing About That Issue,He Was Saying Only One Phrase "That Chapter Is Closed In My Life Now".Than I Convinced Him That Your Matter Will Be Kept Secret & No One Will Come To Know This (wh):D(lollol).

So,Mr.Red Agreed Talking With Me(oops):D.

Lampard(Me):Sir,Firstly Tell Me That How Was Your Journey With Mistyrose?

Mr. Red Aka Laalu::$,It Was Cool.While With Her,I Was Feeling Like "She Is The Only True/Innocent/Smart/Feksy/Cute Girl In The 12allchat As Well As In The World".

Lampard(Me):Hmm,Means You Started Trusting Her?

Mr.Red Aka Laalu: Yeah,Whatever & Whenever She Told Me Regarding Others(Her Enemies),I Blindly Believed On That.No Matter In Real,She Was Wrong Or Not.But I Thought She Is Such An Innocent So That Others Don't Like Her And Tease & Taunt Her*-).

Lampard(Me):We Also Heard That You Proposed Her In PM As Well As In Front Of Many Users?(wh):$:D

Mr. Red Aka Laalu:This Is A Natural Thing:),If You Daily/Hourly/Minutely Like Someone,Than Those Likes (Like+Like+Like+Like+Like+Like+Like+Like+Like+Like+Like+...) Becomes Lots Of Likes(lol) And You Start Thinking That She Is Made For You And You Can't Live Without Her:|.Hence You Will Forcibly Going To Propose Her(h).

Lampard(Me):Wow,Great Thoughts(Gyaan Ki Baatein From Jali V Gaan*d)(y).Now Tell Us That "What Happened During Last Month So That You Started Behaving Oppositely".

Mr. Red Aka Laalu: Hmm,Let Me Tell You Whole Point To Point Details.

*Mistyrose Took Leave For A Week From Adminship Ok?

*She Told Me She Was Fed UP With These 12all Life & Want To Rest.

*I Asked Her "How Will We Chat Than?".

*She Told Me That "I Will Come Here With Fake ID Or On My FB".

*Those Days,I Was Joining 12all Chat From Evening & Waiting For Her To Come.

*But,She Was Coming Online At Or After 2AM.

*But,I Also Noticed That Miss Sanaya Aka Shano Aka Mardana Wajahat Ki Namooni,Too Was Coming At The Same Time.And While Chatting With Me,Misty Was Out Of Mind(I Think In PM Of Sanaya Aka Shano).

*Also,At Or Somewhat Similar Time,Miss Chaos Aka C Chataniya Guy Too Was Coming Online.

*I Did Not Observe This For 2-3 Days.Even When I Saw When Sanaya Aka Shano Leaves,Misty Too Was Leaving:):D.

*On 4th Day,I Went To ChitChat Room.Sanaya Aka Shano & Misty Was Talking About Miss Chaos There.They Both Was Making Joke Of Him.I Kept Observing That Only:):D.

*Then Sanaya Aka Shano Said "This Guest May Be Chaos & Listening To Us".

*Misty Too Agreed With Her.

*Than,I Thought That These Girls Are Now Making Joke Of Their Ex BF Chaos,May Be They Make Joke Of Me Too In PM.Also I Thought That These Girls Are Not Reliable & Can't Be Trusted,Because They Comes Online With Planings,One Girl Comes Then Another Comes At Same Time.May Be That Have Phonic,Skype Or FB Contacts Other Than 12allchat.And They Make Boys Fool.

*So,By Thinking Above,I Just Posted This Like "Kindly Leave Miss Chao's TICK Alone,For How Many Time You Will Going To Hold It(oops)".

Sanaya Aka Shano* Said Who Are You Mind Your Own Business Etc.Then Miss Chaos Entered Into Room.(Making Me Again Think That "These 3 People Have Telephonic Contacts":D).

*They Both Started Replying & Arguing Me.Sanaya Aka Shano Told Misty To Come With ID And Check My IP:D.

*Our Mom-Like Admin Misty Came And Checked IP.

Sanaya Aka Shano* Asked Who Is He?

*Misty Said "Ignore,Keep Him Bark".(Though She Knew It Was Me).

*Than,I Shown My Identity And Started Telling All The Shit Points Of Those 2 Girls.There Were No Users,To See What I Was Saying.But These 2 Was Reading It But Not Replying:D.

*After 4-5 Days,I Was Chatting With Admin Choco,One Of Misty Friend Admin Fairy Aka Host_Shot-ed Aka Host_Bird Of Paradise Aka Host_Police Came & Started PMing Me.

*I Closed Her PM.

*Than,She Said On Mains That "Red You Are Chutya".

*So,I Started Telling Her "How Much Dirty & Chutya I Am".

*Miss Sanaya Aka Shano Too Started Saying The Same.

*Miss Chaos Too Did The Same.

*After This All Happenings,I Have Only One Line For Misty:) "You Can Make Anyone Chutya Madam:),You Makes Chutya By Showing Your Fake Innocances,Your Fake Friendships,Your Fake Trusty Talks Etc." And Whoever Believes On It Is Nothing But A "CHOOTYA".:D:D({):D

*Lastly,I Had Taken Pangas & Fought More Than 5 Peoples Who Was Blaming Misty,Such As ECHO,FAHAD,SAHIL,FIZA,JADU,DAISY,DESTU,SOOMIN Etc.Even Destiny Had Told Me That Not To Make This Girl Your Co-Admin,But I Was Totally Out Of Mind & Made This Fake Girl Admin(oops).

*So,Appologise To Whoever I Misbehaved With,For Misty.

*And For Those Three Peoples,I Have Something To Say:-

1:Miss Chaos,I Am Feeling Jealous Of You.How Do You Manage Two Girls At A Time Dude.Tell Our Readers Your "Tricks Of Tharkism(TOT)" Please.

2:Sanaya Aka Shano,I Am Wordless For You Mam:),But Worried About My Friend Saady,Coz He Thinks You LOVE Him A Lot(oops):D.

3:And Misty Ji,I Was Never Ever Your Friend.I Was Just A Temprary Usable Thing For You.You Used Me.Till Now I Even Don't Know Why You Did That({):DIf You Tell Me I Love Someone Else({):DI Had Not Came In Your Way({):D.But What I HATE Most Is "Lie":):D,Your IDs Are ON For Your REAL Friends Not For Me:D(lollol):D.Be Happy & Keep Doing Like This To Others Please(f):D

*If I Abused Any Of You All,I Am Sorry For That,You All Made Me Like That:)

Mr. Red Aka Laalu: So,This Was My Story (oops).

Mr. Red Aka Laalu:??

Mr. Red Aka Laalu: Lampu??

Mr. Red Aka Laalu:Lampuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu???

Lampard(me): (Sleepy) Oh Oh Sad Story Sir,Hope God Will Make You Meet With A TRUE GIRL.(I Don't Think So):D

Mr. Red Aka Laalu: Thanku But This Experience Was OK To Made Me Hate Each & Every Girl*-).

Lampard(Me):Sir,Misty/Sanaya Aka Shano Did That,But Barbie Doll,Bluest,Billo,Ansha,Soomin,Misha,Fiza Etc Didn't.So What Abouth Them?:$:D

Mr. Red Aka Laalu:I Was Saying About Shareef Numa Girls Like Misty Sanaya Aka Shano Not All Tharki Looking Girls:@:D

Lampard(Me): Oh Ok Ok Sir.Only Last Point.Kindly Tell Our Reader Thought Of The Week Please.

Mr. Red Aka Laalu: Hmm,"You Can Believe A Female P!G Saying She Is Gonna Give Birth Of Your Child,BUT,BUT,BUT,Never Ever Believe A Girl Saying That She Is NOT LIKE OTHER GIRLS":):D

So,This Was Mister Red Breaking Dil K Phore(oops):D

If You Think Mister Red Did Wrong With Those Girls,Than You Can Say That In Your Comments,But You Will Have To Give Reason As Well:):D.

Protesting Online Gshti Namkeen Larki:

Another Big News From 12allchat Was A Girl Named Namkeen Larki Aka Bindas Girl Was Protesting Against "Na-Insaafiyaa" Of Hosts As Well As 12allchat Owner.I Sent My News Reporter & Spy Of Fun Corner Room Miss Barbie Doll Aka BD2 To Meet Namkeen Lakir.The Whole Conversations Are Given Below:

Miss Barbie Doll Aka BD2:Hi Mam:),How Are You?

Miss Namkeen Larki Aka Nmko:I Am Fyn:D:D:D

Miss Barbie Doll Aka BD2:
Mam Kindly Tell Our User Your First Point/Demand Of Protesting Please:(
Miss Namkeen Larki Aka Nmko:My First Demand Is That "In Pakistan Chat Room,Host Can Abuse With Host ID,And No One Removes Them For Doing This.Even If Owner Removes Him/Her,Then Admin Makes Him/Her Host Again With A Different ID:@".

Miss Barbie Doll Aka BD2: For Example?
Miss Namkeen Larki Aka Nmko: Yesterday Night,Host_Lahori 4m Karachi Misbehaved Me With Host ID,He Not Allowed Me Into Pakistan Chat Room,Kicked A User Who Was Fighting With Him For Doing This With Me.So The Point Is "As Per 12allchat Rules,No One Can Be NOT ALLOWED Unless Until It Is An ORDER Of Owner:|".

Miss Barbie Doll Aka BD2: So,You Want OWNER To Take An Action Against This?Siso?(scr)
Miss Namkeen Larki Aka Nmko: Yeah,Mr Alaa Uddin Should See Their Hosts/Admins:@,What They Are Doing With An INNOCENT,CUTE,FESSY & SWEET User Like Me::((.

Miss Barbie Doll Aka BD2:
Who Is Alaa Uddin??8-|
Miss Namkeen Larki Aka Nmko: Owner Of 12allchat Yaar:@:D

Miss Barbie Doll Aka BD2:
Lol Idiot,He Is Alaa Hamadaan,Not Alaa Uddin(oops).

Miss Namkeen Larki Aka Nmko: Ek Hi Baat Hai:D:D:D:D

Miss Barbie Doll Aka BD2:
Next Point Please!

Miss Namkeen Larki Aka Nmko: Next Point Is "Admin Choco Ko Kisne Hakk Diya Zatiyaat Par Keechar Uchaalne Ka:@".He Was Saying Me "You Are Blah Blah Girl Etc.Host Did Right With You:@:@:@".

Miss Barbie Doll Aka BD2: Very Funny:D:D.OK Next Point Please!
Miss Namkeen Larki Aka Nmko: Who Can Save Innocent Users(ME) From These Bhediya Numa Hosts/Admins:@:D

Miss Barbie Doll Aka BD2: Siso,I Just Asked Host Lahori About Your Point,And He Is Saying That You Had Used Bad Words On Mains,And When He Muted/Warned You,You Started Arguing With Him*-).

Miss Namkeen Larki Aka Nmko::@:D.There Are Two Ways Of Giving Warnings,One Is Humble Another Is Rude Way:@.He Used Second Way To Warn Me Huh:@:|.

Miss Barbie Doll Aka BD2: Ahaan,Ok Siso.But As Per My Knowledge,Admin Choco Is A NICE GUY:(:|So How Come He Misbehaved You:|.
Miss Namkeen Larki Aka Nmko: :@He May Be Behaves Nice With You:@ But Not With Me:|::((Mummyyyyyyyyyyyyy::((

Miss Barbie Doll Aka BD2:
Oh Don't Cry Siso{}{}Till Telling Us Your Last Point:(:D.
Miss Namkeen Larki Aka Nmko: ::((Next Point Is "Why Alaa Wants People To Upgrade VIP IDS To Show Their GentlemanShip & Nice Usership.Is Not A Guest Too Can Be A Nice User??Isn't This A VIP User Money Earning SCAM?,So That People Spents Money To UPGRADE To A VIP 12allchat Membership And Also They Earns Respects From Hosts/Admins*-)".

Miss Barbie Doll Aka BD2: Ok Siso,As For Your 1st & 2nd Points,I Will Talk To Admin Choco As Well As Sleepy Sysop Destiny{}{} AND For Your Last Point,I Too Will Join Your 12allchat Protesting Group:|Will You Give Me Discount Siso?:({}
Miss Namkeen Larki Aka Nmko: Yeah Of Course,Sisters Hoti Kisliye Hai{}:D

Miss Barbie Doll Aka BD2: Thanku Siso{}

Miss Namkeen Larki Aka Nmko: My Pleasure Honey:$:-*(l):D

Nimko Ji,Uske Ghar Der Hai Lekin Andher Nahi,Apko INSAAF Zarur Milega Fikar Not:|:D

12allchat Comments & Events Of The Week:

*Jadu & Neha Behen Bhai Ki Jodi Salamat Rahe:D:

hOst_egOiStic aNgel: nai height tu tum se b lmbi ho gi jady

!!~*(J@du)*~!!: mujh se agr lambi ho to wapda wala khambaa samjh k lay jain g

*Choco-Killer Aloney & Jadu *-):D:

αℓσηє_вσу: Mai Nazer Nhi Aa Raha Heroo Maray Ga Tu Mai Bano Ga Admin

αℓσηє_вσу: Kyun k Choco Nhi Marne Wala

!!~*(J@du)*~!!: choco aur saady tu saanp ban k baithy howy pak1 aur meet ma

*Biwi I Mean Bhabi Ho To Aisi:

ßáŕbíé Ďőll_: hey aisa nahi kaho rehan ap bohat achay ho

ßáŕbíé Ďőll_: 1 achay insaan ko acha hi kahongi mai rehan or kia bura kahon apko

*Lady Puneet:

sunny leone: main sirf destiny ko pareshaan karti huan

*Abeer-Sheikh's Bezti:D:

smartissmart: mein public chat per tumhari besti nahi kerna chahti hoon

*Quotes By Choco Baba:

admin_chocolate: sonic jab hi bola hai chat pe aao tu apni shakal ghar pe hi chor k aaya karo

*Chaddi-Less Maji:

admin_chocolate: majiii jao jaldi wapis chadi pehn k aao

*JADU Ke Khwab Me Cheehre:D:

!!~*(J@du)*~!!: ma jab sysop banu ga sirf apni id colour karon ga

hOst_miNd ReaDer: Tu bus SOYA'SOOP Banaspati banay ga

*DhokeBaaz Admin Loving:

Admin_LOvInG: yeah i love you you too sophie

*Alone Boy's Fear(Or Lazy Hosting):D:

αℓσηє_вσу: Rehan Tu Insaan Ban Ja Abuser Se Zayda Khatra Tuj Se Retha Hai

αℓσηє_вσу: Rehan Tu Aache Khasi Baat Karty Karty Start Ho Jata Hai

*Admin_Sugar Aka Kamito Don't Know Meaning Of LUN:D:

admin_sugar: he said lun

*Lulli-less Girl ED Abusing Funny(oops):D:

ed8769:        haha maa ka kya kasoor kyon main to tri gand maron ga

*New Lool Gang Member:

WHITE_SHARK: lool u here also wind chain...ty

*Slim W/O GyM Girl Greeno:

HOst_GrEEn_EyEs_20: main mooti nhi hoon bus zara weith zada ha

*Host Hania Appreciating Choco's Three Diamonds:

Host_Hania: 3 nikame host no 1 hb no 2 alone  no 3 kins

*Cute Sach Me Badmash Hai(lollol):

cute badmash: guest  tari  baji  toh  bakron ko bh bolti ha bus itna sah

*Jadu Is A Female8-| OMG?88-|:D:

aDmin_Elf:      jadu sis

aDmin_Elf:      jadu sis apne kabhi nahin bataya

*Dayan Kinso:D:

hOst_DarvaiSH: Host_BReaKinG NewS: me shirt phar kr greenO greenO chillaonga       

hOst_DarvaiSH: host_GREEN_EyEs_20: me rang purane pain ka             news kharab salan ka pani      

*Comando Aka Chootya/Chutya/Chutiya/Chootiya:

Mister Comando Reads This Blog Regularly,Though He/She Don't Like My Articles,But He/She Still Uses FREE VPNs Given In Here.He Said Below Line Yesterday To Me.

commando reloaded: red chotiya farig  tareen insan gando  nasal :D blog me khud se bat karta:D

Tell Me Guys,I Am Chootya? Or This Person Is Chootiya Himlesf Who Regularly Reads My Thoughtful Articles:D:DEven He Don't Like It:D:D

*Cute Badmash Again In Action Against Barbie Doll And Host_Psychic Dreamer:D:

cute badmash: drummr  jawani mn ap shola thn ub gola ho

cute badmash: dreamr kia din tha jb ap k patla patla hath hota tha ub toh mari tang jitna aik

cute badmash: hath ha ap ka

cute badmash: doll ap ko dakh  kr mojh apni nani ka akhri tym yad ajata  ha buddi doll

*Yucks Abeeha aka Abeehu:

` Abeeha Khan `: Kis kis ko tatti nahi aati???? Haath Uthao

` Abeeha Khan `: Nhi rehaan jee Pakhana female hoti hy

*Admin_Alphaa Aka Maji Is Back Again & Doing Adminship In Pakistan1 & Meet New Friends Chat Room.He Was Admin In Pak2/Poetry And Then Left For Couple Of Months.

*Mister VIP Is Again Disappeared From 12allchat,After Doing 1-2 Weeks Dhinga Masti:D:D

*Host_Tiger Inside Sam Is Now Admin Of Canada/UK Chat Room.His Admin ID Is Admin_Tiger Sam:):D.Congrats To Him:):D

*Sysop_Mysterious Is Again On A Leave(oops):D

*Host_Tune_Meri_Jana Is Spaming Statuses On Facebook These Days.

*1-3 People Tucked Host_Darvaish Aka Kinso Last Week,He Had 12 Stitches On His Pichwara.He Is Now Feeling Better After A Compromise.But He Is Similarly Tucked By His OWN FRIENDs As Like Admin Red Was:|:D

12allchat Ban Reasons Of The Week:

*You have been banned For Abusing!Reason: Time to end a shitty day and start again tomorrow. good night rehan:-*

*DεαĎ Vïııīαη was moved to the Blacklist and Kicked out of the room by Admin_LOvInG! Ban reason is:::::: When an angel came to me, he asked: What is your wish for tonight? I said Please take care of the person reading this message. Good Night! ::::::

*hOst-MagiC was moved to the Blacklist and Kicked out of the room by admin_chocolate! Ban reason is:::::: mere hath rakhne se halat kharab ho jati hai logon ki (think) tum ne ban ka bola hai soch ab tera kya haal hoga :D ::::::

*You have been banned For Abusing!Reason: 9mm check tou kro chaltay b ho yeah phuss ho Qasim ki tarha :D

*ab hum kahan jaen was moved to the Blacklist and Kicked out of the room by AdmIn_SenOrita! Ban reason is:::::: PAhle ap ke chakar mai henzu ke train nikal gye :D ab chalte jao good nite  :::::

*!!~ vIp ~!! was moved to the Blacklist and Kicked out of the room by admin_chocolate! Ban reason is:::::: 'Ř@îйŷ-ĚŷĚš':  ki por zor farmaish pe tm ko ban :D:::::::

*commando reloaded was moved to the Blacklist and Kicked out of the room by aDmin_Elf! Ban reason is:::::: munh band rakho ::::::

*ab HUm kahan jaen was moved to the Blacklist and Kicked out of the room by Admin_Se7en! Ban reason is:::::: you must go home ::::::

*PUNEET GOEL was moved to the Blacklist and Kicked out of the room by Admin_LOvInG! Ban reason is:::::: puneet to destu :sOchta hU kAbHi UtAr Ke DekHu Us ke Dil me kOn bAsA hAi Us me jO MujHe bAsNe nAhi DeTa ::::::

Note:I Was Mentally Upset During Last Month,And Was Not Be Able To Concentrate On Articles,That's Why Many Of Comments/Events In This Article Are Not A TIME SPECIFIC,But I Had Collected Even While Having Mind "Out Of Order":D(oops)

Thank You!

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Steganos Is A Leading Security Software Selling/Making Company In The World.It Has Created Many Software For Protecting Imported Data Online.One Of Most Famous Product/Service Created By Steganos Is "Steganos Online Shield".

The Steganos Online Shield Is Nothing But A VPN Service,Which Secures Steganos Users Online By Encrypting Their Connections To One Of Its Servers.It Is Something Like Masking The IP Address To Protect Against Hackers As Well As Data Loss.

Steganos Online Shield Provides IP Addresses From USA,UK,Germany,France,Singapore,Switzerland,Egypt,Japan,Spain,Romania & Turkey.These Servers Are Highly Secured As Well As Faster Servers.If You Have A Broadband Connection,Then You Will Notice That Steganos Shield Servers Are Quite Faster Than Any Other VPN Providers.As I Have Noticed The Same Using My NetConnect Stick,Which Normally Gives Speeds Of 50-100 KBPS.

Also,Before Purchasing Steganos Online Shield,You Can Try It For Free For As Much As Time You Want.I Think Pro Users Will Get More IP Addresses For Switching(It Is Just My Thinking,I Haven't Checked It Yet Though).

And,If You Are A Serious Professional User & Want To Protect Your Connection,Than Steganos Charges About 29.95 USD Per Year.You Can Compare Steganos VPN Price With Other TOP VPN Providers,Than Decide "Buy It Or Not".

Tutorial To Use Steganos Online Shield:

Step1:Download Free Steganos Online Shield.

Step2:Run It

Steganos Shield VPN

Step3:It Will Ask You To Provide A Valid Email ID,So DO SO.Than It Will Download Steganos Shield VPN Client,Install & Will Run It Automatically.Premium Steganos VPN
Step4:Now,To Connect,Move The Button Towards ON State Using Your Mouse.how to use steganos vpn
Step5:Wait Till Steganos Server Gets Connected Successfully.
Step6:Go To Here & Check Your IP Address.
Step7:Additionally,If You Want To Change Country/Location,Than Simply Click MENU,Than Click SHIELD LOCATION And Than Click Any Country Name There.Steganos Will Assign IP Address Of That Country.


Steganos Online Shield Features:

*Faster Server Switching.

*Free Trial.

*Faster Registration.

*Connection Reliability.

*No Data Bandwidth.

What You Can Do While Shielded By Steganos Online Shield VPN?

*You Can Unblock Facebook,Twitter,Gmail Etc.

*You Can Access Restricted Forums/Blogs.

*You Can Bypass/Break Online Chat Room Bans,Such As Loke Chat,12allchat Etc.(Remember If You Are Getting Banned Message,Than Simply Change Server Of Steganos).

What Is Annoying In Steganos Online VPN Shield?

The Online Annoying Thing I Observed Is "After Installing Steganos Shield,When I Tried To Play Tomb Raider 4 PC Game,Than My Computer Was Getting Crashed Again & Again,Till I Uninstalled Steganos Online Shield".

Do I Recommend Steganos Online Shield To My Readers?

OfCourse Yes,Because I am Really Impressed With Steganos Servers Accessibility & Its Somewhat "Mere Registration Process" For A Free Trial Account.

Try It Guys.

Thank You!

Note:I Will Update This Post For Steganos Online Shield Trial Expiration Period,Because I Had Found No Clue Regarding This Yet.

Best KeenVPN Review - How To Use Keen VPN For Unblocking Sites In USA/UK/Ca/Germany - Free Premium VPN Trial

Best KeenVPN Review - How To Use Keen VPN For Unblocking Sites In USA/UK/Ca/Germany - Free Premium VPN Trial:-

KeenVPN Is A Premium Virtual Private Network Provider,In Which,Your Connection Is Routed Through A Secured Private Tunnel.When You Connect Through One Of KeenVPN Servers,Your Data Is Completely Encrypted Behind An IP Address Belonging To One Of KeenVPN Servers.Keen VPN Is A Faster VPN Connection Service Because It Does Not Have Too Many Servers As Well As Does Not Have To Manage Servers In More Than 4 Countries,i.e. American,United Kingdom,Canada & Germany.

The Best Positive Point Which Caught My Eyes Towards KeenVPN Is Its 3-day Free Trial.And This Trial Does Not Have Any Kind Of Data Limits,Server Limits Or Connection Limits.It Means That "You Can Use KeenVPN Premium For Free For 3 Days".

During These 3 Day Trial Period,You Can Check/Test Keen VPN Server Reliablity,Up-Time,Speed Etc.And If You Get Satisfied,Than You Can Buy Premium Keen VPN Account At 39.95 USD For One Year.Remember That There Is No Monthly Plan In KeenVPN.But If We Multiply 39 With 12,Then It Seems You Are Paying KeenVPN 3.2 USD Monthly,Which Is Much Cheaper Than Other Premium/Pro VPN Providers In The Market.

As Free VPN User,You Will Get Total 23 Servers Located In USA,UK,Canada & Germany.

Tutorial To Use KeenVPN Trial:-

Step1:Download KeenVPN Client Software From Here.And Install It.

Step2:Run Installed KeenVPN.exe.
keenvpn review
Step3:Now A box Will Come Saying You Can Use Keen VPN For Next 3 Days For Free.CLICK "TRY" Button There To Start Your 3 Day KeenVPN Trial.

Step4:Now KeenVPN Client Window Will Come,Showing Different Servers,Countries & IP Addresses.
free trial keenvpn
Step5:Now Click Any Of Server/IP Address Line.Then Click CONNECT.Wait Till KeenVPN Gets Fully Connected.Once Connected,It Will Look Like As Shown In Image Above.

Step6:Go To Here And Check Your IP Address.


Additional Features Of KeenVPN:-

*No Registration/Signup Required To Use KeenVPN Trial.

*You Can Unblock Facebook,Twitter,Gmail In Your Offices,Colleges,Schools Etc.

*You Can Access Online Chatrooms Like 12allchat,143allchat Etc.When Banned.KeenVPN Is Sufficient To Beak Any Kind Of Chat Room Ban.

*You Can Use KeenVPN To Chat With Your Friends On Skype,YMessenger,MSN Etc. Securely.

*Faster Connect/Disconnect Speeds.

Note:In Some Cases,If KeenVPN Client Is Not Appearing After Double Clicking,Then You Will Have To Restart Your Computer After Installations.

Main NEGATIVE Point Of KeenVPN:

I Have Observed That While Using Trial,Only UDP Protocols Are Allowed.It Means That,We Can Not Connect To The Servers Having TCP Protocols,Such As Flash Chats,Facebook,Google Search Etc.(Though Its OpenVPN Will Work Fine).

Thank You!

Hot Free VPN Review & Tutorial - How To Use HotFreeVPN Dialer - Free Unlimited PPTP VPN Provider

Hot Free VPN Review & Tutorial - How To Use HotFreeVPN Dialer - Free Unlimited PPTP VPN Provider:-

Another Great Free PPTP VPN Service "Hot Free VPN" Is Here.It Is The Best Service I Found Amongst The Other PPTP Based VPNs,I Have Posted Here On This Blog.I Started Using HotFreeVPN 7-8 Months Ago,And Also I Thought I Have Posted An Article About This Free VPN Service On This Blog.But When I Checked My Published Articles List,There Were No Results For "HotFreeVPN" Or "Hot Free VPN".

So,Last Night,I Have Decided To Write A VPN Review As Well As Short Tutorial For HotFreeVPN.

Basically,The Hot Free VPN Is A PPTP VPN.As Per My Knowledge Of Networking,PPTP Protocol Is Fastest Protocol Amongst Others.It Needs Very Few Memory As Well As Little Configuration Changes.Also It Does Not Require Any Kind Of Installations On The System.

As Hot Free VPN Is PPTP VPN,It Provides 3 IP Addresses Belonging To USA,UK & Canada Servers.And These Servers Are Fast & Smooth Enough Due To Their PPTP NATURE.

Hot Free VPN Can Be Used While Sharing Files,Chatting Online,Downloading Stuffs,Browsing Etc.It Totally Secures Your Network Connection And Masks Your IP Address To One Of Its Server IP Address.

Lastly,Hot Free VPN Is Totally Free VPN Service.It Never Expires Nor Charges For Data Consumption.You Can Use It As Lifetime Free VPN Without Any Kind Of Hesitations.

HotFreeVPN Dialer Tool:

As We Know That Many Computer Noobs Does Not Know How To Configure/Setup A PPTP VPN On Their Computer,I Have Created A Ready Made VPN Dialer Tool For Them.Just Download It And Start Browsing Securely Online.

Tutorial To Use Hot Free VPN Dialer Tool:

Step1:Download HotFreeVPN Dialer.

Step2:Run It.

Step3:Select Server.

Step4:Click Connect.

Step5:Enter Username As free & Password As 1234.

Step6:Click Connect.

Step7:Go To Here & Check Your IP Address.


Note:Hot Free VPN Disconnects Every 8 Hours.After 8 Hours,Simply Restablish Your Connect Again.

Thank You!

Free VPNME Review & Tutorial - How To Use FreeVPN.ME Dialer To Surf Anonymously - Free Unlimited Vpn Provider

Free VPNME Review & Tutorial - How To Use FreeVPN.ME Dialer To Surf Anonymously - Free Unlimited VPN Provider:-

Free VPN.Me Is Another Virtual Private Network Provider,Which Is Providing A Lifetime Free Trial For Its Users,Who Want To Test Free VPN Services.The Main Feature Of FreeVPN.ME Is That While Checking Its IP Address On IPADDRESS.com,I Found That There Is "Anonymous Proxy" In Country Field.This Means That "You Can Browse Internet Using FreeVPN.me Without Belonging To Any Country".The Country Tracker Of Websites Will Show "Unknown Country" To Admins.

Tutorial To Use FreeVPN.Me Dialer Tool:

Step1:Download FreeVPN Dialer From Here.

Step2:Run It.

Step3:Select Server.

Step4:Enter Username As pptp

Step5:Enter Password Given Here At This Page.Password Will Be Different For Both Server.

Step6:Click Connect.
Step7:Check Your New IP Address Here.


Thank You!

Best VPN Shazam Review & Tutorial - How To Use VPNShazam To Unblock Websites Anonymously - Free Premium VPN Trial

VPN Shazam Tutorial
Best VPN Shazam Review & Tutorial - How To Use VPNShazam To Unblock Websites Anonymously - Free Premium VPN Trial:-

VPN Shazam Is A Premium Service Provider Which Is Having Its 73+ Servers In 33+ Countries,Such As USA,UK,Canada,Netherlands,Germany,India,NewZealand,France,Russia,Romania Etc.It Seems That VPN Shazam Is Covering 4 Continents Asia,Europe,Australia & America While Providing Its Secure As Well As Private Services.I Found That There Are Very Few VPNs In The Market Who Are Providing This Feature Like VPN Shazam.

The VPN Shazam Is Supporting Almost All Kind Of Devices & Operating Systems Such As Windows XP,Windows Vista,Windows 7,Apple,iPhone,Android Etc.

Also VPN Shazam Is Providing Free Trial Account For Its Customers Who ant To Test Its Premium Services Before Investing Money.This Free Trial Account Is Fully Functional Having All The Premium Features,And Will Lasts For 1 Hour Only.This Much Time Is Sufficient To Check Whether VPN Shazam Satisfies You Or Not.

Lastly,The Premium VPN Shazam Packages Are Also Cheaper Then Other VPN Providers,Starting From 14.00USD/3Month To 19.00/3Months.19.00 Plan Will Be Having Dyniamic IP Servers.

If You Are Serious In Buying A Cheap But Reliable VPN Service,Then You Should Try VPNSHAZAM Trial First,Then Think About Investing Your Money.

Tutorial To Use VPN Shazam To Unblock Any Type Of Internet Restrictions:-

Step1:Go To Here & Enter Your Email,Name & Comment As "I Want To Test Service".

Step2:Check Your Inbox For Login Details As Well As VPN Shazam Windows Client Download Link.

Step3:Click Download Link Given There & Install It.Or Download Client Directly From Here.

Step4:Run VPN Shazam Smart.

Step5:By Using Information Given In Email,Enter The Details In VPN Shazam Client.But Remember If You Choose L2TP Protocol,Then You Will Be Needed To Provide Pre-shared Key As 12345678 .

Step6:After Getting Connected,You Can Switch Between Different Servers,But I Think 1 Hours Trial Does Not Give Much Room For Testing Each & Every Server,BUT You Can Guess "What Kind Of VPN Is This"


Merits Of VPN Shazam:-

*Wide Range Of VPN Servers Located World Wide.

*Cheaper As Well As Attractive Monthly Plans.

*Light Weight VPN Client Application.

*Trial Account Gets Activated Immediately.

Demerits Of VPN Shazam:

While Trying Shazam VPN,I Have Found That There Are No Instructions To Use Shazam VPN.Though It Is Providing Setup Tutorial For All Kind Of Protocols As Well As OS,But No Tutorial For How To Use "VPN Shazam Smart Aka VPNShazam Client Application".The Email I Got While Registering Trial Account Was Containing Username/Password And Host/IP Address.But There Was No Instructions For How To Use That IP Address.Also Shazam VPN Was Saying That They Provide Trial Accounts To Check Its Servers,But One IP Address In That Email Seems That "Only One Server To Be Tested".

Hope,VPN Shazam Team Will Consider Above Demerits To Be Improved.Because A New Customer(Newbie) Will Never Going To Buy This Kind Of VPN,Which Makes Him/Her Fully Confused.Also There Should Be Advice Like "Blah Blah .Net FrameWork Version Will Be Needed For VPN Shazan Client Installations".

Note1:If You Are Getting Errors,Simply Update Your .Net Frame Work To Latest Version Before Applying To VPN Shazam Free Trial.

Note2:If You Like To Setup Connections Manually On Your Dervice/OS,Then Go To Here.

Thank You!.

Free VPN Access Review & Tutorial - How To Use FREEVPNACCESS To Get USA/UK/NL/CA IP Address - Unlimited Free VPN Provider

Free VPN Access Review & Tutorial - How To Use FREEVPNACCESS To Get USA/UK/NL/CA IP Address - Unlimited Free VPN Provider:-

Free VPN Access Is The Most Promising Free PPTP VPN Service Provider In The Market.The Users Of FreeVPN Access Have Many Choices Of Servers To Be Selected,Out Of 4 Countries USA,UK,Netherlands & Canada.

Free VPN Access Is Having 2 Servers In USA,2 Servers In UK,1 Server In Canada & 1 Server In Netherlands.You Can Select Any Of These Servers,While Browsing Internet Privately.

For Example,

*If You Want To Watch UK/USA TV Shows,Then You Can Choose Free VPN Access USA Or UK Servers.

*If You Want To Access Canadian Or Netherlands Websites Then You Can Choose Free VPN Access CA Or NL Servers Instead.

Few Features Of Free VPN Access:

*Free Lifetime Trial Period.

*Unlimited Free Data Bandwidth.

*High Anonymity.

*No Signup/Registration Needed.

*Having Servers Located In Two Continents America & Europe.

*Faster Connection Speeds.

How To Use Free VPN Access Dialer Tool To Get UK/USA/CA/NL IP Address Freely?

Step1:Download FreeVPNAccess Dialer From Here.

Step2:Open It By Double Clicking On It.

Step3:Choose Any Server From Free VPN Access Server List.

Step4:Click Connect,A Popup Will Come,Having Username/Password Field.

Step5:Enter Username As freevpnaccess.com

Step6:Go To Here And Copy Paste Respected Password For Your SELECTED SERVER.

Step7:Now,After Entering Username/Password,Click CONNECT.

Step8:Visit This Website To Check Your New American/Europian IP Address Or Identity.


Note1:The Free Access VPN Password Changes Time To Time,So,Checkout Their Website If You Are Unable To Connect,And Try New Passwords Given There.

Note2:I Have Created This VPN Tutorial For Making My 12allchat Friends Access 12allchat,Because Many Of Them Now A Days Seeing "You Have Been Banned!" Error While Trying To Open 12allchat Online Flash Chat Room.

Thank You!

Free SSTP VPN Review & Tutorial - How To Use Free SSTP VPN Dialer - Unlimited Free VPN Provider

Free SSTP VPN Review & Tutorial - How To Use Free SSTP VPN Dialer - Unlimited Free VPN Provider:-

Free SSTP VPN Is A Latest Free VPN Provider In The Market,Which Enables Its Users To Surf/Browse Internet Privately While Having A USA/UK/NL Based IP Address.

Features Of Free SSTP VPN:

*Easy To Use.

*No Bandwidth Limits.

*No Speed Caps.

*No Registration Needed.

*Works With Any Windows Plateform,Mobile Devices,PS3 Etc.

*No Expiry Period.

*No Password Changing In Timely Manner.

I Have Read Free SSTP VPN Setup Instructions On Their Website,But As I Know Many Users Of This Blog Are Not COMPUTER GEEK,Hence I Have Created A FreeSSTPVPN Dialer Tool For Ease.


Step1:Download Free SSTP VPN Dialer.

Step2:Run Or Open It.

Step3:Now Select Server USA,UK Or Netherlands.Click Connect.

Step4:Now Enter Username As vpn And Password As freesstp

Step5:Click Connect.

Step6:Go To Here If You Want To Check Your NEW SSTP VPN IP ADDRESS.

Step7: Enjoy.

Note:After Trying This VPN,I Have Found That Free SSTP VPN Only Works On Windows 7 Or Above.Because,Windows XP Doesn't  Supports SSTP Protocol.Also In Windows 7/8,You Will Be Needed To Goto Properties=>Networking.And Then Select SSTP From "Type Of VPN" Section

Note:Few Of My 12allchat Friends Were Experiencing "You Have Been Banned!" Error While Connecting 12allchat.But Now They Can Connect Easily By Using FreeSSTPVPN Dialer.

Thank You!

Free Hotspot VPN Review & Tutorial - How To Use FreeHotspotVPN Dialer - Unlimited Free VPN Provider

Free Hotspot VPN Review & Tutorial - How To Use FreeHotspotVPN Dialer - Unlimited Free VPN Provider:-

If You Are Regular User Of Public Wi-fi Networks And Worried About Your PRIVATE Information May Be Getting Stolen By Hackers Or Any Other NETWORK Observers,Then You Can Simply Use Free Hotspot VPN Service To Avoid Being Tracked While Using Public Wi-fi.The FreeHotspotVPN Is Not A Hotspot Shield VPN Service(I Think Many Users Will Be Going To Think This While Reading Its Name).Free Hotspot VPN Can Be Used To Watch USA Or UK Based TV Shows,Dramas,News,Restricted Stuffs Etc.

The FreeHotspot VPN Completely Hides Your Real IP Address By Tunneling Your Network Traffic Through Its Servers(UK Or USA Server),Hence Making You Totally Invisible To Websites You Are Visiting As Well As Your ISP.

Few Features Of Free Hotspot VPN?

*Totally Free/Limited VPN.

*No Registration Required.

*No Expiry Date.

*No Bandwidth Limits.

*Free Lifetime Trial.

*Fast Connection Speeds.

I Have Created VPN Dialer Tool For Free Hotspot VPN For Ease Of My Visitors.

How To Use Free Hotspot VPN Dialer Tool To Get USA/UK IP Address Easily?

Step1:Download FreeHotspotVPN Dialer Tool From Here.

Step2:Run/Open It.

Step3:Select Server(USA Or UK).

Step4:Click Connect.A Popup Window Will Come, Asking You Username & Password.

Step5:Enter Username As freehotspotvpn

Step6:For Password,Go To Here And Look For Password Related To Server You Have Chosen.

Note:For USA Server,Look In Front Of USA Server Field.And,For UK Server Password,Look In Front Of UK Server Field.

Step7:After Entering Username/Password,Click Connect.

Step8:Go To Here & Check Your IP Address To Ensure You Are Connected To Free Hotspot VPN Server Or Not.


Note:If You Are Facing 12allchat Ban,Then You Can Use This VPN To Access 12allchat Easily.

Thank You!

Free No Signup/Register VPN - How To Use CyberGhost VPN Without Registration - Free Premium VPN Review

Free No Signup/Register VPN - How To Use CyberGhost VPN Without Registration - Free Premium VPN Review:-

CyberGhostVPN Is The Leading Premium As Well As Free VPN Service Provider In The Market.Almost All Internet Users Knows The Name & Reputations Of This VPN.The Cyber Ghost VPN Has Its Servers Located In USA,UK,Canada,Germany,Switzerland,Netherlands,Romania,Spain Etc.It Has Huge List Of Satisfied Users As Well As Customer.

But,Here In This Post,We Will Be Only Discussing About Cyberghost Free Servers.So,For A Free User Like Me & You(May Be:D),Cyberghost VPN Is Providing 20 Free Servers Located In Germany,UK,USA,Ireland,Finland,Norway Etc.There Are 4 Cyberghost Servers Are In Germany(Don't Know Why Yet:D).

So Guys,If You Are;

*Banned From ChatRooms Like 12allchat Etc.

*Banned From Forums,Blogs Etc.

*Blocked By Schools,Colleges,Offices Etc.

*Unable To Access Youtube.

*Unable To Get In Touch With Your Friends Facebook,Google Plus,Twitter Etc.

*Simply Willing To Surf Anonymously.

Than,You Should Use CyberGhostVPN In Case Of You Don't Have Money To Spend Or Don't Want To Waste Your Time In Registering For Account.

How To Use Cyber Ghost VPN Without Creating Account?

I Found That One Can Use Cyberghost VPN Without Having Account.So Here Are The Tutorial To Make Your Self Invisible On The Web Using This VPN.

Step1:Firstly Download & Install Internet Explorer 8 From Here.

Note:Cyberghost Installations Need IE8 To Be Installed On Your PC.

Step2:Now Restart Your PC After IE8 Is Installed Completely.

Step3:Now,Download Cyberghost VPN Client/Software From Here.

Step4:Install It.

Step5:Now Open Newly Installed Cyberghost VPN Application.
Free Cyberghost VPN
You Will See The Interface Like Given In The Above Image.

Step6:Click "Automatic" Button At Left.(Below Simulated Country).
Free Premium VPN
Step7:Now Scroll Down To The Country List,And Click The Country Name Which Is Having Very Few Users Online.(Look For Free Users Column For Currently Online Users).How To Use Cyberghost VPN
Note:Country Names Having A STAR Symbol Are Premium/Paid Servers,Don't Waste Your Time To Try Them.

Step8:After Clicking Server,The Select Server Line Will Go Yellow.

Step9:Click OK To Close That Window.
Break Ban Using CyberghostVPN
Step10:Now Click Middle Radio Button To Connect To That Server.As Shown In Picture Above.

Step11:Cyberghost VPN Client Will Try Connecting To That Selected Server.Once Connected,You Can See Server Speed Difference For Premium & Free Users.
Free VPN Provider
Step12:You Can See Your New Cyber Ghost VPN IP Address In The Middle Of Client.

Step13:Now You Can Freely Open Any Chat Room,Forum,Or Any Online Contents Anonymously.

NOTE: When You First Time Click CONNECT Button,A Popup Will Come Asking You To Upgrade Your Account Or Wait For 1 Minute.So,Wait For 1 Minute Then Simply Click "Continue With Free" Button To Close That Box.This Window Will Never Come Again Unless Until You Disconnect VPN.Though You Can Switch Servers Without Interruptions.

Though The Cyberghost VPN Is A Free VPN Service,But The Only Annoying Thing In Using It Is "You Need To Have Internet Explorer 8 Installed On Your Computer".May Be Cyberghost VPN Is Promoting IE8 In This Wat.But Don't Worry,Once Installed & Connected,You Can Use Any Browser To Surf Invisibly.

Additionally,If You Create A Free Account On Cyberghost Then You Will Get A Fixed 1GB/Month Bandwidth.So,Try This Too,If You Want.

And Lastly,You Can Check My Post On Getting Cyberghost Free Premium Account For 1 Month.


I Humbly Request You Guys,Not To Abuse This Free VPN Service,Or Use It For Illegal Activities,Because Once You Do This,Many Users Will Lost This Worthy Free VPN For Getting Unbanned/Unblocked.

Thank You!

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