12allchat Hacked 2014 - Hackers Now Moving Towards Top Chat Site - Flash Chat Tips Tricks Hacks

12allchat Hacked 2014 - Hackers Now Moving Towards Top Chat Site - Flash Chat Tips Tricks Hacks:

12allchat Hack Details:

2 Days Ago,When I Opened My Facebook,I Saw A Status Of Host Darvaish Aka Kins There.The Status Was "12allchat Admin_Elf's ID Got Hacked,And Hacker Is Banning Each & Every Visitor/Host There".As Soon As I Saw This Status,I Joined 12allchat,I Saw There Admin-Elf Was Sitting Inside Many 12all Rooms Such As India1/2,Pakistan 1/2,USA 1/2,UK,Canada Etc.And He/She Was Joining(banning) Other Rooms As Well Whenever He/She Was Seeing Users In Those Rooms.

As I Know,12allchat Admins Are Not Allowed To Change The Rooms,I Get Agreed With Host Darvaish That "This ID Is Really Hacked".

Also This Hacker I Think Was An Arab,Because He Was Giving Ban Reasons In Arabic:D:D

By The Way,During Above Observations,Admin Elf(Hacker) Banned Me 4-5 Times:):D:(:D.But I Kept Coming Back(h):D Till He Stopped And Started Ignoring Me(nin):D.

At That Time,Only Sysop*Destiny Was There,She Was Locking(Password Protecting) Chat Rooms To Prevent New Comers Being Banned By Admin Elf:(:D.I Think 12allchat Owner Was Not Online At That Time,Hence This HACK EVENT Went On For A Longer Time:(:D.If Alaa Hamdaan Was Online,He Might Have Deleted This Hacked ID Immediately:):D.

After 2-3 Hours,Admin_Umi Aka Umair Came.And Started Discussing With That Hacker In Private Chat.Then He Convinced That Hacker To Stop:(.So The Hacker Left Admin Elf's ID.

How Hacker Hacked 12allchat Admin?:

When I Further Investigated,And I Came To Know That,This Hacker Firstly CLONED Admin_MistyRose's ID,And PMed Admin_Elf,And Given Her A Malicious LINK & Told Her To Open That Link.Also At Somewhat Similar Time,He PMed Admin Elf Using CLONE Of Sysop*Destiny ID As Well.

As,Admin_Elf Is A Sweet Admin Who Don't Know Much About These Kind Of Stuffs.She Get Confused And Thought That It Was Really DESTU,Because,That Hacker Said Destu Famous Word "LOOL" In Elf's PM.

So,Admin Elf Copy Pasted That Link In Her Browser And Opened That Link.As Soon As She Clicked ENTER Button After Pasting Link,Her Admin Elf ID Was Gone/Hacked.And The Hacker Started Banning People:D

How Admin_Elf's ID Get Hacked? - Deep Analysis:

I Think,That Malicious Link Was Having A COOKIE Stealer,Which Made That Hacker Immediately An Admin:(:D.Or May Be It Was A Key-logger,But As Admin Elf Told Me That Her ID Got Hacked Immediately As Soon As She Opened That Link,Than It Means It Was A COOKIES STEALER Instead,Which Stole The Admin Elf's LOGGED IN Cookies,And That Hacker Became Admin-Elf:(:D

Few 12allchat Host IDs Also Get Hacked:

After Getting Convinced By Admin_Umi,Though The Hacker Left Room,But He Started Private Messaging 12allchat Room Hosts With Clone Of Sysop*Destiny:D,And Asking For Their Password So That She Will Make Them Admin(lool)(lollol):D.Host_Alyaanbutt Of Pak2,Host_Heisenberg India1,And 2-3 Other Host IDs Get Hacked In Similar Way,That Is "Destu Asking Them For Providing Password:D".

What Hosts Are Saying About Clone Of Sysop*Destiny?:

Many Of Hosts Who Got PM Of That Fake Sysop*Destiny,Was Saying That They Were Not Be Able To Click KICK On That Fake Destiny.Whenever They Click On That Fake ID,There Was Not Any Option Of Kick/Mute/Ignore:(:D.

Why Hosts Were Not Be Able To Mute/Kick That Hacker?:

Because,That Hacker Was PM-ing Them First,Leaving That Room And Sitting In Other 12allchat Room.Hence They Are Not Be Able To Kick Mute Him:D.

Note:I Have Deep Idea Regarding This,But That Is A Trick An I Will Not Tell This In Public.If You Want To Know That,PM Me:(:D.

12allchat Hacker Was Having Poor Username/Nickname Cloning Skills:

That Hacker Was PM-ing & Confusing Hosts Using .Sysop*Destiny ID (Look At A DOT In The Start Please:D).After Seeing This,I Came To Know That This Hacker Don't Know "How To Clone A Username" There.She Should Leanr Nickname Cloning First From My Blog:(:D.

Does That Person Can Be Really Called As An Hacker?:

Nah,He Can Be Called As A Tricker Or Tweaker Instead,Because He Is Tricking Admins/Hosts,Not Hacking Them:D

What Should 12allchat Hosts/Admins Do Now?:

12allchat Hosts Whenever Get These Kind Of PMs,They Should Not Click Any Kind Of Links Provided By Fake Admins,And Also Should Not Give Him Their Passowrd.And Admins Should Immediately Ban These Kind Of Fake IDs.And Note Its IP Address.

Is There A Need Of Host ID Password For Being An 12allchat Admin?:

No,For Being An 12allchat Admin,You Will Not Asked To Provide Your Host ID Passwords,Instead You Will Be Given Admin ID & Password By One Of Super Admin :D:).

What Real Admin_Elf Is Doing Now?:

Once Admin_Elf Lost Her ID,She Immediately Emailed Alaa Hamadan Regarding This.Though Alaa Had Removed Hacked Admin_Elf ID,But He Did Not Mentioned Or Replied To Real Admin_Elf,Regarding "Don't Worry We Will Provide You Another ID,But Kindly Take Care Of These Kind Of Hacker In Future".Elf Also Told Me That She PM-ed Destiny For Asking The Same,But She Did Not Reply({):D.I Told Elf To Wait For 2-3 Days,May Be Alaa Is Busy These Days:(.:D.He Will Reply You Soon.

What 12allchat Owner Alaa Hamadan Should Do Now?

As We all Know That Admin_Elf Is An Innocent Admin.Though She Get Tricked By Hacker But She Should Be Warned Regarding "Don't Click Links".NOT REPLYING Is Not A Polite As Well As Professional Way Mr. Alaa And This Was Not Be Expected By A Grown UP Person Like You:).So If You Don't Want To Make Her Admin Back,Then You Should Simply Tell Her By Emailing Her.Ignoring & Not Replying To Users Is Not A Way Of "A Perfect Rule Follower" Look At Your Own Admin Rules(C.O.C),It Is Saying "Reply To User's PM,And Help Them".And You Yourself NOT FOLLOWING Rules Mr. Alaa.What Is This?.

Why Should 12allchat Owner Alaa Hamadan Restore Admin_Elf's ID Back?:

Because,I Remember,Once Admin_Shiddat Had Mistakenly Given Her Admin ID Password To One Of Her Friend,And That Friend Had Banned All 12allchat Users.After That,Alaa Removed Admin_Shidat ID And Had Given Her A NEW ADMIN ID.So,"IF HE CAN GIVE BACK ADMIN ID TO A PERSON WHO SHARED ID HER ID TO HER FRIEND,THEN.HE SHOULD GIVE ADMIN ID BACK TO A PERSON WHO JUST INNOCENTLY CLICKED A MALICIOUS LINK".

Note:As Per 12allchat Hosts/Admins C.O.C,Sharing Admin/Host ID Password With Friends,Admins,Hosts,Room Partners,Colleagues Even With Your Family Members Are Not Allowed Strictly:).Look At Original 12allchat Admin Rule Here
"Your Admin account (user name and password) is 12AllChat.com Property, and you are the only person allowed to use it, you are not allowed to reveal your password for any person, even if you’re living in same house or using same machine, we advise you to also use another personal account for your private chat, since if for any reason your Admin account removed you will lose all friends added to the Admin account friends list."

Who Are With/Against Admin_Elf's Return As Admin?:

As Per I Know,Admin_Umi,Sysop*Mysterious,And Many Users Are With Admin Elf.And I Think Only Admin_MystyRose & Her Friends,Are Against Her Back,Because I Know She Never Liked Elf:And Now Got A Chance To Make Her Friend An Admin:D.This Is The Same MistyRose Who Usually Says Admin Elf Her SISO:D.Lol Dual Face Fake People:D(oops):D

Note:For Further Information About Admin_MistyRose & Her Friend's FakeNess,Read My Post Here.

Thank You & Keep My Waiting For My Weekly 12allchat Updates Post:D
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