Steganos Online Shield Review & Tutorial - How To Unblock Internet Filters/Restrictions/Firewalls Using Steganos Online Shield - Free Premium VPN Trial

Steganos Online Shield Review & Tutorial - How To Unblock Internet Filters/Restrictions/Firewalls Using Steganos Online Shield - Free Premium VPN Trial:-

Steganos Is A Leading Security Software Selling/Making Company In The World.It Has Created Many Software For Protecting Imported Data Online.One Of Most Famous Product/Service Created By Steganos Is "Steganos Online Shield".

The Steganos Online Shield Is Nothing But A VPN Service,Which Secures Steganos Users Online By Encrypting Their Connections To One Of Its Servers.It Is Something Like Masking The IP Address To Protect Against Hackers As Well As Data Loss.

Steganos Online Shield Provides IP Addresses From USA,UK,Germany,France,Singapore,Switzerland,Egypt,Japan,Spain,Romania & Turkey.These Servers Are Highly Secured As Well As Faster Servers.If You Have A Broadband Connection,Then You Will Notice That Steganos Shield Servers Are Quite Faster Than Any Other VPN Providers.As I Have Noticed The Same Using My NetConnect Stick,Which Normally Gives Speeds Of 50-100 KBPS.

Also,Before Purchasing Steganos Online Shield,You Can Try It For Free For As Much As Time You Want.I Think Pro Users Will Get More IP Addresses For Switching(It Is Just My Thinking,I Haven't Checked It Yet Though).

And,If You Are A Serious Professional User & Want To Protect Your Connection,Than Steganos Charges About 29.95 USD Per Year.You Can Compare Steganos VPN Price With Other TOP VPN Providers,Than Decide "Buy It Or Not".

Tutorial To Use Steganos Online Shield:

Step1:Download Free Steganos Online Shield.

Step2:Run It

Steganos Shield VPN

Step3:It Will Ask You To Provide A Valid Email ID,So DO SO.Than It Will Download Steganos Shield VPN Client,Install & Will Run It Automatically.Premium Steganos VPN
Step4:Now,To Connect,Move The Button Towards ON State Using Your to use steganos vpn
Step5:Wait Till Steganos Server Gets Connected Successfully.
Step6:Go To Here & Check Your IP Address.
Step7:Additionally,If You Want To Change Country/Location,Than Simply Click MENU,Than Click SHIELD LOCATION And Than Click Any Country Name There.Steganos Will Assign IP Address Of That Country.


Steganos Online Shield Features:

*Faster Server Switching.

*Free Trial.

*Faster Registration.

*Connection Reliability.

*No Data Bandwidth.

What You Can Do While Shielded By Steganos Online Shield VPN?

*You Can Unblock Facebook,Twitter,Gmail Etc.

*You Can Access Restricted Forums/Blogs.

*You Can Bypass/Break Online Chat Room Bans,Such As Loke Chat,12allchat Etc.(Remember If You Are Getting Banned Message,Than Simply Change Server Of Steganos).

What Is Annoying In Steganos Online VPN Shield?

The Online Annoying Thing I Observed Is "After Installing Steganos Shield,When I Tried To Play Tomb Raider 4 PC Game,Than My Computer Was Getting Crashed Again & Again,Till I Uninstalled Steganos Online Shield".

Do I Recommend Steganos Online Shield To My Readers?

OfCourse Yes,Because I am Really Impressed With Steganos Servers Accessibility & Its Somewhat "Mere Registration Process" For A Free Trial Account.

Try It Guys.

Thank You!

Note:I Will Update This Post For Steganos Online Shield Trial Expiration Period,Because I Had Found No Clue Regarding This Yet.
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