Best Kepard Premium VPN Review & Tutorial - 55 VPN Servers In 8 Countries - Free Kepard Premiun VPN Trial

I Have Observed That Many People Are now A Days Searching For Keywords Like "Kepard Premium Crack","Kepard VPN Crack","Kepard Premium VPN Full Version" Etc.But Those Cracks As Well As Full Licenses Provided On Forums/Blogs/Sites Are Nothing But A Piece Of Sh!*t.Usually Those Cracks If Works,Are Blocked Within 2-3 Days.

I Will Tell You How VPN Developers Detects That You Are Not A Valid PREMIUM KEPARD VPN ACCOUNT SUBSCRIBER.They Simply Tracks You By Checking Payments Made By You & By Observing Their Server Traffics.

So,If They See "ZERO PAYMENTS" But Premium Subscriptions,They Blocks You From Accessing Their Servers.

But Guys,Why You Are Trying Those Kepard Cracks,When Kepard Developers Themselves Are Providing A FULLY FUNCTIONAL PREMIUM KEPARD TRIAL ACCOUNT Absolutely Free Of Charge.

What Is Free Kepard Premium VPN Trial?

Kepard Is Providing/Giving Us A Fully Functional Trial For 24 Hours Aka For 1 Day.No Download/Upload Limits,No Speed Caps,No Server Restrictions.You Can Freely Use All Kepard Premium Servers For 24 Hours.

How Many Country Identities Can I Surf Through Kepard?

The Kepard Servers Are Located In 8 Top Countries,That Is ,USA,Canada,UK,Germany,Switzerland,Sweden,Netherlands &France.

How Many Servers Or IP Addresses One Can Have While Using Kepard Premium Account?

There Are Total 55 Kepard Servers Located In 8 Countries.It Means That You Can Switch To 55 Different IP Addresses Any Time.

How Many Kepard VPN Servers Are Located In Every Top Country?

*13 Servers In Netherlands.

*10 Servers In United Kingdom(UK).

*15 Servers In United States Of America(USA).

*4 Servers In Germany.

*4 Servers In Canada.

*2 Servers In Switzerland.

*2 Servers In Sweden.

*5 Servers In France.


1:How To Download Kepard VPN?

Download Kepard VPN From Here & Install It.

2:How To Surf Anonymously/ChangeIP Using Kepard VPN?
kepard Premium VPN
Simply Run Kepard Application.Normally It Auto Connects To Netherlands Server,But If It Was Disabled,Then Simply Click "BIG RADIO BUTTON(BLUE)".

3:How To Change Country In Kepard VPN?
Kepard Free Trial
Simply Click Country Icon In Kepard Client,And Choose The Country You Want To Select,You Will Be Connected To First Server Located In That Country.Or,You Can Simply Click SMALL ARROWS Near Country Symbol To Change Country.

4:How To Select Different IP Addresses Of Select Country In Kepard VPN?
Kepard Full Version
Simple Click "Change IP" Button,List Of IP Address/Servers Will Come.Click Any Of Those IP/Servers & You Will Be Connected To That Server Automatically.

5:How To Change VPN Protocol In Kepard VPN Client?
kepard Premium
Simply Click Settings,Click Change Protocol.And Change The Protocol You Want,Click SAVE..But In My Opinion,Change It To PPTP,Because It Is Most Faster Protocol.

6:How To Select NEXT List Of Countries Or Servers In Kepard VPN Client?

You Will Notice That There Are SMALL BLUE Buttons Below Country & Server Panels.These Are Nothing But "NEXT/PREVIOUS" Page Links.So,If You Want Different Country Or More Servers,Simply Click Those BLUE BUTTONS.

Happy Kepard Premium Trial!

Bye Bye

Thank You!

12allchat Abuse/Swear Codes Review - List Of Abusive Code Words Used On 12allchat - Free Online Chat Room Tips

Today I Have Something Special For You Guys.I Have Observed That Many Of Newbie 12 all chat Admins/Hosts/Users Don't Know What Is "CODE WORD ABUSING".For Example,If I Want To Say You Shutup,I Will Say You SU Instead.Don't Worry Guys,It Was Just An Example.

Many Times I Had Made Admins/Hosts/Users Aware About These Codes,Because They Were Thinking That "Blah Blah Abuser Is Chatting Not Abusing" Though He Was Abusing In CODE WORDS:D

As A Professional Abuse/Swear Analyzer & Developer,I Have Observed Many Abusive Code Words While In 12allchat.

So,I Am Now Going To Make You All Aware & Well Educated About Those Swearing Codes In This Article.

*KMF - "Kus*s Me Fire",Means Fire In A*s*z.It Was Invented By Mr. JIN Aka Leo.

*TKMC - "Teri Maa Ki Ch**t",Means Your Mom's Pu***y.It Was Invented By Mr. Ron.

*LOL - Normally It Means "Lots Of Laugh" Or "Laughing Out Loudly",But I Have Observed That When A Girl Sends This CODE,She Means "Lots Of Laanats".But If I Send It,It Meant As "Lots Of Langots","Lots Of Lo**das","Lots Of Lehngaas" & "Lots Of Lu**nds" :D:D

*LOOL - This Word Firstly Invented By Sysop Destiny In Place Of LOL.But I Have Developed Its Meaning To "Lots Of Outdated Lo**das" Or "Lots Of Oversmart Lu**nds":D:D.

*BC - Normal Word Having Full Form "BehenCho**d",Means "Sis F****R".

*MC - Normal Word Having Full Form "MadarCh**od",Means "Mom F*****R".

*WTF - What The F***K.

*WTB - Invented By Me,"What The B***B","What The Bho**s*ra","What The Bhar**wa" Etc.:D:D

*GH - Invented By Me,"Gaan**du Haathi", Means "Fearful Elephant":D:D

*STFU - Normal Word Having Full Form "Sh*u*t The F***!K Up".

*BKD - Invented By Me,"Be*hen Ke D**a**lle",Means "Sis Se**IIer".

*BKJ - Invented By Me,"Behe*n Ke Jha*nt".:D

*JKB - Invented By Me,"Jha*nt Ke Baal".:D

*RKP - Invented By Me,"Ran**di Ke Pille/Pilla".:D:D

*TMKB - Invented By Me,"Teri M**a Ka Bho**s*ra":D:D

*BMW - Invented By Me,"Bho*sre Me Whisky","Bu*nd Maarne Wala",Beh*en Marwane Wale","Bade Mu*mm*ey Wali" Etc.

*TB - Invented By Me,"Tatt*aas Busted".

*Tez Tease - Invented By Me,Can Be Pronounced As "Tes*ti*s":D:D.

*GML - Invented By Me,"Gaa*n*d Me Lu*n" Or "Gaa*n*d Me Lo**da" :D:D

*LPC - Normal Word Having Full Form "Lu**n Pe Charh".:D:D

*Pen Sword - Invented By Me,Can Be Pronounced As "Pen*Cho**d":D:D

*SCR - Invented By Me,"Sath Chal Ran*d*i" Or "Sasti Chu**da*kkar Ran*d*i":D:D

*NML MMT - Invented By Me,"Naak Me Lu*n Moo Me Ta*t*te":D(lollol):D.

*BKR - Invented By Me, "Bas Kar Ran*d*i":D:D.

*KLPB - Invented By Me,"Khade Lu*n Par Baith":D:D:D

*TaTa - Invented By ***:D,"Tata (testi*c*les)":D:D

I Will Update This Post If I Find New Codes.

Warning - These Codes Are Posted Here For Making Hosts/Admins Aware About It,As Well As,Users Should Avoid Using It.And I Am Not Responsible If You Use These Codes,And Get Kicked/Banned By Admin/Host.

Thank You!

Free VPN Online Review & Tutorial - How To Use VPNONLINE To Surf Anonymously - Free Unlimited VPN Service

I Found Another Free PPTP VPN Service Provider Named "VPNONLINE".The VPN Online Is Providing Two IP Addresses,One From USA & Another From UK.The Speeds Of This PPTP VPN Is Fast Enough To Support Any Kind Of Internet Connection Such As Dial UP,2G,3G,DSL Etc.

The VPN Online Can Be Used On Windows OS,Mac OS,Androind,iPhone Etc.

The Connection Speed,VPNONLINE Is Providing To Its User Is Near About 10MBPS.

I Have Tried It On Facebook,Gmail & Flash Chat.It Was Allowing Me There,Even While My REAL IP ADDRESS Was Banned There.The VPN Online Helped Me To Unban My Self From That Chat Room.

Also,I Tried Registering On A Forum From Where I Was Banned,1 Year Ago.It Allowed Me To Register There A New FAKE Account:D.

Lastly,You Can Use VPNONLINE For Whatever TIME & For Whatever Uploading/Downloading,It Will Never Going To Expire Or Restrict Data Bandwidth.

Short Summary On Features Of VPNONLINE:

*Free Lifetime Trial,No Expiration.

*Unlimited Data Bandwidth Aka No Data Limits.

*Fast Speeds,

*Provides UK & US Identities.

*No Password Changing.

*Excrypts Our Connection.


As,Many Users Does Not Feel Well,By Configuring PPTP Connection On Their Computer(Win XP/VISTA/7/8),I Have Created A VPN ONLINE Dialer Tool For Their EASE.


Step2:Open It By Double Clicking Downloaded File.

Step3:Select Server,UK Or USA.Click Connect.

Step4:Enter Username As

Step5:Enter Password As freevpn

Step6:Click Connect.

Step7:Go To Here & Check Your IP Address.

Step8:Once You Found That Your IP Is A USA/UK IP,Feel Free To Join Websites Your Want.


Note:To Disconnect,Simply Double Click Dialer File & Click HANGUP.

Thank You!

Best SumRando VPN Review & Tutorial - Sumrando VPN 2GB Free Trial - Top VPN Review

Best SumRando VPN Review & Tutorial - Sumrando VPN 2GB Free Trial - Top VPN Review:-

SumRando VPN Overview:

SumRando Is A South African Based Virtual Private Network(VPN) Provider Who Are Providing Their Services In All Over The World Except Their Own Country "Africa".As Sumrando Is African VPN Service,That's Why It Is Not Comes In The Catch Of Any Government's Log Provision ACT.As We Have Seen That USA,UK And Many Other Companies Asks VPN Providers To Give Activity Logs Of A Particular User,And If VPN Company Hesitates To Provide One,The GOVT. Seals/Bans/Blacklists That VPN Service In Their Country.But Their Is No Such Kind Of LAW In Africa,So You Can Use Sumrando Without Worrying About Governments Or LAW.

By The Way,Why Are You Doing Such Stuffs,So That A LAW Force Attracts Towards You??:D.Dont Worry,I Am Just Kidding,It Is Your Personal Matter:D.

Though Sumrando Has Its Servers In Almost All Continents,But They Have Managed To Provide Somewhat SAME Speeds For All Their Connecting Users,So That If A Indian SumrandoVPN User Is Getting 1MBPS Speed,Then At The Same Time,An American Sumrando User Will Also Be Getting The Somewhat Similar Speed.This Is The Main Plus Point Of Sumrando VPN.Only Few VPN Services Are Like This.

Sumrando VPN Premium Plans:

Sumrando Has Only Three VPN Plans.First One Is Free Trial Plan Having 2GB Free Data.Second Is Gold Plan Giving You 10 GB Bandwidth At 100 ZAR/Month(About 9USD).And Last One Is Platinum Plan Giving 40 GB Data Limits At 200 ZAR/Month.

Note:ZAR Is Nothing But South African Currency.ZA=Code Of South Africa. R=Rand(Currency Of S.A).:D

Sumrando VPN Free Trial:

Though SumRando Website Was Saying Me That Free Trial Will Give Me 1GB Free Data Bandwidth Per Month,But When I Had Installed Sumrando And Started Using It,It Was Telling Me That You Have 2GB Data:D.So,Don't Get Shocked At Sumrando Homepage About 1GB Free Data.Actually It Is 2GB Instead.:D

No Registration/SignUP Required For Sumrando Trial:

Yes,Guys,You Will Need To Just Download & Install Sumrando VPN Client Application On Your PC,Start Application,Click Anonymous Login,Select Country And Enjoy.No Need To Register Or Signup:D.

Few Sum Rando VPN Features:

*Faster Connection Speeds.

*Data Encryption.

*Free Trial

*No Registration/Signup Needed For Trial.

*Servers In Almost All Countries Except Africa.

*Cheaper Plans.

*Supports Windows As Well As Android.

What You Can Do Using Sumrando VPN?

*Unblock Facebook,Twitter,Google+ Etc.

*Unblock Hulu,NetFlix,BBC Etc.

*Unban From 12allchat,Flash Chats,Java Chats,Forums,Blogs Etc.

*Watch Youtube Videos.

*Check Emails Anonymously.

Sumrando VPN Free Proxy Service:

There Is Also Free Web Proxy Service Provided By Sumrando,But I Will Be Going To Write An Interesting Article On It Soon.So Keep Visiting This Blog.

Sumrando VPN Tutorial:

How To Use SumRando VPN?

Step1:Download Sumrando Client From Here.

Step2:Install It.

Step3:Run It.
sumrando vpn review
Step4:Click Anonymous Login.No Registration Needed.

Step5:Click Connect Or Click CHOOSE COUNTRY To Select Country Of Your Choice.

Step6:Once Connected,Go To Here And Check Your IP Address.

DrawBacks Of SumRando Free Trial:

*No Dynamic IP Addresses.

*Only Few Servers Available.

Thank You!

Best GetPrivate VPN Review & Tutorial - How To Use Get Private VPN Unlimited/Lifetime Free Trial - No Log & No Registration VPN

Best GetPrivate VPN Review & Tutorial - How To Use Get Private VPN Unlimited/Lifetime Free Trial - No Log  & No Registration VPN:-

I Have Found A Completely Free VPN Having No Data Bandwidth Limit,No Expiration Time & No Speed Cap/Limit.The Name Of This Superb Free VPN Service Is "GetPrivate VPN".I Don't Know How Get Private VPN Developers Are Earning Money,Because They Are Not Applying Any Limitations For GetPrivateVPN Users.

After Testing GetPrivate VPN Service,I Have Found That It Only Provides Sweden Based IP Addresses.But Number Of Available IP Addresses As Well As Servers Are Limited(3-5 I Think So).But These GetPrivate VPN Servers Are Fast Enough To Open Any Website Without Drop In Connection Speed.

Using Get Private VPN,You Can Easily Stream/Watch Youtube Videos Online,Open Facebook As Well As Other Social Networks,Unban Your Self From Chat Rooms,Access Blocked Gaming Servers,Unblock Yourself In Colleges/Offices AND Many More.

The GetPrivate VPN Does Not Require Any Account Creation,Registration Or Sign UP.Just Simply Download & Install GetPrivate VPN And Start Surfing Anonymously.

As GetPrivate VPN Is Providing Us Sweden IP Addresses,That's Why They Does Not Keep Access/Traffic Logs Or GetPrivate VPN User Activities.For Your Kind Informations,In SWEDEN,Law Firms Have No Rights To Ask For Traffic Logs To Any VPN/Proxy Provider There.Hence Get Private VPN Can Be Called As "Free No Log VPN Service".

During My Checking/Testing Of GetPrivate VPN,I Have Only Found Swedish VPN Servers/IPs,And,Also There Was NO Information Regarding Expiration/Bandwidth Limitations On Get Private VPN Website As Well As On Other Websites.SO,If It Gets Expired Or You Are Getting IP ADDRESSES From Another Countries,PLEASE Let Me Know About It,So That I Will UPDATE This Post.

Features Of Get Private VPN:

*Free VPN Provider.

*No Signup Or Registration Required.

*No Data Bandwidth Limits.

*No Expiration Period.

*Unlimited Lifetime Free Trial.

*No Activity Logs.

*Lightweight Client Application.

*One Click Connect/Disconnect.

*Faster Speeds.


Step1:Download And Install Get Private VPN Setup File From Here.
free unlimited trial vpn
Step2:Run It.

Step3:Click CONNECT.

Step4:Wait For 5-10 Seconds Till Grey GP(GetPrivate) Icon In Your System Tray Goes Green.
Free Get Private VPN
Step5:Start Surfing Anonymously.Get Private VPN Servers
Step6:You Can Check Your Swedish IP Address Here.


Thank You!

12allchat Mast Updates March 2014 - 12allchat Interesting Updates - 12ALLCHAT Lush Bans Of Feb-March 2014

12allchat Mast Updates March 2014 - 12allchat Interesting Updates - 12ALLCHAT Lush Bans Of Feb-March 2014

Sorry For A Long Delay,I Was Busy Around,And Was Not Having MIND To Concentrate On Write-UP.So,During Past Month,Many Changes & Interesting Events Happened On 12allchat Room,Such As Admin_Elf ID Got Hacked,Admin_Umi ID Gone Mad,Admin_Alpha Became Admin Of Pakistan Chat Room Etc.I Have Tried To Gather Every Worth Noting Information To Fulfill My Blog Visitor's Interests.And Now Writing It Here.

So,Here Are All 12allchat History Of February-March 2014.

12allchat Interesting Updates:

*Host-Punjabi Aka Randa/Randy Is Still Holding Ex Admin Red's Stick:-

Yesterday,One Of Gossip Room Host-Punjabi Was Taunting(Actually Attention Seeking) Of Ex Admin Red's User ID In Girls Chat Room,By Saying "You Were Removed With In 10 Minutes" Etc.And When Admin Red Got Angry On Him/Her,Our Mom-Like Admin MistyRose Kicked Out Both Of Them(wow).After That,Red Was Back,But Host-Punjabi Was Inviting Him To Gossips To Kick Him Or May Be Wanna Play "KickMute-Abuse" Game With Him .But Mr.Red Told Him To That He Will Not Gonna Give Him/Her A Single Chance Of Kick,And Told Punjabi To Come To Any Other ROOM Having More Than 10 Admins Instead:DSmart RED(h):D.

Red Told Me That "Actually,I Have Tuked Many Users During My Adminship Period,And This Punjabi Is Son Of Any Of Them,And Still Having IRRITATIONs In Her/His AZZ".

BUT,I Think As We Know That Gossips Corner Is Not Having Much Users,So Host-Punjabi(Gender Not Confirmed) Was Trying To Bring USER Like Red There To Kick Practice On Him:(:D.

*Admin_Umi Aka Tiggie ID Got Hacked:

Last Week UK Admin UMI's ID Got Hacked And He Kicked/Banned Out Chat Rooms.I Don't Know How His Password Got Leaked:D.

*Admin_Elf Got Her Hacked ID Back:

Last Month Admin Elf's ID Got Hacked,And Now Mr Alaa Tharki Has Made Her Admin Again With ID Admin_Heaven Scent(Lol My Name's Meaning In URDU:$:D".Congratulations To Her Please!.

*Country Fight Between Three Friends:

JIN Aka Leo,Ex Admin Senti & Master SAM Was Fighting On One Of Status.They Were Abusing Each Other.Actually The Team Was LEO-Senti Vs SAM.They Have Fought For 2-3 Days On The Same Status,And The Status OWNER Did Not Deleted That Post.

I Did Not Commented Between Them Because All Those Three Are My Friends,So I Followed Gandhi Ji's Three Monkey Rule:|:D.

Poor Admin_Lala Aka Lala Sweet Blocks People After Using Abusive Words In Comments:

On My FB Status 12allchat Trust Story,USA Room Admin_Lala Was Taking Side Of Host_Police,And Also Using P!ss!ng Etc. Words,And Calling Me Abuser,I Only Said "Why Are You Commenting Here,Get Lost".She Messaged My Line To Me,And Blocked Me Simultaneously:D:D.Poor Lala:(:D:D.

Guys,See That,Host_Police Aka N!da Have Made These Admins Chootya By Making Them Believe That "Host_Police Is A Male":D:D.Lolzzzz On These Innocent Admins (oops):D:D.

*Comando Aka Gan Do Was Tuked By Many People:

Last Week The Chillar Ka Abuser Comando Was Totally Busted By Lampu,Echo,Salman Racer Aka Sallu & One Other Guy.Actually Mr.Comando Was Giving HOOL To Host_Alone Of Pakistan Chat Room 2,Which Lampu Saw,& Started Defending That Host:D.This Tuking Ceremony Was Carried Out For 2 Hours & Then MR Comando Aka Hij Ra Blocked Those People IN A ADMIN-HOST LESS ROOM.:D

 *Host_Police Aka N!da Have Blocked Me:

On My Post 12allchat Trust Story,Host Police Was Fighting With Me In My Absense.And When I Started Showing Her My Skills(BAD-Ness),She Stopped Replying Me.So When I Commented On Her Wall,She Told Me That She Will Not Going To Block Me.But She DID It On Next Day:D

Proof Of Concept "Host_Police Is N!DA":

1:N!da Always Fights For Misty.

2:Host_Police Was Saying My Personal Chats Which I Had With Misty.Like Domain Buy Kiya,Baap Ko Gali Diya Etc.

3:The Facebook ID Host_Police Was Created During End Of 2013.

4:N!da Aka Host_Shot-ed Aka Host_Current Aka Admin_Fairy Was Having WISH Of Behaving Like A Male.

5:Host_Police ID Appeared In USA Chat Room Near About The Same Time When Host_Current Left From Girls Chat Room.

So,Guys,While After Having These Much True Points,Any One Can Say That "Host_Police Is N!da".

*Sysop*Destiny Aka N!da's Friend:

Mr. Red's Got Range Banned Last Week For No Reason,He Did Not SPAMMED/ABUSED Except HALKI PHULKI Abuse To N!DA.And When He Told Admin Destiny To Unban His IPs,She Told Him That She Is Busy.So Mr. RED Started Waiting For 3 DAYS Because Alaa Firstly Bans IP Address For 3 Days,And If Abuser Proceeds His Abusing,Mr Alaa Bans His IP For Longer Time.

BUT,Mr.Red's IP Address Was Still Banned Even After 3 Days Passed,So He Told His Friend Admins To Unban His IPs,But Mr.Alaa Was Not Replying To Admin's Email.This Made Mr Red Thinking That This Is Sysop*Destiny(N!da's Old Friend) Who Always Have Tuked Her Friend's Like This,And Again Did Same With RED And Was Giving LOLLYPOP To Mr. Red:D.

Note:One Thing To Be Noted Here Is "When Admin/Host/User Emails 12allchat OWNER,The Emails Are Firstly Check By SYSOPS And If They Sees Any Thing Against Their WILL,They Never Forwards Those Emails To Alaa:D".

UPDATE:-Now,Host_Police Has Changed Her ID To Host_Gentle Giant And Still Faking/Fooling People:):D

Sanaya Aka Shano Still Confused About Pakistan Room Host_Frank(lollol):D:

Last Night,Admin_Saady's Moo Boli Sis Miss Sanaya Aka Shano Was Guessing Like Below:D

Sanaya Aka Shano: fraNk ye jawhill sb ko pm main bolrha ap Sanaya Aka Shano hO

Sanaya Aka Shano: fraNk meri id ah

*Host_Princess Mehak & Host_Lov3r Removed For Having Same IP:

Today I Heard That Meet New Friends Room Host_Princess Mehek & Host_Lov3r Is Removed,Because Mr. Alaa Found That They Both Are Having Same IP Addresses.Hence He Checked LOG And Found Them Guilty & Removed Their IDs.

I Also Heard That These Hosts Were Teasing Host_Police Aka N!DA And Kicking Her For Arguing With Them,Hence,Mister N!DA Taken Screen Shots Of These Hosts Behavior,And Given It To Sysop*Destiny & Hence The Action DONE.

I THINK That YOU Guys Too Will Not Like Any SPY Observing Your CHAT As Host_Police Was Doing,And Also These Hosts Are Neither Fool To Share IDs Nor They Normally Do Like This.

So,In My Opinion,Admins Should Firstly Follow The Admin C.O.C Rule "Don't Take Things Personaly & Don't Take Sides Of Even Your Friends" First ,Then Make Users Follow It.

Note:In Reality,Mr. Alaa Hamadan Does Not Have Much Time To Check ROOM LOG Files,Even He Replies To Emails Using Very Short Phrases.So,The Reason Given For Removal Of Those Hosts To Their Admin_Chocolate Is Just A JOKE.

*Volverine Aka Volvo In Old Moods:

Mr.Volverine Was Appreciating A Rac!st User NUX:D

Volverine: nux next time something itch ur royal a*ss try taking ur head out of ur a*ss

*Pia Ji Is BACK:$:D:

Yesterday,Deejay's Close Friend Miss Pia Aka Pia Ji Was Saying Like This:$:D.

piu2605: rehan ji apa nabadle wase funny bunny ho

*Umair Khan Aka Ummi Is Bansuri Ke Moo Wala?:

Host_DarvaiSH Muted =uMaIR KhAn= for breaking rules in room: Pakistan Chat Room

Host_DarvaiSH: oe bansuri k munh wale uth:@

*Host Darvaish Aka Hagra:@:D:

Host_DarvaiSH: thora sa bander k munh per gira kar aya           sandas break

*True Said Ayazu:D:

~~Ayaz~~: maGic ki sis maGic girl

*Losta Is Tregnant8-|?:D:

Ðøиτ ĴϋĎĢє Ḿẽ~: Zara I nEed a pRenganCy OperatiOn TOTLA

Ðøиτ ĴϋĎĢє Ḿẽ~: Zara bOht kOshish kI Mgr Hua nahI Pregna*nT Main

*Congrats Admin Chocolate & Host Eddie Wanted For A Happy Married Life (scr):D:

hOst_lOst: nahI BhaI chOco Aur alOne Khush-o-KhuraM ZindagI GuzaR RahE haIn

*Muskaan Aka Muski Is Beautyfull:$:D:D:

devilish_dude: muskaan tumhari rungat gori chitti hai, ess lia mein tumhe kuch nahi kehta

*Host_Eddie Wanted Aka Keyboard GURU:D:

admin_chocolate: aby main seekh raha hoon alone se technic

admin_chocolate: wo dono hath busy rakhta hai

admin_chocolate: aur munh se keyboard use karta hai

*Host_Sahil Khan Aka Sahilo:D:

Host_SaHil KhaN: lo mar lo meri ))

Host_SaHil KhaN: naam ki muthi marne wale

*Admin_Chocolate Needs 5 Times Bath DAILY:D8-|:D:

admin_chocolate: doll mujhe aik cheez ki aj shadeed kami khat rahi hia

admin_chocolate: main din main 5 bar nahata hoon

*Admin_Chocolate Aka Raja Tharki:D:

admin_chocolate sent 1 Kiss to IRON F!ST MEKO DIA RAJA NE

admin_chocolate: eye blush de de k mujhe ghareeb kar dena

admin_chocolate: mangalsutar bhi hona chahiye tha gifts main

admin_chocolate: bhagwan ko bari kirpa hai k destu jaag gyi

*How Sweet Barbie:$:D:D:
ßáŕbíé Ďőll_: rehan                abhi achay lag rahay ho

ßáŕbíé Ďőll_: awww rehan my sweet frnd

ßáŕbíé Ďőll_: ap achay lagogy doli maii bethay rehan

ßáŕbíé Ďőll_:      hahahahahhaha  mai q shadi apki hai meri nahi rehan

*Any Body Wants A VIP ID On 12allchat?:D:

admin_chocolate: alone ko bol tumare nick ko munh laga le khud hi id kali ho jayegi

*Haha Kinso:|:D:D:

k!nked: weight se yaad aya kins kahan hai?

*Host_Funtastic Aka Honestu Ki BEZTI:D:

host_funtastic: volvu main pe kehta hu tu tameena hai

SysOP*DestinY Muted host_funtastic for breaking rules in room: Pakistan Chat-1

*Bholi Admin_Sonii Aka Box1:D:D:


box1:          what is gaaf??

host_funtastic: GOLF

*BD Aka Shadi Karane Wali MAM:D:(:$:D:

ßáŕbíé Ďőll_: rehan dekh lo ketni muhabat hai apsy abeeha ko

ßáŕbíé Ďőll_:          rehan       abeeh mil rahi hai khsuh raho us k sath

*Smiley Aka Smilo(slnt):D:

~¤ şмîℓεỳ ¤~: lehan aur kider ke baal per tel lagate ho re

*Host_Mekaal Aka Mekaalo8-|:D:


*BD KeHath Bahut Chalte Hai*-):D:

ßáŕbíé Ďőll_: theek sy lkho lost thapar marongi mai zor sy

*Jadu Gudy Ka Bhai?8-|:D:

SysOP*DestinY: jadu ko toh woh bhai bolti hai

Sanaya Aka Shano Expert In Sehlana:D:

Sanaya Aka Shano: rehaan Tatta

WH!STLE: Sehla Do:$:D:D

*Neha Jutt Aka Host_Egoistic Girl Still On Main Chat:D:D:

hOst_egOiStic aNgel: toba jb rehan main pe ata sub gals n shreef user pm chly hya kr

*India Room Host_Pari Pair Complaining To Pakistan Room Hosts:

HOST _ PARI PARI: ghar aaye mehmaan ka swagat bhi nhi karte aap toh

*Fun Corner Host_Macintosh Aka Dadu Calendar Don't Know "Barish(Raining) Is FEMALE In Both English As Well As In Urdu Language":D:

Host_Macintosh: Barish Araha Hai(scr)(v):D

12ALLCHAT Lush Bans Of Feb-March 2014:

You have been banned For Abusing!
Reason: dinner se pehle meri baari hoti hai :-* aur ab aao tu dho k aana :D

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CyberGhostVPN Youtube Watcher - How To Open Youtube/Facebook/Gmail/Twitter Using Cyber Ghost VPN Free Proxy Service - Free IP Address Anonymizer Service

CyberGhostVPN Youtube Watcher - How To Open Youtube/Facebook/Gmail/Twitter Using Cyber Ghost VPN Free Proxy Service - Free IP Address Anonymizer Service:
Unblock Youtube In Your Country
One Of My 12allchat Asked Me To Tell Him A Completely Free VPN,IP Changer Or A Proxy Service To Open Youtube In His Country.So,I Suggested Him Few Free VPN Services Listed In My 100+ Free VPN Page.But He Was Needing A Completely Free Service,Having No Data Limits As Well As No Expiration Periods.Though Hotspot Shield VPN May Full Fill His Requirements But It Was Already Banned By His ISP,So He Was Asking Me Another One.

Hence,I Have Researched Little Bit Today,And Found A Best Free Proxy Service Provided By Cyberghost VPN.

The Cyberghost VPN Free Proxy Service Is Having Three/3 Proxy Servers Located In USA,UK & Romania.These Cyberghost Proxy Servers Are Fast Enough To Stream Youtube On At Least A 3g Connection,And A DSL Or Broadband Connection Will Be More Beneficial For Watching Youtube.

Benefits Of Using Free Proxy Provided By Cyberghost VPN:

*Totally Free Proxy Service.

*No Expiration Period.

*No Data Bandwidth Limits.

*Gives One United States(USA) IP Address.

*Gives One United Kingdom(UK) IP Address.

*Gives One Romanian(RO) IP Address.

*Facebook Can Be Accessed Easily.

*Youtube Videos Can Be Streamed/Watched Easily.


*All Other Social Networks,Forums,Email Providers Etc. Can Be Accessed.

Drawbacks Of Cyberghost VPN Free Proxy Service:

*No Support For Flash.Means Flash Websites(e.g 12allchat) Will Not Be Open Through This Proxy Service.

*Servers Are Having Static IP Addresses Only.It Means If Your ISP Bans These 3 IP Addresses Than You Will Not Be Able To Enjoy Your Favorite Sites Using Cyberghost Free Proxy Service.


Free VPN Proxy

Step1:Go To Here.
Cyberghost Online VPN
Step2:Select Server From The List.That Is "US,UK Or RO".
Unlimited Free Proxy
Step3:Uncheck Remove Scripts & Remove Objects Options.

Step4:Type In Your Website Address.Such As,, Etc.

Step5:Click "Anonymize Me".


Thank You!

Note: I Have Not Checked This Service Using A Paki IP Address,So If It Is Not Working For Pakistani People,Than Wait For My Next Post Soon(nin):D.

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