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Today I Have Something Special For You Guys.I Have Observed That Many Of Newbie 12 all chat Admins/Hosts/Users Don't Know What Is "CODE WORD ABUSING".For Example,If I Want To Say You Shutup,I Will Say You SU Instead.Don't Worry Guys,It Was Just An Example.

Many Times I Had Made Admins/Hosts/Users Aware About These Codes,Because They Were Thinking That "Blah Blah Abuser Is Chatting Not Abusing" Though He Was Abusing In CODE WORDS:D

As A Professional Abuse/Swear Analyzer & Developer,I Have Observed Many Abusive Code Words While In 12allchat.

So,I Am Now Going To Make You All Aware & Well Educated About Those Swearing Codes In This Article.

*KMF - "Kus*s Me Fire",Means Fire In A*s*z.It Was Invented By Mr. JIN Aka Leo.

*TKMC - "Teri Maa Ki Ch**t",Means Your Mom's Pu***y.It Was Invented By Mr. Ron.

*LOL - Normally It Means "Lots Of Laugh" Or "Laughing Out Loudly",But I Have Observed That When A Girl Sends This CODE,She Means "Lots Of Laanats".But If I Send It,It Meant As "Lots Of Langots","Lots Of Lo**das","Lots Of Lehngaas" & "Lots Of Lu**nds" :D:D

*LOOL - This Word Firstly Invented By Sysop Destiny In Place Of LOL.But I Have Developed Its Meaning To "Lots Of Outdated Lo**das" Or "Lots Of Oversmart Lu**nds":D:D.

*BC - Normal Word Having Full Form "BehenCho**d",Means "Sis F****R".

*MC - Normal Word Having Full Form "MadarCh**od",Means "Mom F*****R".

*WTF - What The F***K.

*WTB - Invented By Me,"What The B***B","What The Bho**s*ra","What The Bhar**wa" Etc.:D:D

*GH - Invented By Me,"Gaan**du Haathi", Means "Fearful Elephant":D:D

*STFU - Normal Word Having Full Form "Sh*u*t The F***!K Up".

*BKD - Invented By Me,"Be*hen Ke D**a**lle",Means "Sis Se**IIer".

*BKJ - Invented By Me,"Behe*n Ke Jha*nt".:D

*JKB - Invented By Me,"Jha*nt Ke Baal".:D

*RKP - Invented By Me,"Ran**di Ke Pille/Pilla".:D:D

*TMKB - Invented By Me,"Teri M**a Ka Bho**s*ra":D:D

*BMW - Invented By Me,"Bho*sre Me Whisky","Bu*nd Maarne Wala",Beh*en Marwane Wale","Bade Mu*mm*ey Wali" Etc.

*TB - Invented By Me,"Tatt*aas Busted".

*Tez Tease - Invented By Me,Can Be Pronounced As "Tes*ti*s":D:D.

*GML - Invented By Me,"Gaa*n*d Me Lu*n" Or "Gaa*n*d Me Lo**da" :D:D

*LPC - Normal Word Having Full Form "Lu**n Pe Charh".:D:D

*Pen Sword - Invented By Me,Can Be Pronounced As "Pen*Cho**d":D:D

*SCR - Invented By Me,"Sath Chal Ran*d*i" Or "Sasti Chu**da*kkar Ran*d*i":D:D

*NML MMT - Invented By Me,"Naak Me Lu*n Moo Me Ta*t*te":D(lollol):D.

*BKR - Invented By Me, "Bas Kar Ran*d*i":D:D.

*KLPB - Invented By Me,"Khade Lu*n Par Baith":D:D:D

*TaTa - Invented By ***:D,"Tata (testi*c*les)":D:D

I Will Update This Post If I Find New Codes.

Warning - These Codes Are Posted Here For Making Hosts/Admins Aware About It,As Well As,Users Should Avoid Using It.And I Am Not Responsible If You Use These Codes,And Get Kicked/Banned By Admin/Host.

Thank You!
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