Best SumRando VPN Review & Tutorial - Sumrando VPN 2GB Free Trial - Top VPN Review

Best SumRando VPN Review & Tutorial - Sumrando VPN 2GB Free Trial - Top VPN Review:-

SumRando VPN Overview:

SumRando Is A South African Based Virtual Private Network(VPN) Provider Who Are Providing Their Services In All Over The World Except Their Own Country "Africa".As Sumrando Is African VPN Service,That's Why It Is Not Comes In The Catch Of Any Government's Log Provision ACT.As We Have Seen That USA,UK And Many Other Companies Asks VPN Providers To Give Activity Logs Of A Particular User,And If VPN Company Hesitates To Provide One,The GOVT. Seals/Bans/Blacklists That VPN Service In Their Country.But Their Is No Such Kind Of LAW In Africa,So You Can Use Sumrando Without Worrying About Governments Or LAW.

By The Way,Why Are You Doing Such Stuffs,So That A LAW Force Attracts Towards You??:D.Dont Worry,I Am Just Kidding,It Is Your Personal Matter:D.

Though Sumrando Has Its Servers In Almost All Continents,But They Have Managed To Provide Somewhat SAME Speeds For All Their Connecting Users,So That If A Indian SumrandoVPN User Is Getting 1MBPS Speed,Then At The Same Time,An American Sumrando User Will Also Be Getting The Somewhat Similar Speed.This Is The Main Plus Point Of Sumrando VPN.Only Few VPN Services Are Like This.

Sumrando VPN Premium Plans:

Sumrando Has Only Three VPN Plans.First One Is Free Trial Plan Having 2GB Free Data.Second Is Gold Plan Giving You 10 GB Bandwidth At 100 ZAR/Month(About 9USD).And Last One Is Platinum Plan Giving 40 GB Data Limits At 200 ZAR/Month.

Note:ZAR Is Nothing But South African Currency.ZA=Code Of South Africa. R=Rand(Currency Of S.A).:D

Sumrando VPN Free Trial:

Though SumRando Website Was Saying Me That Free Trial Will Give Me 1GB Free Data Bandwidth Per Month,But When I Had Installed Sumrando And Started Using It,It Was Telling Me That You Have 2GB Data:D.So,Don't Get Shocked At Sumrando Homepage About 1GB Free Data.Actually It Is 2GB Instead.:D

No Registration/SignUP Required For Sumrando Trial:

Yes,Guys,You Will Need To Just Download & Install Sumrando VPN Client Application On Your PC,Start Application,Click Anonymous Login,Select Country And Enjoy.No Need To Register Or Signup:D.

Few Sum Rando VPN Features:

*Faster Connection Speeds.

*Data Encryption.

*Free Trial

*No Registration/Signup Needed For Trial.

*Servers In Almost All Countries Except Africa.

*Cheaper Plans.

*Supports Windows As Well As Android.

What You Can Do Using Sumrando VPN?

*Unblock Facebook,Twitter,Google+ Etc.

*Unblock Hulu,NetFlix,BBC Etc.

*Unban From 12allchat,Flash Chats,Java Chats,Forums,Blogs Etc.

*Watch Youtube Videos.

*Check Emails Anonymously.

Sumrando VPN Free Proxy Service:

There Is Also Free Web Proxy Service Provided By Sumrando,But I Will Be Going To Write An Interesting Article On It Soon.So Keep Visiting This Blog.

Sumrando VPN Tutorial:

How To Use SumRando VPN?

Step1:Download Sumrando Client From Here.

Step2:Install It.

Step3:Run It.
sumrando vpn review
Step4:Click Anonymous Login.No Registration Needed.

Step5:Click Connect Or Click CHOOSE COUNTRY To Select Country Of Your Choice.

Step6:Once Connected,Go To Here And Check Your IP Address.

DrawBacks Of SumRando Free Trial:

*No Dynamic IP Addresses.

*Only Few Servers Available.

Thank You!
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