Best Kepard Premium VPN Review & Tutorial - 55 VPN Servers In 8 Countries - Free Kepard Premiun VPN Trial

I Have Observed That Many People Are now A Days Searching For Keywords Like "Kepard Premium Crack","Kepard VPN Crack","Kepard Premium VPN Full Version" Etc.But Those Cracks As Well As Full Licenses Provided On Forums/Blogs/Sites Are Nothing But A Piece Of Sh!*t.Usually Those Cracks If Works,Are Blocked Within 2-3 Days.

I Will Tell You How VPN Developers Detects That You Are Not A Valid PREMIUM KEPARD VPN ACCOUNT SUBSCRIBER.They Simply Tracks You By Checking Payments Made By You & By Observing Their Server Traffics.

So,If They See "ZERO PAYMENTS" But Premium Subscriptions,They Blocks You From Accessing Their Servers.

But Guys,Why You Are Trying Those Kepard Cracks,When Kepard Developers Themselves Are Providing A FULLY FUNCTIONAL PREMIUM KEPARD TRIAL ACCOUNT Absolutely Free Of Charge.

What Is Free Kepard Premium VPN Trial?

Kepard Is Providing/Giving Us A Fully Functional Trial For 24 Hours Aka For 1 Day.No Download/Upload Limits,No Speed Caps,No Server Restrictions.You Can Freely Use All Kepard Premium Servers For 24 Hours.

How Many Country Identities Can I Surf Through Kepard?

The Kepard Servers Are Located In 8 Top Countries,That Is ,USA,Canada,UK,Germany,Switzerland,Sweden,Netherlands &France.

How Many Servers Or IP Addresses One Can Have While Using Kepard Premium Account?

There Are Total 55 Kepard Servers Located In 8 Countries.It Means That You Can Switch To 55 Different IP Addresses Any Time.

How Many Kepard VPN Servers Are Located In Every Top Country?

*13 Servers In Netherlands.

*10 Servers In United Kingdom(UK).

*15 Servers In United States Of America(USA).

*4 Servers In Germany.

*4 Servers In Canada.

*2 Servers In Switzerland.

*2 Servers In Sweden.

*5 Servers In France.


1:How To Download Kepard VPN?

Download Kepard VPN From Here & Install It.

2:How To Surf Anonymously/ChangeIP Using Kepard VPN?
kepard Premium VPN
Simply Run Kepard Application.Normally It Auto Connects To Netherlands Server,But If It Was Disabled,Then Simply Click "BIG RADIO BUTTON(BLUE)".

3:How To Change Country In Kepard VPN?
Kepard Free Trial
Simply Click Country Icon In Kepard Client,And Choose The Country You Want To Select,You Will Be Connected To First Server Located In That Country.Or,You Can Simply Click SMALL ARROWS Near Country Symbol To Change Country.

4:How To Select Different IP Addresses Of Select Country In Kepard VPN?
Kepard Full Version
Simple Click "Change IP" Button,List Of IP Address/Servers Will Come.Click Any Of Those IP/Servers & You Will Be Connected To That Server Automatically.

5:How To Change VPN Protocol In Kepard VPN Client?
kepard Premium
Simply Click Settings,Click Change Protocol.And Change The Protocol You Want,Click SAVE..But In My Opinion,Change It To PPTP,Because It Is Most Faster Protocol.

6:How To Select NEXT List Of Countries Or Servers In Kepard VPN Client?

You Will Notice That There Are SMALL BLUE Buttons Below Country & Server Panels.These Are Nothing But "NEXT/PREVIOUS" Page Links.So,If You Want Different Country Or More Servers,Simply Click Those BLUE BUTTONS.

Happy Kepard Premium Trial!

Bye Bye

Thank You!
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