12allchat Tharkism/Flirtism - Top 15 Tharkis/Flirts Of Free Online Chat Room 12allchat - Flash Chat Review

In This Post,I Am Going To Show You The List Of Most Flirty People On 12allchat.Usually These Kind Of People Are Called As "Tharki" Or "Tharkan".As There Are Surge Of Tharkism Running On 12allchat Since Last 2-3 Years,Many New People Are Proving Themselves Better Tharki/Tharkan Then Previous 12allchat Users.

Firstly,You Should Know The Meaning Of Tharki/Flirt.A Tharki Is A Male Who Tries To SET(Love) More Than 1 Girl At A Time. Similarly A Tharkan Is A Female Who Tries To Manage More Than 1 Boy Friends At A Time.

Now,You Are Well Aware About "What A Tharkan/Tharki Is?",So We Should Proceed For Our Top 12 all chat Flirt List.

I Am Writing List In Descending Order To Make It Interesting,So That,The Least Tharki/Tharkan(15th) Will Come Before 14th And So On....

12allchat Tharkan No:15:-Admin_Sugar Aka Kamito

She Is Less Tharkier Than Others,Or May Be I Had Not Observed Her For A Longer Time,May Be Can Deserve Higher Rank.But For Now,I Had Placed Her At 15th Position.Sorry Kamito,If You Don't Like This RANK:|:D

12allchat Tharkan No:14:-Smiley Aka Smilo

She Had Many Boy Friends In The Past,And Now Too Have A BF,But Still In Search Of A New One(nin).:D:D.Smilo Ji,Kindly Look At Me Please:|:$:D.

12allchat Tharkan No:13:-Abeeha Khan

Though Abeehu Seems A One Guy Girl,But Actually It Is Not.She Usually Puts Many Guys On GAS(Hope),So That They Starts Thinking That Abeehu Is Their GF:$:D.But It Is Not:D

12allchat Tharkan No:12:-Host_Magic Gurl

Girl Room Host_Magic Girl Made Me Shocked,When She Started Saying Host_Model Look "I Love You",Though She Is Already Engage With Mr. RON.So,I Simply Placed Her Name Here(lollol):$.

12allchat Tharkan No:11:-Host_Psychic Dreamer Aka Billo

Though Pak Room Host Billo Have A Bechara BF Named Ayazu,But She Still Comes With Her User ID,Tries To Flirt With New Guys.May Be She Checks "Her Popularity" Or "Can I Get A BF With In Minutes".Whatever,But She Deserves A Position Here At This Page:@:@:D.

12allchat Tharkan No:10:-Admin_MistyRose

Though Our Mom-Like Admin Misty Seems Not Having A BF,But Actually Her Taste Is Now Changed,And She Is Now A Days Curious To Make Girl Friends Instead,And Hence Her Name Came Here In This List(oops):D.

12allchat Tharkan No:09:-Admin_Arab Princess

Once,The Arabo Was Removed By Admin Alaa,She Had Contacted Arabic 12allchat Sysops,And Became Admin Again.I Don't Know What She Told Them,How She Convinced Them(oops):D:$,But I Placed Her Name In Here By Seeing Her PM-Hobby To Co-Admins & Hugging Them,Saying Them Sweety:$:D.

12allchat Tharkan No:08:-*** Aka ***

After Break Up With Admin Saady,*** Is Searching BFs Like A Bhooki Sherni(Hungry Female Lion),She Quickly Scans Every LUSH Guy These Days.But But But,In The Past,She Had More Than 1 BFs,And That's Why I Have Forced To Place Her Name In Here.Sorry ***:(:D:$.Kabhi Hum Par Bhi Nazar Dalo:$:$:D.

12allchat Tharkan No:07:-Host_Gudy Aka Emo Girl

Every User Of 12allchat Knows That Host Gudy Only Chats By Sending Combinations Of Smileys/Emos.But,I Have Observed That,She Is A Regular User Of English Rooms like USA,UK Etc.And She Had More Friends There.So,The Point Is That,Why She Spends More Time There?,Other Than Spending Time In Girls Room?.So,That's Why Her Name Came In This List:(:D.

12allchat Tharkan No:06:-Host_Egoistic Girl Aka Nehu

Though She Seems A Sincere Girl There,But I Think She Has 2-3 BFs In Real Life,And More Than 10 FANs On 12allchat,Including ABEER SHEIKH,Admin_Umi Etc.:D:D

12allchat Tharkan No:05:-SaBa Aka Sabu

Though I Had Not Observed Saba For A Longer Time,Whatever I Have Noticed,It Forced Me To Place Her Name In Here.Because Many People Says,She Is WITH Admin Saady,But I Think She Is With Host_Macintosh.But The Truth Is What She Is Hiding In Her Mind Or God Knows It Well(oops):D.

12allchat Tharkan No:04:-Host_Police Aka N!da

She Likes Hiding Her Identity,Kissing Boys,Behaving Like MALEs,Making Friends(Hamdards) Etc.Setting Admins(Male One),And Hence I Have Placed Her Name In Here:$:D.

12allchat Tharkan No:03:-Pwncz Shanzay

I Am Placing Her Name Here,Because I Had Observed That She Likes Boys,Who Carefully Listens To Her,Do Whatever She Tells Them,AND,In Return,She Only Chats With Them,Ignoring Others.Also She Likes To Chat With Hosts/Admins Only:):D

12allchat Tharkan No:02:-Admin_Lala Aka Lalu Prasad

Though We All Know That,Host Police Is A Girl,Lala Still Takes Her Side,Says BullSh**Ts To People Who Teases Host Police,And Defends Host Police,By Saying He Is A Male.Poor Lala,If You Think,That Police Is A Male,By Just Looking At Video Provided By Her,It Is Your Mistake,And You Will Come To Know This Soon:D:$.And Your Heart Will Broken Down:|:D

12allchat Tharkan No:01:-Sysop_Destiny Aka Destu

And The 12allchat Most Tharkan Award Goes To Destu.I Have Placed Her Name At The Top,By Seeing Her Activities Like,Making Lush Bandas Admins(Fajar/Prince),Defending For Handsome Hosts(h):$:D,And And And,Once,One Of My Friend Told Destiny That Rehan Is A Feksy Guy,She Had Immediately Messaged Me And Asked For The Same:$:D.Also,If You Are Giving Someone Admin Powers,Just Because You Love Them,Then It Is An Extremity Of Flirtism,And Hence Destu Won The Tharkism Trophy.

Congrats To Her!!!

12allchat Tharki No:15:-Abeer Sheikh Aka Abeeru

Abeeru Deserved 15th Position By Showing Her Tharki Skills To Every New Comer Girl To Pak1 Room & By Taking Sides Of Girls:$:D

12allchat Tharki No:14:-Host_GoldSmith Aka Goldy

Mr.Goldy Have Became A Perfect Tharki On 12allchat By Setting/Re-Setting Many GFs In Less Time.And Hence His Name In Here.

12allchat Tharki No:13:-Commando Cho*otya

He Has A Special Tharkism Skills,He Only Tries To Flirt With His Family Members Like Amma Behna Chachi Taayi Etc.And Hence His Name Deserves To Be Here In This List:D.

12allchat Tharki No:12:-Host_Darvaish Aka Kinso

We Know That,Every Girl Is Sis Of Kinso There,But Do You Really Think That Kinso Behave With Them As They Are His Sisters?,Naah,He Is A Professional BEESY,And Hence I Have Placed His Name In Here.

12allchat Tharki No:11:-Echo Aka Totla

Totla Has More Than 2 GFs Now,And Still Behaves Like He Love His EX,And Also Wants To Get More GFs.Hence I Have Put Hher Name In Here.I Means His* Name*:D:D

12allchat Tharki No:10:-Sysop_DS

He/She Only Replies Or Send PM Himself To Only Girl Admins/Hosts,Tells Them His Name/Positions Etc.Tell Me Guys,That How Many Of You Know The Real Name Of DS,And The People Who Are Going To Say "I Know His Name",Then They Had Surely Heard His Name From A GIRL:$:D,And Hence His Name In Tharkism List Here:):D

12allchat Tharki No:09:-Host_Komodo Dragon Aka Bheemi

Bheemi Is A Special Case Of Tharkism.He Usually Flirts With Boys Only:):D,Says Sentences Like "May Ap K Bache Ki Ma Banne Wali Hoon","Chunnu K Papa Aap Agye?" Etc.:D:D(lollol)

12allchat Tharki No:08:-Host_Eddie Wanted Aka Aloney

Though Aloney Behave Like He Doesn't Care About "Relationship",Doesn't Want A Girl Friend,Doesn't Want To Waste Time In Such Things.BUT,If So,Than How Come He Knows About Every Girl There On 12allchat,He Knows "With Whom,Blah Blah Girl I,Now A Days","What Is The Age Of Blah Blah Girl",Etc.:D:D:D

12allchat Tharki No:07:-Puneet Goel Aka Punnu

Mr. Puneet Deserves 7th Position Here In This List,Just By His Kissing Skills To Every Girls There On 12allchat:D:D

12allchat Tharki No:06:-Host_Police

If,Host Police Is Not N!DA,He Still Deserves To Be Here In Male Tharkis List,By Observing His Flirt Skills With Admin Mistyrose,***,Admin Lala Etc.:$:D:D

12allchat Tharki No:05:-Batman Aka Batty

Have You Observed,That,Whenever Your Try To Mis Behave With A Girl Host Or A Girl,And If There Is Batty Inside That Room,Then Some One Surely Going To Abuse You With GUEST ID,Unless Untill An Active Admin Is There:D.Also,If,A Girl Doesn't Want To Chat With Mr Batty,Or Ignores Him,Then She Will Surely Going To Be Abused By Mr Batty,But Only With Fake Name & ID.Mr Batty Behaves Innocent With His User ID,And Does His Dirty Abuse Jobs With His Guest IDs(lollol):D

12allchat Tharki No:04:-Admin_Loving Aka Ammu

Though Ammu Says He Loves Barbie Doll,But In Her Absense,He Tries To Set Different Girls Such As "Abeehu,Host_Rosy,Shanzay,Soomin,Saba,Sophie" Etc.Also He Tries To Attract Girls Attention By Putting MIC On:D:D.Hence He Is Getting Ranked Here:D

12allchat Tharki No:03:-Admin_Saady Aka Saadyo

Though Saadyo Had A Sweeet Feksy GF Named *** Mulchandani,But He Still Had Flirted With Other Girls Like Saba & Soomin,And God Knows Well That This May Be A MERE Judge Of Me,The List Of VICTIM Girls Of Saady's Tharkism May Be Bigger Than Any One's Imaginations:D:D*-):D

12allchat Tharki No:02:-Admin_High Codes Aka Cody

Cody Deserves 2nd Position,Just By His PM-ing Skills & Chumma Chaati Wala Ban Techniques.He Usually LINES On Host Bluest Eyes,*** & Our Hidden Gender Guy/Girl Police:D:$:D

12allchat Tharki No:01:-Jin Aka Leo,Senti,Sobi,Raheel

The First Place & The Tharkism Trophy Goes To Not Only Sinlge Guy,But A Group Of 4 Guys Named Leo,Senti,Sobi & Raheel.They Whenever Sees A Girls There On Main Chat,They Starts Showing Her Their Skills:$:D.Once I Remember,When I Came With A Girl Nick,Mr Leo Had Pmed Me And Said Hello(lollol):D

Congrats To Them Guys!!!!

Points To Be Noted Regarding Above Lists:-

*Host_Police Came In Both Categories Because His/Her Gender Is Still Un Cofirmed & He/She Tries To Set Both Girls As Well As Boys.

*Host_Funtastic Also Deserved A Place Here,May Be At 16th,Because He Starts Ignoring Others If He Chats With A Girl On Mains,Even You Can Abuse Him & He Will Not Notice It:D:D.

*Many 12allchat Old Users,Like DJ,Shah Don,A t t i,Innocet,VIP,Yaado,Misha,Anjaani,Dholl Etc.,IF Were Coming Online,Then Surely They Will Be In This List.And I Am Sure,The Top(No:1) Positions Will Be Deserved By Misha & DJ:D(lollol)

*Also,Admin_Alphaa Deserves A Place Here At 17th,Because Though He Is Having A GF,But Still Tries To "HATH SENKNA" With His Female Host Here:D.

*Mostly,You Will Notice That,The Flirts Are Having Admin Or Host IDs There,I Don't Know What Is Exact Reason Of This,But There Is A Saying About This Issue "People Becomes Tharki After Being Admin/Host".:D:D

*Also,Host Bluest Eyes Deserves 16th Position,Just By Her Blushing Skills To Every Guy:$:D.

*I Was Going To Place Mr.Chaos's Name Here In This List,But The Girls With Whom He Flirts,May Have Surely Fought With Me For That,That's Why I Omitted His Name Here.:(:D.

Thank You!

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