Every Body Knows That Chatrooms Hosted By 123flashchat.com Are Becoming Famous ,Day By Day.Because They Are Easier,Smoother And Reliable For Online Chatting,And Do Not Consumes Much Energy Of Our Computer And Internet.

Two Years Ago,I Too Decided To Go There And Enjoy Freely.But As I Logged In, Inside A Room,I Was Totally In Confusion That "How To Chat Here,And,What The Hell Is Going On Here".I Even Didn't Know "How To Set Font Style" For My User Nick-Name.I Than Asked A Person There,To Whom,All Users Are Calling As "HOST".But He Was Busy With Chatting With His Fellows,Whatever He Told Me About My Problem,I did Not Understand.Same Happened For Next Few Days,Than I Decided To,Not To Ask Anyone ,And Find Solution Myself.

So,Whatever I Found Inside 123flashchat.com Chatrooms During Passed 2 Years,I Am Now,Going To Share With All Of You Guys.Because,I Saw There,That, Many People,Who Are Having Same Situation,Which I Had,Two Years Ago.And,No One Helps Them Or Even Listens Them,Because Most Of The HOSTS And ADMINS Are Busy In Chatting,With Their Friends Or In PM,Now A Days, In Every Chatroom.If They Don't Listen You,Then Forget Them,And Read This Simple Tutorial,I Have Written Here,And Enjoy Your Happy,Self Helping Chat Life.

Note:This Tutorial Or Guide For 123Flashchat.com Chat rooms Is Based On Your Normal Questions,Which You Usually Asks, To The Hosts Or Admins In Those Chatrooms.

So,Let Us Start.

         Suppose You Are Totally Newbie To Internet,And Just Clicked A Link Of Flash Chat room,Than Many Questions Will Arise In Your Mind,About That Chat room.
          All Those Questions And There Solutions,I Am Now Giving You,Just Read Them Carefully,And Experiment Using Them Yourself.

The Questions Are:

How To Log-in To The Chat room?:

So,You Opened The Chat site(Chatroom) By Clicking On It's Link On Google Or Any Other Site.The Fire Page Will Come,In Front Of You,Is,The "Log-In Screen",Means,Here You Have To Enter your Desired User Name Or User Nick.The Log-In Is Of Two Type,Namely As:
*Guest Log-in:This Means,You Have To Just Enter(Write) Your Desired Nick Name There,And,Than Press Enter Button Of Your Keyboard.

*Registered Log-In:This Means,You Have To Enter Your Nick Name As Well As Password There,And Than Press Enter.To Register,Your Nick Name,See The Box At Right Side,There,You Have To Insert Your Desired Nick Name,Password,Email,Location,Date Of Birth,Gender Etc.Whenever You Registers Your Nick Name,Than,You Can Log-In As Registered Member Of The Chatroom.

How To Enter The Chatroom?:

Now Your Have Logged In Your Nick Name,Now Click On The Room You Want To Enter,And You Will Be "IN" There,In My Example,I Entered In "Default Room".

How To Set Fonts?:
When Your Enters Room,Always Set Your ID(Nick-Name) Font Style First.By Clicking The "T" Button,Above the Message Box(Chat Box/Text box).Than,Set Font Style,Font Size,you Can Make Your Font Bold By Clicking On "B",And Even Can Make Font "Italic"(Italic Means Tilted To Right Side).Set Your Font Colour,By Clicking,Colour Settings Here.

How To Send Smiley?:
Smiley Is A Small Picture Or Image Which Displays Different Kinds Of Emotions.To Sent Smiley To Someone,just Click The Smiley Option Situated At Right Side Of The "T" Button.Click On The Smiley You Want To Use,Than Press Enter to Send That Smiley.You Can Send Smiley By Only Typing Its Code Instead Of Selecting It From The List.(See Figure)

How To Use Pen?:

For Writing Something Using Your Mouse,Just Like In "Ms Paint",Click On "R" Button Located Before "T" Button.Select Hand Writing,And Write Whatever you Want,And Then Send You Hand Written Message.
How To Use Advance Options?:
This  Button Is Located At The Right Side Of Smiley Button And Contains Some Extra Functions,Such As:

                             *Youtube Message:If You Want To Send A Youtube Message To Others,You Can Click This Button,And Paste Your Youtube Video Link In The Message Box Than Press Send.
                             *Send Flash Emotions:By Using This Button,You Can Select And Send Some Advance And Stylish Emotions Called As "Flash Emotions". 
                             *:Send Sound :You Can Send Different Types Of Sounds From Here.                     
                             *Send Image:You Can Send A Image From Your Computer,To The Others.     
                             *Predefined Message:Here You Can Add Or Use Default Message To Send Quickly,Means,You Can Add Here A Message Which You Use Mostly,Just Add That Message Here,And,Whenever you Require To Send This Message, Just Click On Predefined Message,Double Click On you Message Than Press Enter To Send Your Message.

How To Change Chat room Style?:
To Change The Chat room Style/Theme,Just Click On "Style" Button,Situated At Right Of  The Advance Message Button.Here You Will Find Two Options,Namely As:
Change Background:You Can Change Background Look Of Your Chatroom From Here,By Selecting A Background Type,From The List.

Change Skin:You Can Change Skin Of Chat room To Different Colours,As you Want,As you Wish.(See Figure).

How To Invite Friends?:
 To Invite A Friend To The Chatroom,Just Click The "Invite Friends" Button,Located At The Right Side Of The Style Button.Select Which Email Id You Want to Invite,Such As Gmail,MSN Or Facebook Friend,Enter The Email And Password Of Your Email Carrier,Than Click OK,A Message Will Be Send To All Of Your Email ID Friends ,Saying Them To Come Here.

Different User Types:
Owner,Admin,Moderator.Registered User,Guest
 Why Some User's Nickname  Colour Is Red?:
Users Having Red Coloured Nickname Is Known As "Chat room ADMIN",Or Simply Admin.They Can Read IP Of Users,Can Ban Them,Can Mute them,Can Kick Them Etc.

Why Some User's Nickname Is Dark-Green:

Users Having Dark-Green Nicknames Are Known As "Room Moderator" OR "MOD" Or "Room Host" Or Simply "HOST".Host Are Able To Mute And Kick Users For Their Misbehaviour.

Why Some User's Nick Names Are Always Black And Others  Are Always Light Green?:

Users Having Light Green Nick Names Are The Registered Members Of The Chatroom,And.Users Having Black Nick Names Are Guest IDs(Without Registration).
How To Chat?:

To Chat With Other Users,Simply Type Whatever You Want To Say in The Message Box(Chat Box),And Press ENTER Of Your Keyboard.

What Is MAIN?:

Main Is The Large Screen Above The Message Box,And To The Left Of  User List.On Main,You Can Chat With As Many As Users,You Want.

What Is Private Message(PM):

The Private Message Means,Chat With A Person,Privately,Means No Other User Will Be Able To See Your Chat.To Start A PRIVATE CHAT With A User,Simple Click On His Nick Name,And Than Click "Private Message".

Note:Whisper Message Means You Can Private Chat With A User On Main As Well,But No One Will See your Chat,Except That Person.

How To Block A User?:

To Block A User,Simply Click On His Nick Name(User ID) And Than Click On "Block".

If You Block Someone,He Will Not Able Be To Chat With You Or Even See Your Chat With Others.

How To Add A User As Your Friend?:

For Adding A User As Friend,click On His Nick Name And Than Select Add As Friend.You Can Now PM Him,Any Time,In Any Room.Check The Friend List,Which Is Between The User List And Room List,For Your Added Friend Names.
How To Know "Who Is The Owner/Super Admin Of Flash Chatroom"?:

The Super Admin Or Owner Of The Site Who Bought That Chat room Always Has Purple Colour Nick Name.(See Figure Above)

How To See Details Of A User?:

To See Details Of A User,Simply Click On His Nick Name And Than Select "View Profile(Details).

What Is Settings Button?:
This Button Contains Different Kind Of Settings For Your Ease.Such As Options,Blocked List,Clear Screen,Message History,Stop Scrolling Etc.Now I Will Explain Them One By One:

*Settings>>>>Options:When You Click On This,A Box Will Come,Where You Can Set Following Fields:-
                    1:Messages Settings:Here You Can Set"Accept Private Messages,Message Only From Friends,Show Time With Nickname,Convert Smiley Codes To Show Smiley etc.
                                 If You Set Accept Private From Members Only,Than Only,Than Only Registered Member Can Private Chat With You.
                     2:Sounds:Here You Can Set Different Sounds Options As y0u Like.
                     3:Cache:This Means Whether You Want,The Chat System To Save      Your History and Password Or Not.Leave This Amount To Default.
                     4:Themes:Here You Can Set Styles For The Chatroom .Always Set Theme To Default,Because It Makes your Chat "Handy" And Easy To Understand Others.Set Avatar In Chat To Small,Avatar In List To Small.Select Or Check The Small box Saying "Single Line".
 5:Video Layout:You Can Set Behaviour For The Video Chat Pop Up Box Here.

 6:Change Password:Here You Can Change Your User Name's Password.

      Now,After All Option Settings,Click On "Submit" To Save These Setting.Than Click Close.

*Settings>>>Ignore List:Here You Can Manage The Users Whom You Have Blocked.

*Settings >>>Games:You Can Play Different Flash Games Available In The Chatroom.

*Settings>>>WhiteBoard:Here You Can Draw Ruff Scatches For Pen=Writting Mode.

*Settings>>>Turn Off Sounds:You Can "Turn Off "All kind Of Sounds,Inside The Chatroom Here.

*Settings>>>Start Scrolling:Here You Can Stop Or Start Scrolling Of ,The "Sidebar"located Between Main Chat Window And User List.

*Settings>>>Clear Screen:This Button Deletes All Types Of Texts From The" Main"

*Settings>>>Exit The Room:You Can Log out From Here.

How To Start Video/Audio Chat?:
To Start A Video Audio Chat,Just Click The "Publish My Video"Button,Situated Above The User List.Than A Box Will,Where You Can Set Mic Volume,List Of Users Watching Your Video,Camera Settings,And Zoom The Video Window.For Advance Settings For Video/Audio,Right Click On Main Than Select Settings,And Set Change Settings For Your Hardware.

How To Listen Or Watch Or Listen(Join) Other User's Mic Or Cam?:

For Watching Or Listening(Joining) Other User's Cam Or Mic,Just Click On A Mic Icon On His Nick Name,A Message Will Be Displayed To Him That You Want To Join His Cam/Mic.If He Accepts The Request,You Can Watch/Listen His Cam/Mic.

How To Change The Room?:
To Change The Room,First,Click The Third List Situated At Right  Side Of the User list And After The Friend List.Than,Double Click On The Name Of The Room,You Want To Enter.

Now You Are Entered The Other Room,You Can Now,Simultaneously Chat In Both Rooms.Or Even Close First One By Clicking On A "X" Symbol.Located After The Room Name Head.

How To Hide The Userlist?:

To Hide The User List,For Better Chat Experience,Click A Small Arrow ,Located On The Middle Of "Main Screen Sidebar".(See Figure).

What Is Mute?:

Mute Means,You Will Never Be Able To Say(Type And Send) Anything To Other Users Until your mute Time Finishes.
Note:If You Type Same Word Three Times,You Will Get A Popup Message Warning,If You Ignore That Warning ,And Continue to Send That Message Again ,Than You Will Get Automatically Muted By The System For Breaking the Rules.

What Is A Kick:

If You Break The Rules,Misbehaves With Hosts,Admins Or Even With Other Users,The Host Will Firstly Warn You,If You Do Not Listen His Warning,You Will Firstly Muted For 10 Minutes(Depending On Chat Configuration),Than After Unmute If You Still Behaves Like Earlier,Than,You Will Get kicked Out The Room.This Means You Will Be Unable To Enter that Room For 10 minutes Or Whatever kick-Time Set For The ChatRoom.

What Is A Ban:

If You Still Continue Mis-Behaving ,Abusing,Spamming,Link Pasting,Dirty Chatting Or Other Prohibited Things,Than You Will Get Banned From That Room For A Specified Period Of Time,Or Even Banned From The Whole Site.
Note1:This Depends On The Type  Of Chatroom (Website).If The Chat Site Has Create Room Function Enabled,Than You Will Get Only Banned From A Particular Room,And Still Be Able To Chat In Other Rooms.

Note2:If You Get Banned By Site/Chatroom Owner Or Super Admin,Than You Will Not Be Able To Log-In That Site,For Specified Period Of Time.


1:Do Not Give Your Real Information To Any One Here,Such As Your Address,Passwords Email IDs Or Mobile Numbers.

2:Do Not Spam Or Abuse To Anyone Here In The Chatroom,It May Lead You To Getting Banned From The Site.

3:Do Not Paste Email IDs Publicly Here.

4:Do Not Use Restricted Words Here,Such As Fu*k,Se*s,Ga*y,Etc.

5:Do Not Disrespect Other Chatters In PM Or On Main Chat.

6:Do Not Behave Like A Kid To Get Attentions Of Other  Chatters.

7:Join The Main Chat Topic Whenever You Think That You Can Also Have A Opinion About The Current Topic Going On Between The Chatters On The Main.

8:Never Say "Hi" "Hello" Or "How Are You" As Soon As You Enter A Chatroom,Because,No One Want To Leave Their Current Conversation With Their Friend And Chat With You.

9:As Soon As You Enters The Chatroom,Say Good Morning,Good Evening,Or,Your "Religious Salute Words".Then Watch "What Is Going There,Then If Anything You Finds Interesting,Than Join Conversation With Others".

10:If Some One Is Abusing Or Dis-Respecting You In The PM,Than Tell About This To The Room Mod/Host Or Admin,Means Do Not Abuse Him Back.

11:Do Not Use Big And Gothic Fonts Or Too Light & Small Fonts,This May Irritate Other Chatters And May Be Host Will Warn Or Kick You Out.

12:Do Not Send Virus Or Any-other Types Of Material In The Chatroom Using "Send File" Option There.

13:If You Are Not Interested In The Current Chat Than Keep Quite,Don't Send Smileys Continuously,This May Lead To Getting Kicked Out.

14:Do Not Send Cam Or Video Request To The Girl Or Boy,Whom You Don't Know,Because This Is Called As Bad Manners.

15:Do Not PM A User As Soon As He Enters The Chatroom,Because,After Entering the Chatroom If You PMs Him/Her,It Will Hang Them Or Make Them Suddenly Blink To See What Is Going On The Main Chat,And This Will Lead To "They Will Get Angry On You".

16:When You Want To Quit Or Leave Current Conversation With Your Friend,Always Say "BRB" To Them.BRB Means "Be Right Back".

17:When Someone Says "BRB",Than You Should Say "TYT" To Them.TYT Means "Take Your Time".

Some Common Short Cut Codes Which Are Mostly Used In The Chatrooms Are Given Below:

LOL=>"Laughing Out Loudly",If You Like Someone's Joke Than Simply Say "LOL".

BRB=>"Be Right Back",If You Want To Take A Rest Or Have To Do Some work,Than Simply Say "BRB".

TYT=>"Take Your Time",If Someone Says BRB,Than Say Them "TYT".

TY=>Thank You.




GM=>Good Morning.




These Are The Most Commonly Used Codes For The Chatrooms.


Special Note1:Now A Days 123flashchat.com Is Updating Their Chat Software Frequently,So Most Of The Tips I Have Given Here,May Not Found In The Latest Versions  Or May Be Modified.But The Basic Rule For All The Functions And Features Of 123flashchat Will Remain Same.

Special Note2:If You Think That You Know Some More Features,So Please Mention Them In Your Comments Here Or Tell Me About Them,I Will Add Them In This Post As Soon As Possible
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