One Day,In A Cold Evening,I Was Searching For "Free Online Chatrooms In India",Two Years Ago,And Found A Chatroom Known As "12ALLCHAT".I Think It Was On Third Page Of Google Results,But Now A Days,12ALLCHAT(12 كل دردشة )has Taken First Place On Google Search(Congrats Site Owners). So I Clicked The Link And Than Site Opened,But,Given A Error "You Need Java To Be Installed For This Site".So I Installed Java(By Googling),And Than Tried To Open This Site,Again Error Saying"Flash Player Is Not Installed On Your Computer",I Didn't Know,That What The Hell Is This Flash Player,Obviously,I Googled For It,And Installed From Adobe's Homepage.
Now,I Was On The 12allchat (موقع 12 شات)Log in Screen,Which Had Roomlist(Tabs),After Entering  My Name In Log in Box ,I Clicked On India Room,Because I Am An "Indian",And All Indians Always Looks For Indian Rooms(Usually).So I Entered The India Room,And This Was My First Step On The 12allchat Site,And Now I Am Going To Tell You The All Details About My Experience On This Site.                 
 The "12ALLCHAT(موقع 12 شات)" Consist Of Lots Of Chatrooms,For Arabs,English,Indians,Pakistanis,Egyptians,Syrians,Kuwait Etc.But I Use Indian Chatroom Only,Because I Don't Know Arabic Or Other Languages Na.In Indian Chat,There Is A Long Roomlist,Such As:
*USA CHATROOM:This Room Was Firstly Owned By Admin_Armani And Admin_Rage(I Never Saw Him Chatting On Main),(When I Was New Here),Than Now A Days,Admin_Mysterious(I Don't Know what kind Of Mystery She Is) And Admin_Hidden_Jewel Owns This Room.This Room Is For All English Speaking People(I Don't Know English Well:|),I Usually Not Chat In This Room,Because Of My Poor English.But You Can Find Here Some Nice Users.
*INDIA CHATROOM:This Room Was Firstly Owned By Admin_Rage,Than Now It Is Handed Over To The Admin_Attitude killer And Admin_Illusion.Attitude Killer Is A Famous Person Of 12all India Chat,Each And Every User Know About Him(Really?),Illusion Is A Friendly Nature Admin And A Nice Guy.This Room Contains A Lots Of Hosts,But Many Of Them Are "Pm Worm",And Attitude killer Is Very Strict For His Hosts(May Be:S).
*PAKISTAN CHATROOM:This Room Now A Days,Is Owned By Admin_Attitude killer And Admin_Chocolate(mmm yummy).Choco Is the First Person Admin,Who Became My Brother,He Is A Nice Person,But Little busy Now a Days:|.This Room Also Have "Pm Worms",I Think About 60% of Them Are.Nie Users From Asian Country Comes here And Makes New Friends,Daily.Good Room  As My Point Of View.
*MEET NEW FRIENDS CHATROOM:This Room Was Firstly Owned By Admin_Attitude Killer,Than Handed Over To The Admin_Black Tiger(One Of My Brother) And Admin_Fajju.This Room Contains All The Users From India,Pakistan,Nepal,Thailand Etc.Means All Asians Can Be Found In This room.
*FUN CORNER CHATROOM:This Room Is The Best,As My Point Of View.I Usually Chat Here,And All of the Hosts And Users Are Now My Friends Here(May Be 99%).This Room Never Dies,In The Day-time As Well As In The Night,Chat Is Always Going On,In This Room.This Room Is now Owned By Admin_Taken(Pathan-A Nice Person And My Brother As Well) And Admin_Crystal(Was Host_Lil Lover In This Room Than Promoted For Adminship About 2 months Ago,My Lil Brother).
*PAK CHATROOM2:This Room Was Created About 5 Months Ago(May Be More than Of It).This Room Is Owned By Admin_Lahoree(Who Was Host_Bullet In Hip Hop Room Than Promoted For AdminShip,And He Is A Good Person Too)And Admin_Alphaa(He Was Host_Arrow In The Hip Hop Room Than Promoted For Adminship,He Is One Of My Brother And Loves Someone Special To His Heart:$),Lol.Here you Will Find "Love Stories Of Admins",Lots Of Nice Users And Many More Things.
*GIRLS CHATROOM:This Room Was Firstly Owned By Admin_Pinky Star(Dinky Sinky:$:D),Than Handed Over To Admin_Falak,Here you Can Find All 12chat Girls Resting Here Or Chilling Here.I Normally Do Not Go There,Except When My Friends Calls Me There.
*FRANCE CHATROOM:This Room Was The Most Famous Room Of 12all Chat,Because,This Room Never Had An Admin Or Host There.So,That's  Why,Became The Rest Room For All Kind Of 12all Normal Users,Abusers,Spammers etc.Normally,Many People Used This Room For Refreshing Page Of  Their Current Room.
All Above Rooms Are The One,Where I Usually Chat.12ALL CHAT Has Other Rooms As Well,Namely As Canada Room,Kool Room,UK Room,Party Room,Poetry Room,Arab Room,India Room2,Lobby Room,Gossips,Kool Room Etc.Which Are Good Rooms For Your Visit As Well.
 All The Rooms On This Site(means India-chat),Are Governed By Admin_Unknown.She Was Firstly The Host,Than Became And Admin And Now Promoted As "Super Admin".This Means She Can Assign And Make Admins Too.She Has 3 Admins Ids For Managing Different Rooms(I Too Want 3 Ids:@).Admin_Unknown Is A nice Person,Calm Mind and Girl Helper Admin,She Don't Forgives And Mis-behaviour With Girls(May Be Forgive Me:$:D).
Across From Nice Rooms On This Site,I Found Here Many More Good Friends,Who Became My Brother After 1 Day Of Chatting With Them,And Still Are Friends Till Now.I Assigned All Of Them The Name  "12ALL ROCKERZ".And Will Be Going To Give You Their Details Below.
                                   *THE 12ALL ROCKERZ*
*HERO:Recently Became My Friend Here,A Caring And Emotional Guy:$:D.
*SHAH DON: He Is  First Person,Who Become My Brother Here,A Nice But Emotional Guy.
*DEVIL BOY(DJ):Dj Rocks,The !! Mental !! In The !! I.C.U !!.
*INNOCENT:A Good Person,And A Soft Heart Guy,Usually I Call Him"INNO2"
 *INNOCENT BOY:One Of My Oldest Friend On 12all Chat,Usually you Can Find Him In Pm(:S:D).(INNO1).
*INNOCENT ARIES:A Good Friend With Nice Heart From Sindh.(INNO3).
*SHAMELESS MASTER SAM:One Of My Oldest Friend On This Site.A Nice And Emotional Guy Here From India.Usually Called As "Sammy"
*TANG NA KARO:My Oldest Friend Over Here.He Always Loves To Tang(PM) Me:D:D
*LEO:A PATHAN And I love The Way He Says"Aiiitttaa".
*EVOLUTION: It Is Time For Evolving The Chatroom ,By EvOooOoOo.
*SALLU:A Good Boy With Typo Errors. 
*FUNTER:He Is The First Host Who Became My Friend On This Site,And Still We Have Good Relationship(:S).
*MR LONELY(AKELA):He Is Lonely, Only By His Nickname,But You Can find Him Usually In PM Or Welcoming The Girls:$:D.
*CHALAK TOTA:My Old Friend, Who Gave Me Tips For "How To Chat" On This Site.Love Someone But Will Not Accept This:S:D That He Is In Love:D.
*SHANI SHEHZADA:A Guy With Lots Of Creative Thoughts.
*BROKEN HEART(RAHEE):A Good Boy With Bad Pathani Nature:@:D.
*DRONE:Nice Friend And A Stylish English Speaker.
*EMO BOY:The Lovable Emonition:$:D.
*XEESHU:A Jutt Who Chats Jhatt Patt.
*ZESHI ROLA: Rola?? You Mean Roller?:$:D.Nice Person:$:D.
*HEART BREAK KID: Switch The Music:$:D.
*LUCHA LAFANGA:A Cowboy,With Friendly,Naughty Mind.
*CHIKNA TAPORI:Another Cowboy,Wth Lovable Heart.
*DECENT FLIRTY:As The Name Indicates:$He Flirts Decently({):D.
*AWTIF:A Broken Heart Boy,His Heart Was Break Down by Many>>>:$:$:D.
*V.I.P:The Very Innocent Problem:$:D.
*JAMES(XCTION):Usually Come With Tension In His Mind:D.
*JAMES:Newly Became My Friend:$:D,A Good Boy With Ehm Nature.
*RAAZ:Everything Is In "Secret" About "RAAZ":$:D.
*HELL IN CELL:He Is My First Friend Who Taught Me Some Tricks:$:D.
*HONEY SINGH(ANU):A Loving Person Chatting In Punjabi Language:$:D.
*NINJA BOY:A Security Expert And A Programmer.I Think "Ninja Emo(nin)"Is Specially Developed For Him:S:D.
*KOOL BOY:He Banned Me Many Times:|Giving Kiss Emo:-* In His Ban Reason:$:D.
*INFINITY:I Want To Propose Him Infinite Times.
*LUCKY:One Word For Him.............Oye Lucky Oye:S:D.
*BLACKLISTED:I Think He Changed His Normal Nick To "Blacklisted" After Getting Banned First Time:$:D.
*INVISIBLE KILLER:He Kills His Friend's Enemies,Invisibly:D:S:D.
*18 TILL DIE:He Became 19 Year Old Last Month But Still Using This Nickname({):D
*WICKED STAH:A Good Person For Me,And Best Friend Of Admin_Taken:$:D:P.
*BHOOT:A Soul From Dead Chat Body:P:D And Bro Of Someone:S:D.
*ROMEO THE KING: A Romantic Nature Boy:$ In Search Of his Juliet:$:S:D.
*WALEE:A Banda Type Friend:$:D.
*COOL BOY:A Friend With Hawt Body Having Cool  Emotions:$:D.
*SHARP EYES:The Guy Who Sent Me Cricket Challenge Daily:@:D.
*THE KING OF THE RING:What Kind A Rings? By The Way?:S:D:D.
*TAKEN:A Nice Friend ,A Pathan  Famous For  His Decent Ban Reasons:$:D
*ZARAK KHAN:The Leonardo De Vinci Of Chat-tanic. *ILIYAS:We Lob You Iliaaf. *LION:He Is Inspired From A Very Fa-Mouse Politician:D:D. *LITTLE LOVER:His Favourite Alphabet Is "3",Confused??,LoL He Uses "3" Instead Of  "E" While Chatting Such As Lov3R,D33P,Etc. *MBA:MASTER OF BAD ACTIVITIES,Without Being Bad:D.  *NWA:A Bina Reason Spammer.:D *PRINCE_MOON:-Only DeenDar User Of 12allchat (scr):D *FREAKOUT:-He Like Spamming For No Reason.He Does To In All 12allchat Rooms,And Then Get Banned :D:P
Across All Above Friends(Brothers),Few More Are My Friends And Nice User Also,Such As Prince,Danial,Sameer,Asim ,Kingwa ,Dangerz,LG,Sun Flower,Dadu,Dude_420,Lion,Swapan,Revolution,Hawni,Sunny Boy,Sharad,Anu,Aliyaan,Etti etc.
I Don't Have Much Girl Friend(Not A Lovers:@) On This Site.But Whatever I Have,I Am Listing Them Below:
                                         *12ALL CUTE GIRLS*
*BUBBLES:A Cute Sister,A Doctor From Pak,(Doctor Of Animals Not Humans,But Man Is Also An Animal Na({):D).
*KITTEN: She Is A Good Girl From Canada And Usually Says "Meow Meow":$:D.
*BABYDOLL:Recently Became Famous Here By Her Friendly Nature.
*BLOSSOM: A Nice Old Friend Of Mine.
*FLIRTY VAMPIRE:Vampires Never Flirts:@:D.She Still Did Not Decide That What Her Heart Wants({) She Is Still Practicing In "Wow Wot A Nice Banda8-|" Field :@ :D
*CANDLE:A CANDLE Made Only For WAX ,Not From WAX:$:D  Here Is The Latest Updates To My 12allchat Experience Page:-   Rooms Removed From 12allchat:- France,Spanish,Russia,China,HIP HOP,Video Chat Rooms Are Removed From 12allchat. New Rooms Added  On 12allchat:- Lobby,Chit Chat,Girls Room,Gossips,Fun Corner,Poetry,Stuffs,Video,Pak2,USA2,IND2 Rooms Are Added To 12allchat. Changes In Admins Of 12allchat:- Most Of The Older Admins Get Removed,Such As Armani,Rage,Attitude Killer,Chocolate,Koolboy,Taken Etc. Older And Newer Admins Available On 12allchat(موقع 12 شات):- Admin_RED:-I Don't Know Who Made Him Admin({),He Is So Rude With Abusers/Spammers,But They Don't Mind His Rudeness({).I Don't Like Him Much,Because,He Have Made Me "Not Allowed" In His Rooms*-)Huh:):):):):D(Chitchat And Girls Room).. Admin_Daisy:-Admin_Red Calls Her A Laraku Murghi*-),But I know That She Is A Nice Admin,Who Always Tries To Solve the Matters Of Hosts As Well As Users.Once I Was Going To Ask Her For A Date,But When I Saw She Eats The Man As A Dinner With Whom She Goes For A Date,I Changed My Mind:|:D(Thank God(oops):D Admin_Atif Khan:-My Friend Atif Become Admin Now,And Monitoring 2 Rooms.(Wot Is Going On,Here On 12allchat({):D). Admin_Aora:-Girl-Friend Of Atif Khan And Monitoring The Same Room. Admin_Fairy:-Ex Host_Bird Of Paradise Is Now Admin In Poetry And Pak2 Rooms.Congrats Her Please. Admin_Senti Prince:-Ex Host Sentimental Prince Is Now Admin Of USA2 And Fun Corner. Admin_Prestigious:-She Is Admin Of IND1,IND2. Admin_Illusion:-Admin Of IND1. Admin_Revolution:-And Ex Host Of India Room1 Became Admin There,And Now A Days In Love Of A Cute Girl:$. Admin_Saady:-Older Admin_Black Tiger Changed His Name. Admin_Prince:-Most Loyal And Honest Guy Of 12allchat(nin):D Who Loves Only One Girl(At A Time)(scr):D And Usually Known As "TKK".:D Admin_Mystery:-Old Pak1 Room Host_Mystery Is Now Admin There.Congrats Him Please.   Other Admins Who Are Still Unknown To Me Are "Admin_Ahmed,Admin_Mirage,Admin Watson,Admin_Arab Princess,Admin_Polite,Admin_Lucia,Admin_LaLa,Admin_Watson,Admin_High Codes,Admin_Shady,Admin_Dolphin".
New Male Hosts Which Became My Friends In 12allchat:- Host_Umair Khan:-A "Prem Pujari" Type Nice Banda,Who Is Hosting In Chitchat Room. Host_Rockstar:-A Pathan Having No Rules For Abusers When There Is No Admins In Fun Corner Room:):D. Host_Princess Shona:-Usually Called "M Shona" By Her BF Host_Umair Khan:$:D. Host_Titli:-Very Friendly Girl To New Users,She Makes Them Crazy To Chat With Her.Though She Dont Take Interest In Kicking Muting Abusers And Spammers.:|:D Host_Princess Ana:-She Is A Super Host,Hosting In ChitChat And Girls Room Nicely.Some Users Call Her A "Attitude Girl",But I Know She Has A Nice Heart To Nice Users*-):D.Go To Hell Flirty Users:@:D. Host_Dazzling Girl:-She Is Also A Super Host In Both Rooms Mentioned Above. Host_Komal Fatima:-A Bholi Bhali Cute Si Bachi:|.:$:D,She Always Talks Like A Cuty Bachi.All Like Her So Much:$:|.Once She Told Me This Line "apne page m mere dil khol k tareef kya karen",This Means,I Should Appreciate And Admire Her In This Page More And More({):D How Sweet Is She:|:D HOST_DIL:-A Dil Phenk Banda :D,Whose Keyboard Has "E" Button Replaced By "3".:D Host_Loving Kisom:-The Skype Boy Hosting In Fun Corner*-):D. Host_Billo:-A Chi Po Chi Po Girl:D.(Always Use Creole Language):D. Host_Dark Angel:-Another Chi Po Chi Po Girl Of Fun Corner. Host_Guddy:-She Still Dont Have A Keyboard To Write Something:|:D. Host_Innocent Girl:-"The Hum-Gang Member",Means Instead Of Saying "I" She Always Says "Hum(we)":D. Host_Lov3r:- A Friendly PM Abuser Banda:):D.Who Want To Say Sindhi Language And Make Other People Irritated But Except His "Langotiya Yaar" Admin_Saad :D Another Hosts To Be Mentioned Here Are,Host_Macintosh,Host_Friend 4 All,Host_Worsto,Host_Abbi,Host_Arman,Host_Crystal,Host_Heaven Crystal,Host_Precious Pearl,Host_Pink Pearl,Host_Fahad,Host_Shehzad,Host_Silent Breath,Host_Jogi,Host_Mekaal,Host_Liah,Host_Awesome Hunk,Host_Hpy Bdy,Host_Rodor,Host_*** Etc Etc.:D:D:D::):D. New Male Friends Added Into 12allchat:- Dalinda,Samker,Hunter,Echo,Kool Buddy,Viper,Silent Breath,King Khan,Eshal,Sumit,Crispu,Qwerty,Prince Moon,Romeo,Blacklisted,Srk Niazi Etc. New Female Friends Added Into 12allchat:- Muski,Shanzay,Nats(Others Dont Like Me And Vice Versa:|:D Huh). Older Enemies Became Friends:- Twister,Ron,Raaz,LG.Now I Don't Have Panga/Fight With Anyone On 12allchat:|:D. New Kind Of Mute Added Into 12allchat:- Now You Will Get Muted On Your IP Address+Cookies.So Hard To Break Mutes. Kicks Are Same As Before. Range Ban Added Into 12allchat:- Means If Someone Messes Continuously To A Room,Then Owner Bans His/Her IP Range,Means Hardest Ban To Be Break. 12allchat Now Connected To Social Networks As Well As Email Clients:- Now You Can Login To 12allchat Using Your Social Networking Or Email Accounts. Gifts Credits Added Into12allchat:- Now you Can Buy Credits(Virtual 12allchat Currency) To Send Flash Gifts To Your Friends.
Means They Say LOOL Instead Of Saying LoL.  Twister,Misha,***({):D New Words Added Into Filter List Of 12allchat:- gay,fuck,sex,xx,mmm,And All The Domain Names Like .com,.net,.org Etc. Last But Most Better Update Of 12allchat Is,Sysops Are Now Available Their To Help Admins And Hosts.Sysop Means Super Admins,Who Can Monitor Hosts/Admins And Can Lock The Rooms While Abusing Going On Their.(Phewww!!Thanks To The 12allchat Owner:|:D(oops):D). Sysops Name On 12allchat Are Here: Sysop_Destiny:- Admin_Lool(Admin_Unknown) Is Now Super Admin On 12allchat:):D.Now She Have Power To Lock Any Room,But Still Have Problem In Blocking Her PM.:|:D.
Sysop_Mysterious:- Ex Admin_Mysterious Of USA1 Room Is now Sysop Here.:$:DShe Don't Know URDU/HINDI,And One Have To Translate It For Her.:|:D.But She Is A Nice Sysop:):$:D. I Will Try My Best To Update This Page Time To Time Regularly. Bye Bye. ======================================================================== UPDATES AFTER 27TH JUNE 2013:::=> *HOPKINS:-A Tang Adaau User.He Normally Watches The Main Chat,And Taunts On Someone Or Pulls Leg Of Someone. *CHAOS:-Guys,Mister Chaos Are Spending His Full Time In Search Of A 16 Year Old Girl*-) :D But Didnt Find Yet.(How Come He Will Gonna Find,In Case Even When There Are  No Girls Of Age 20 Years({)?). *HOST_HAANI RULES:- Still Not Settled With Any Girl. His Life Quote Is "Nothing Is Permanent In Our Life Dude".Seems,That's Why He Changes His GFs Time To Time Lol :D. *HOST_NATIVE:-My Sincere Host Who Don't Like Or Tolerate Mis-Behaviour Of Anyone Including Me*-):|:D. *HOST_DARK-ELF:-She My "Secret Informer Regarding Room Issues" As Well As My Trustworthy Host(y). *HOST_STRAWBERRY:- My English Teacher.Though She Is Asian(Paki) But Rarely Talks In Hindi/Urdu. *HOST_JERRIE:-One Of My Lovely Host,Who Has Ability To Make Home In Anyone's Heart(y):(:D. *HOST_HEART HEALER:-He Still Want To Be Host In Girls Room As Well :@:D. *HOST_DAMNTEENISH:- My Cute And Beautiful Host,Who Don't Wanna Be My Sis Anymore,Huh*-) :( :D.
*HOST_MASTER BERRY:- A Sincere But Difficult Person. *HOST_NO REASON:- I Have Suggested Him This Host ID Just By Seeing His "No Reason" PM Spamming Behaviour ({):D. *PK GIRPADE:-He Daily Needs A Ban With A Interesting Reason,While Going For A Sleep:D.  *HOST_SHOT-ED:- He Want To Be Michael Jackson As Well As Pamela Anderson At A Time ({) :D. *HOST_MELODY PRINCE:- My Friend,He Always Want To Hang My PM *-) :D. *HOST_RAWKING DEVIL:- Sis Of Most Of The Girls In 12allchat.She Always Feels "Sali Sali" Whenever She Saw Handsome Dashing Smart Guy There In Chatroom (h) :$ (lollol).  *HOST_SUZZANE:-  She Is A Responsible,On time, And Regular Host.She Always Comes With Her Host ID.I Don't Know About Others,But I Think That She Hiddenly Likes A User There On 12allchat,Who Normally Spams "I Hate Girls,I Hate Girls".May Be It Is Due To He Don't Like Girls Thats Why A Girl May Attract Towards Him (oops). *MISS CHANEL:- She Is Becoming My Best Friend Day By Day:$ :D. *ADMIN_MISTYROSE:- She Is Now My Closest Friend On 12allchat,Whom I Am Now Trusting More And More.She Handles My Anger When Someone Makes Me Angry(And Vise Versa (y):D).

Admin_Soni,Admin_Kaa(Kaa Myy),Admin_Shiza,Admin_Shady,Admin_Prince Cool Etc.
Namlah,Kamika,Viper,Pk Girpade,Kins,Chaos,Soni Etc. Some People Was Removed As Host/Admin,But I Am Not Going To Discuss Or Write About Them,As For Privacy Reasons. Wait For Next Updates Guys. ==================================================================
*HOST_TUNE_MERI_JANA:-He Is The Common Crush Of Three Admins Of Pak1 Room,That Is "Admin_Saady,Admin_Chocolate And Admin_Mystery".He Made These Admins Fight With Each Other :D (lollol). *HOST_NICE1:-A Newly Added Host,Who Strictly Follows The Rules And Hate Abusers*-) :D. *HOST_AFLATOON:-He Is Trying Hard To Increase Female Hosts In Chitchat Room(lol).He Is Doing This For His Own Benefit Thought (nin),And That Is "More Female Co Hosts Means More PM And More Chances Of Tharkism" :D:D. *HOST_ANJANI:- She Is Still Anjani For Me (oops) :D *HOST_LIL DUCKY(JUST_LAUGH):-I Don't Know Why She Laugh,But You Will Find Her Always Laughing For No Reason(Not For Host_No_Reason Though:D:D). *TWEETY:-A Nice Girl With Lots Of Good Nature.    Other Updates: 1:Haseeb Chohan Is Now Left Tharkism Till Ramadaan. 2:Admin_Chocolate Is Back With Full Flirty Weapons And Tools To Injure Cute Girls (oops):D 3:Admin_Saady Is Still Searching A BF Or GF Whatever(Jo Bhi Khuda Ata Kare,Usi Me Hum Khush Reh Lenge).:D 4:Mr Puneet Left Hating Girls Till Ramdaan Ends. 5:Host_Shot-ed Is Still Tharki Even In Ramdaan. 6:Chitchat And Girls Room Crossed 20 User Limits Yesterday 8-|:D 7:Mr Chaos Are Still Trying To Manage 2-3 GFS At A Time *-):D(lollol). 8:Gudy Is Not Coming Due To Fasting :(:D. 9:Miss Tweety Has Recently Joined Admin_Destiny's LOOL-GANG. 10:Admin_MistyRose Is Becoming Cuter Day By Day (oops) :D .(Dil Thaam Lo Sab Apna :|:D) 11:Host_Rawking Devil Is Still Feeling Herself "Saali" Of Mine 8-|?? :D WTF:@:D. 12:Dalinda Babuwa Is Still Mystery For All Users. 13:12allchat Servers Are Playing Hide And Seek With Users,These Days (oops) :D. Bye Bye And Enjoying 12allchatting.
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Lol,nice work man,i need 1 day to read this all but it will definitely help me understanding this top chatroom's last 1-4 years.

Well done , read the script.. made me understand a lot more abt the chat room (y) You put some hard work in this.

Thank You 12allchat User,Hope You Will Find More Interesting Topics Here.

why ban all of us due to misdeeds of a few ppl ...roughtough_guy

im on here 8-|how sweet:) thanks to whoever edits the page!

Yw Anonymous,I Hope Others Will Also Like It.

This comment has been removed by the author.

hey admin please add about my sweet friend..FREAKOUT..he is really nice..and he is from india and 19 years old.. please update about him!!!
thank you!

admin aj site konsa username n password mang rahi hai??? tell me plzi..

Hello Friend Your Blog So Great Girl Chat Room And so Good Looking


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