Over 10 Million People Are Using Facebook Now a Days,And Enjoying Their Social Networking Life Well.,But As The Popularity Of The Facebook Is Increasing Day-By-Day,Chances Of Hacking Those People's(Who Are Using FB)Facebook Id,Are Increasing As Well.If There Are 10 Millions Users Of FB,Thousands Of Hackers Are Arising As Well.So It Is Better To Secure Our And Those Innocent People's FB As Soon As Possible,For Better And Safe Experiencing This Community Site.

When I Firstly Joined This Site,I Was Totally Newbie ,About The Word"Social Networking".But,I Learnt Most Of The Things About Facebook Chatting,Making New Friends etc.With Two Months.

Than,One Day,I Woke Up,And Trying To Login My FB,A Message Came,Saying That Your FB Was Trying To Access From The Location"Blah Blah".I Was Shocked,I Was Thinking,Till That Time, That My Password Was Really Strong,That is"My name+my College ID Card number+My Surname",But It Happened Really, That Someone Tried To Hack my FB.Than I Accessed My FB By Verifying That "ITS ME",After That I Tried To Make My Password  Stronger.And All OF The Things,That I Was Able to Do For Securing My Facebook.

I Am Sharing With You,That,What I Have Done,For Securing My Facebook ID Up To The Level OF 100%.IF You All Want To Accept Challenges From Hackers,That,"He Can Hack Your Facebook Account",Than Follow These Simple Ways/Steps/Process,I Have Listed Below.

1:Prevent Your Self  From Being Phished:
                   For Preventing Your Facebook Account From Phishing Attacks,Look At The Correct URL/Address Of Facebook In Your Browser,If It Is "http://www.facebook.com" OR "https://www.facebok.com/login.php", Than Its OK,You Can Login Your Account.But,If URL OF Facebook Is Different Than Above Mentioned URLs,So Better Not To Try Login,And Type URL Correctly First Than,Login To Your Account.

The URLs Looking Like FB URL Are Sometimes Or May Be All The Time Are Phishing Attacks(FakePage Of Facebook).If You Enter Your Login Details There,And,Click Login/ok,than Nothing Will Happen,Except A Error Page.And Your ID/PASS Will Be Sent To The Phishers Email Address Or To His Rapid share  Account or Whatever He Made To Accept Those ID/PASS.So Please Beware About This In Future.Look At The Figure I Listed Above.

Step:2:Download And Install A Safety Application:
                     Now You Are Logged Into Your Account,Than Withought Doing Other Things,Firstly,Install A Security Application,Named As "Safe-Ego".By Searching In The Search Box Of Facebook.This Application Automatically Scans Malicious Or Other Kind Of "Spammy/Hacky" Links,Applications,Photos,And,Removes Them Safely Withought Disturbing Your Settings.

The Safego Also Posts A Weekly Report On Your FB Wall,All About Detailed Scans Of Last Week.As You See, In The Given Picture,My Facebook's Privacy Level Was Nearly Equal To 100% Last Week.So,Install Safego First,Than Do Your Normal Activities.

3:Secure Your Facebook Account:
Now We Have Installed,"SaFego",Lets Move To Other Step,Click On "Arrow" Placed At "Right Side" Of Your Home Button,Situated At "Top Right Corner" Of Your Facebook.Select "Account Settings"From The List.Now You Are In General Tab.Follow These Steps To Handle These Settings Here.

A:Firstly Create A New Email Account At Yahoo/Gmail/Msn,But I Prefer "Gmail",Because It is Faster Than Other,Make Your Password Of Newly Created Account Secure And Safe First,Than Come To The Real Point Here,In Facebook General Security Settings,

B:Add Your New Email Into The List,By Clicking On "ADD ANOTHER EMAIL".Make Newly Created Email Account As Your Primary Email(Which Will Be Used For Login To You Facebook).Now You Have Done Username Settings.

C:"NEVER"Check/Enable The Mark Below Saying "Allow Friends To Include My Email Address In DOWNLOAD Your INFORMATION".

D:Now Come To The Password Field,Click On "Edit",Than Enter Your Current Facebook Password.
Than Either Type Your New Password In This Format"JoHn_01,BrAdShAw" Or Use Windows "Character Map"Tool For Creating Password In "Unicode",Character Map Is Location Is "Start Menu>>>All Programs>>>Accessories>>>System Tool>>>Character Map"
Than Paste Your Created Password In The New Password Field,If That Says Strong,Than Its Ok,If Not,Try Changing Passwords Combination Like This "BrAdShAw_10jOhN"Or Any Other Combination As You Want,Now Again Try Pasting Your Password There,If It Says Strong,Than Save It,By Clicking On "Save Changes" Button.
Note:I Will Prefer a A PassWord Creating By Using "Character Map",the Reason Is That,Mostly Password Hacker/Cracker Tools,If Worked For A Long Duration,Than They Can Crack Your Password,Even Password Is In Case Sensitive Format Like"JoHn_01bRaDsHaW",Because The Cracker Or Brute Forcer Tool Has a Dictionary, About Reading This Kind Of Language(English Or Other Language),So Better Try Using Unicode Formatted Password,Because It Is About 10 Times Hard To Be Cracked Or Brute Forced.So
                                   This Also Be Take In To The Considerations,While CreaTing/Assigning Passwords To Your Account.Try This New Password For Your Yahoo Account,Means In The Yahoo Account Settings,Go To Change Your Password And After Entering Your Old Password,Paste Your Newly Created "Facebook Password" in The "Enter New Password" Field.It Will Say "Medium Strength Or Weak Strength",If You Make Your Yahoo Password Saying Strength=Strong,Than You Can Put That Password For Your Facebook Account ,For "High Security"(But Create New One For Yahoo Too).

Even Doing All Things About Password Making,I Described Above,"Hackers Hacks Yahoo IDs"Daily,Means Creating Hard To Crack Passwords Doesn't Stops Hackers,So,You Need To Make Your FaceBook Better Than Yahoo, In Other Fields Too,Other Than Only Creating Strong Passwords.
E:Now You Have Created And Saved Your Password,Now Come To Security Tab,Below General Tab.

Here Set "Secure Browsing" And "Login Notifications" To "Enabled" As Shown in Figure.Set Recognised Devices To Only Devices You Use To Login Through With,Means Your Computer,Home,Or Mobile Name,When Logged In Via Mobile.

The "Secure Browsing" Will Make Your Connection To The Facebook SSL Encrypted Means URL OF Your Facebook Will Become"https"Not "http".And Enabling "Login Notifications" Means ,When Someone Other Than You Try To Login To Your FB,You Will Get Notification About This via Text Message Or An EMail,Saying That To Change Your Password.And Telling You About Location Of The Person Who Tried To Login Your Facebook Account.
F:Now Come To The APPLICATIONS(apps) Settings,Here You Will Find Lists Of The Applications,You Have Installed On Your Facebook,Choose Any Application,Than Click On Edit,As Shown In figure.

Now Look At Whether This Application USEs Your "Email ID" Or Other Private Information About You,If Yes?,Than Remove That Information,From Application Settings,Or,Remove Application Instead.Now Check Out Application's "Last Data Access",If It Is Ok? Than Proceed To The "Apps Activity Privacy",Here You Have To Customise That Which People Can See Posts,Made  By This Application.(This Is An Optional Setting, Not Essential one).
G:Now Come To The "Mobile" Settings,Click On "Add Text Messaging",You Will Receive A Message With A Code In It,On The Mobile Number Which You Have Registered For Creating Your Facebook ID,Enter The Code ,You Received,Click "Confirm".Done.

BY Doing This Setting Enabled,If SomeBody Tried To Login Your FB,You Will Be Informed By A Text Message That Is,Telling You About This Situation Of Illegal Login Attempts.
H:Now Come To The "Facebook Ads" Settings,Click On Edit Ads Settings,Set Its Value To "No One",If you Don't Want "Third Party Ads Can Use Your Picture And Information/Name".

4:Maintain Your Privacy Settings:

Now, After Securing Your "Account Settings",Come To The "Privacy Settings",Which Is Located Below The "Account Settings",In The List At Right Side Of Your "HOME" Button.Set Control Your Privacy To "Custom Privacy".Now,Proceed To The Other Options/Settings Here.

A:How To Connect:
Set These Settings Given Below,Which I Made For My Profile:

*Set Who Can Look Your Profile By Name Or Contact Info To "Friends".
*Set Who Can Send You Friend  Request To "Friends Of Friends".
*Set Who Can Post On Your Wall To "Friends".
*Set Who Can See Your Wall Post By Others To "Custom",This Means If You Dont Want A Person to See Your Wall Posts,You Can Add His/Her Name Here.

B:How Tag Works:
Set These Settings As Mine:
*Profile ReView,This Means You Have The Option To Reject Someones Tag(Who Tagged You In A Post)."Enable" This Option If You Want.

*Tag Review,Set This Option To "Enabled",If You Want To First Approve/Reject a Tag For A Non-Friend Person,Means, "One Of My Friend Tagged My Post To A Person,Who Is Not In My Friend List".

*Maximum Profile Visibility,Set This To "Friends",If You Want That your Wall Posts Can Be Only Visible For Your Friends.
*Tags Suggestions,Set It To "Friends",This Means If Someone Is Uploading A Photo,Which Is Your Profile Picture Or You have Uploaded A Pic Like This Earlier,Than You Will Be Automatically Tagged.Set This To "No One" If you Want High Privacy.

*Friends Can Check You Into The Places,Leave This As It Is,Or,Disable It.

C:Applications Games And Websites Settings:

In This Settings,Follow The Steps Given Below,

***Application You Use:-In This Sub-Section,A List Of All Installed Application Will Come,So Look At The "Edit" Button Of Each One For That Application's Details.If You See That "Blah" Application Is Using(Accessing)Your Email ID,Just Remove That Application,By Clicking On Remove Tab.
***How People Bring Your Info In The Application They Use:This Means Someone Can Use Your Username,Or Any Other Information(legal)In His/Her Application.Set This Settings As I Done Into My Profile.
***Instant Personalization:This Means Whether You Want To Show Your Friend's Information On Any Of The Sites(Facebook Friend Sites),Listed In My Picture,Or Not.Leave "Enable Instant Personalization On Friend's Site"Check Box As It Is.
***Public Search:This Means,Whether You Want To Show Your Name,In Facebook Search,When Someone Searches For Your Name(Names Similar To Your Name),Or Not.You Can Set This Option In "How To Connect Settings"Option As Well.

D:Limit The Audience For Past Posts:
  In This Setting,Select Limit The Posts.By Enabling This Feature,Your Facebook Wall Contents/Posts/Images/Videos Will Be Visible Only To Your "Friends" And Not Visible To "Your Friend's Friends".And Also,Your Pass Posts Will No Longer Available To View For Anyone.

E:Manage Blocking: You Can Manage Your Blocking Here,In The Following Ways,
***Add Friends To Your Restricted List:This Means Your Friend(Whoever In This List),Will Be Able To See Your Public Posts Only,In Other Words,Your Privates Data/Posts Will Not Be Visible For Him.Or He/She Will Not Be Able To Comment On Your Posts.

***BLOCK USER:Block The User About Whom,You Have A Doubt That He Has A Crush On You,And Can Be Hack Your Information Or ID.So,Just Click In Blank Box Provided Here,Select Your Friend's Name ,Whom You Want To Block,Click On Block.

"He Is Blocked",If He Apologize To You In Future,Than You Can Unblock Him From Here.Look Into Picture I Uploaded,I Blocked Two Of My Friends,Haha,How Cruel I am.

***Block Application Invites:In This Option,Block The Application,Which Sends You The Invitation To Come And Play That Application.For Example,If You Are Feeling That Your Privacy Is Get Disturbs By Lots Of City Villie Requests,Block That Application Here.

***Block Event Invites:Block The Event Which Is Inviting You Mostly and Frequently,From Here.

5:Do Not Click On The Links Directly:

                     This Means If You See A link/Photo/Image On You Facebook,And Want To Take A Look At That Link/Image,So,Be Careful,"Malicious Scripts",Can Be Easily Send To Your Computer By Using These Links/Images.Now Problem Is That,If You Do Not Click On Each And Every Link/Image,Than What Is The AIM Of Creating Facebook Id?.

                   I Have A Solution For This,Which I Found Today In The Morning,When I Was Searching For The Solution Of Problems Like This.The Solution Is Simple And Easy,Just Install Firefox/Google/Iternet-exlporer Plugin Named As "VTZILLA".

This Is A Short-Cut For A Famous And Number One Online Antivirus, ""Virus Total"",The Virus Total.com Is A Famous Online Virus Scanning Website,Where You Can Upload You Files For Scanning,And Link As Well.So They Made A Easy Solution For The People Like Us,Who Uses Community Sites Daily Or Visits Un Trusted Sites More.
             The Use Of "VTZILLA" Is Very Easy,Just Install It,In  Your Browser Using The Link I Have Given Below,Restart Your Browser,Than,If You Find A Link,About Which, You Are Not Sure That"Click Or Not To Click".Just Right Click On That Link,And Select "Scan With Virus Total",And Your Tension Is Now Gone,Because Virus Total Will Scan That Link With "40 Popular Anti viruses" One By One.And Will Show A Result To You.

Enjoy Guys!
5:Never Confirm The Save Login Information Message ,That Comes After Changing The Password,Saying Something Like"Do You Want Mozilla/Chrome To Save Your Login Information".If You Choose Yes,Than Your Email Id And Password Of Facebook Will Be Saved In The Browser Cache,Which Can Be Steal Easily(Easy For Good Hacker),By Using "Cookie Stealer".

Instead,Either Save Your Login Information On To Your Desktop,In A Text File(If No Other Person Uses Your PC),Or Use A Auto Form Filler Application ,It Is A Firefox Addon,You Can Fill The Registration Details With A Single Click.

OR,Use Windows Utility"On-Screen Keyboard"For Typing By Mouse Not Keyboard.
                 Why I Am Giving These Information?,Because Keylogger Records Your KeyStroke(Keyboard Key Pressed),If You Type Your Password Using Your Keyboard,And There A Keylogger Hiddenly installed On your Computer,Than Your Login/Pass Details Will Be Sent To The Hacker.This Is Not A 100% Full Proof Method,But As Concerning Facebook,It is Higher Than 100%.


7:DOWNLOAD A COPY OF YOUR FACKBOOK INFORMATION,From The Option Given At At Bottom Of "Account Settings".This Download Will Contain All Of Your Facebook Data You Have Uploaded,Your Chat Messages,Posts,Friend Lists,Your Email Ids,And All Other Things.If Someone(Best Hacker)Hacks Your Facebook,You Can Send That Download File "ID/Code"To Facebook Help Centre,And Tell Them About That Hacker,They Will Unhack Your Facebook By Viewing That"This ID Is Yours,Not That Hacker's".

8:Always Keep A Backup Of Your Password ,In Your Mobile,Because If Your Pc Got Formatted Because Of Some Power-Failure,Or Other,There Will Be No Need Of Clicking"Forgot Password",And Going Through Long Way.

9:Never Use Or Download Password Cracking Tools,Because They Itself Have A KeyLogger(Sometimes).The Main Reason Behind "Don't Use Password Cracker",Is That,Normally, These Kind Of  Tools Ask For Your Facebook Email Id And Your Password,But "Only Ask For Email/User id Of Your Victim".So Take Care Of This Point.

10:ALWAYS,Use Your Facebook In The "Legal Ways",Don't Mis-use Of Facebook,Don't Abuse Or Irritate Anyone,Don't Give Somebody"Chance To Block You Or Report As Spam Against You".

If You Do This,The Facebook Help And Support Centre,will Really Help You,If You Have A Problem.Because Help Centre Only Takes Good Care Of Innocent Users Well,Not Of Hackers,Abusers,Spammers.Keep This Point In Your Mind.

11:Don't Login Facebook Through Public Internet Cafe,Because There May Be,Keylogger Installed On Them.If It Is Really Urgent Call For You To Login Your FAcebook,Than Try The "On-Screen KeyBoard Trick",Means Instead Of Typing Your Password Using Normal Keyboard,Use "On-Screen Keyboard"Utility.

12:Hide Your Email Address From Your Profile,This Is The Most Important Step For Securing Your Facebook,Because Hackers Firstly Gains Information From Your "Info Page",Of Your Facebook Account.

Hide Your Friend List,Hide Your Birthday,Hide Your Email Id By Going To Your Facebook Wall,Than Click On  Button Named As "Edit Profile",Situated At Top Right Side Of Your Facebook Wall.Set All Of (Or Many Of Them) Fields Settings To "ONLY ME", Here.This Means That,Only You Will Be  Able To See Those Info.

13:Change Your Profile Picture(DP),Time To Time,So By Doing This,The Hacker Will Be Unable To Guess That"What Is Your Profile Picture",In The Advanced Password Recovery Options.
All The Above Steps I Found,During 2 Years Of My Facebook Life,And I Prepared Many Steps (Mentioned Above)By Experimenting On My Facebook ID.

For Example,In The "Password Changing Step",I Have Changed My Password In Real,And Tried On-Screen Keyboard For Entering Password At Login Screen.I Blocked 2 Of My Friends Too,for This Purpose,But,Unblocked Them As soon As,I Took Screen Shot(hahaha).
And By the Way,I Apologize To My Poor English!.But You Can Understand My Points Of View And Motto Of This Lengthy Article By Viewing Images Of Steps As Well.

Enjoy Your Happy Facebook Life,It is A Really Amazing,Smart,Cute and Pretty Site,With A lots Of Real Good Friend,Friend "Who Are Greater And Closer Than A Real Brother".I Spend More Time On Facebook,Just Because Of All Of My Good Friends,I Thanks To Facebook For Connecting Together,The People From Different Religions,Different Cities,Different Countries,Even Different Continentals.

One Can Feel Here More Than What He Feels In Real Life(Anger,Emotions,Dramas,Tutu Mai Mai,And CHAT WARS).Your Facebook Become A Essential Part Of Daily Life,So Take Good Care Of Your Facebook,As You Takes Care Of Your Life.

(NOTE:-THERE  ARE TWO MORE POINTS,BY USING WHICH,YOUR FB CAN BE HACKED,BUT I AM NOT SURE ABOUT THEM,JUST READ A LITTLE ABOUT THAT KIND OF ATTACK ON THE NET.They Are:1:By Sending You Friend Request,If Someone Sends A Message As Well With His Request,Than He Can View Your Private Profile,Partially(Some Information About Your Facebook) And 2:If You Are Chatting With Someone On Facebook Chat,He Can Exploit You,Means He Can Modify Packet Conversations Between Both Of You.But As I Told You That I Am Not Sure About Above Two.)

Thank You!

UPDATE:Long Long Long Time Waiting,I Finally Published This Page.This Article I Started Writing About 14 Months Ago,And Due To Lack Of Time,And Fear That This "Extremely Useful Post" May Be Copied By "Content Stealers" .I Delayed Its Publication.But Now,After A Long Thinking,I Have Published It.I Had Researched And Added Each And Every Point In Here,By Which Your Facebook Will Become 101% Secure And Private.
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