1:The Registry Mechanic:

The Registry Mechanic Is a tool For Resolving All Kind Of Windows Registry Errors.In Other Hand Registry Mechanic Also Does Many Other Functions,Hence Improves Your Pc Performance.After A Long Time From Last Pc Format Date,Your System Registry Files Gets Currupted,so They Requires To be Replaced Or To Be Repaired.For Repairing Purpose,One Can Use This Great Software "Registry Mechnic"

Download Registry Mechanic

2:SpyBot Search And Destroy:

Spy Bot Search And Destroy is a Best Malwares,Spywares,Rootkits Removal Tool.When We surfs websites,on suspicious sites,They Infects Our Pc by Sending Malwares Spywares etc.In The Result Of Which.Our Pc Behaves  Abnormally,like Corrupted files,error in registry,errors on startup,And And And,Loss Of Web Connection,Even If Our Network Icon On Tool Bar Shows Full Connectivity.

 So,SpyBot s&d,Searches These Kind Of Threats And Deletes(Destroys)Them From Pc.

Download Spy Bot Search And Destroy

3:KGB Archeiver/Zipper:

KGB Archiever Is The Best Tool For Data Compression ,It Compresses Data At High Compression Ration,As Compared To 7-zip or Winrar,It Is Great And Word Worthy Tool For Compressing Data .For Example,KGB Archiever Compresses Data of 700mb To just 30mb(On Low End Computers).So This Is Not Amazing?.Obviously,So Give It a Try.

Download KGB Archiever

4:Trojan Remover Full :

This Softwares Detects Trojan Horses,Malwares,Registry Changes,System Setting Changes,And,Recovers/Repairs Them Easily Even Fastly.This is The Light Weight Heavy Functions Softwares.So You Can Give It A Try.

Download Trojan Remover

5:Registry Run ReAnimator: 

This Simple Handy Tool Removes "Trojan/Advares/Malwares/Spywares/Rootkits" From Your Computer.This Program Specially Cleans You Registry,Removes Dead Entry,Rearranges Registry,And Do Many Other Functions.Try It.

Download RegRun  ReAnimator

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