1: Repair Windows Xp Software:
To Repair Your Corrupted  Windows Xp,Just Download This Free Software And Repair Your Xp Easily.

2:Boot Windows XP Very Fast:
If you feel that your system takes very long time to boot then just try the below steps.

Step 1: Open notepad.exe, type “del c:\windows\prefetch\ntosboot-*.* /q” (without the quotes) & save as “ntosboot.bat” in c:\

Step 2: From the Start menu, select “Run…” & type ” gpedit.msc”.

Step 3: Double click “Windows Settings” under “Computer Configuration” and double click again on “Shutdown” in the right window.

Step 4: In the new window, click “add”, “Browse”, locate your ” ntosboot.bat” file & click “Open”.

Step 5: Click “OK”, “Apply” & “OK” once again to exit.

Step 6: From the Start menu, select “Run…” & type “devmgmt.msc “.

Step 7: Double click on “IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers”
Step 8: Right click on “Primary IDE Channel” and select “Properties”.

Step 9: Select the “Advanced Settings” tab then on the device or 1 that doesn’t have ‘device type’ greyed out select ‘none’ instead of ‘autodetect’ & click “OK”.

Step 10: Right click on “Secondary IDE channel”, select “Properties” and repeat step 9.

Step 11: Reboot your computer.

3:Delete Cookies Using VbScript:
Open Notepad.Copy Paste Below SCript in it,Save Scripts As Whatever Your Want.vbs,on Your Run Script,Double Click On it.
"Function Deletecookies
Dim oShell
Set oShell=CreateObject(“”)“cmd /C cd C:\Documents and Settings\” & rehankhan & “\cookies & del *.sol”)
Set oshell=nothing
End Function"Copy Text Between "".

4:Windows-Native-Hidden Browser:

Do You Know?that There Is a Hidden Browser in the windows other than Internet Explorer.Shockedd???I am Not Joking,Just Follow Below Steps,And,You will surf the Web Withough Internet Explorer or Any Other Browser.

1:Go To Start menu.

2:Than Click Accessories.

3:Than Click On "Calculator"

4:Press F1 Key Of Keyboard.

5:Help menu will comes Up.

6:Right Click On "????" on "The Top Left Corner" Of help Menu.

7:Select "Jump To URL".

8:Enter Your Desired Web Address.


You Can Also Try Same Process,Using Notepad,Word Pad Or Ms-Paint,also.

5:Refresh Or Renew Your Modem's IP Address Easily:

To Renew Or Refresh Or To Change Your Internet Modem's IP Address,Just Follow Steps Given Below.

Step1:Click On Start Menu.

Step2:Click On "Run" .

Step3:In The Box That Came,Type,"cmd".

Step4:Press Enter.

Now You Are in Command Prompt.

Sterp5:Type  This>>>> ipconfig  /release

This Will Show You All You Web Hardware Details,IP Details And DNS Configuration Details.

Step6:Now Type Again Or Simply Just Press "F3"Of Your Keyboard,Else,Type This >>>>> ipconfig /renew .

Step7:Press Enter Again. 

Now You Renew Your IP Address Successfully.

If You Don't Want  To Do This Time Consuming Process,Than Follow Steps Which Are given Below.

Step1:Open Notepad,From Going Through Start Menu>>>All Programs>>>>>Accessories>>>Notepad.exe.

Step2:Copy Paste Scripts Given Below,Into Your Notepad.
 Echo ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /flushdns
echo ipconfig /release
ipconfig /release
echo ipconfig /renew
ipconfig /renew
Step3:Save Notepad File As "IPRENEW.bat",On To Your Desktop.

Step4:Close  The Notepad.

Step5:Now Whenever You Want To Refresh/Renew Your IP Address,Just Double Click On That File Named "IPRENEW.bat".And Renew Your IP Address, Easily. 
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