Free No Signup/Register VPN - How To Use CyberGhost VPN Without Registration - Free Premium VPN Review

Free No Signup/Register VPN - How To Use CyberGhost VPN Without Registration - Free Premium VPN Review:-

CyberGhostVPN Is The Leading Premium As Well As Free VPN Service Provider In The Market.Almost All Internet Users Knows The Name & Reputations Of This VPN.The Cyber Ghost VPN Has Its Servers Located In USA,UK,Canada,Germany,Switzerland,Netherlands,Romania,Spain Etc.It Has Huge List Of Satisfied Users As Well As Customer.

But,Here In This Post,We Will Be Only Discussing About Cyberghost Free Servers.So,For A Free User Like Me & You(May Be:D),Cyberghost VPN Is Providing 20 Free Servers Located In Germany,UK,USA,Ireland,Finland,Norway Etc.There Are 4 Cyberghost Servers Are In Germany(Don't Know Why Yet:D).

So Guys,If You Are;

*Banned From ChatRooms Like 12allchat Etc.

*Banned From Forums,Blogs Etc.

*Blocked By Schools,Colleges,Offices Etc.

*Unable To Access Youtube.

*Unable To Get In Touch With Your Friends Facebook,Google Plus,Twitter Etc.

*Simply Willing To Surf Anonymously.

Than,You Should Use CyberGhostVPN In Case Of You Don't Have Money To Spend Or Don't Want To Waste Your Time In Registering For Account.

How To Use Cyber Ghost VPN Without Creating Account?

I Found That One Can Use Cyberghost VPN Without Having Account.So Here Are The Tutorial To Make Your Self Invisible On The Web Using This VPN.

Step1:Firstly Download & Install Internet Explorer 8 From Here.

Note:Cyberghost Installations Need IE8 To Be Installed On Your PC.

Step2:Now Restart Your PC After IE8 Is Installed Completely.

Step3:Now,Download Cyberghost VPN Client/Software From Here.

Step4:Install It.

Step5:Now Open Newly Installed Cyberghost VPN Application.
Free Cyberghost VPN
You Will See The Interface Like Given In The Above Image.

Step6:Click "Automatic" Button At Left.(Below Simulated Country).
Free Premium VPN
Step7:Now Scroll Down To The Country List,And Click The Country Name Which Is Having Very Few Users Online.(Look For Free Users Column For Currently Online Users).How To Use Cyberghost VPN
Note:Country Names Having A STAR Symbol Are Premium/Paid Servers,Don't Waste Your Time To Try Them.

Step8:After Clicking Server,The Select Server Line Will Go Yellow.

Step9:Click OK To Close That Window.
Break Ban Using CyberghostVPN
Step10:Now Click Middle Radio Button To Connect To That Server.As Shown In Picture Above.

Step11:Cyberghost VPN Client Will Try Connecting To That Selected Server.Once Connected,You Can See Server Speed Difference For Premium & Free Users.
Free VPN Provider
Step12:You Can See Your New Cyber Ghost VPN IP Address In The Middle Of Client.

Step13:Now You Can Freely Open Any Chat Room,Forum,Or Any Online Contents Anonymously.

NOTE: When You First Time Click CONNECT Button,A Popup Will Come Asking You To Upgrade Your Account Or Wait For 1 Minute.So,Wait For 1 Minute Then Simply Click "Continue With Free" Button To Close That Box.This Window Will Never Come Again Unless Until You Disconnect VPN.Though You Can Switch Servers Without Interruptions.

Though The Cyberghost VPN Is A Free VPN Service,But The Only Annoying Thing In Using It Is "You Need To Have Internet Explorer 8 Installed On Your Computer".May Be Cyberghost VPN Is Promoting IE8 In This Wat.But Don't Worry,Once Installed & Connected,You Can Use Any Browser To Surf Invisibly.

Additionally,If You Create A Free Account On Cyberghost Then You Will Get A Fixed 1GB/Month Bandwidth.So,Try This Too,If You Want.

And Lastly,You Can Check My Post On Getting Cyberghost Free Premium Account For 1 Month.


I Humbly Request You Guys,Not To Abuse This Free VPN Service,Or Use It For Illegal Activities,Because Once You Do This,Many Users Will Lost This Worthy Free VPN For Getting Unbanned/Unblocked.

Thank You!

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